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Are we living in a simulation?

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Started: 12/29/2017 Category: Science
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Elon Musk somewhat famously believes that it is highly likely that we are currently living in a simulated world, that the world is a computer program.
Currently, we would not be able to compute such a simulation however in a post human dyson-swarm scenario, it is very likely simulations could be used for entertainment in much the same way as computer games are now, leading to the problem: if millions of worlds have been or will be simulated the chance of us living in the original is very slim, therefore we are likely in a simulation.


This may be well above my head. I'm not a mathematician or a physicist, but the existence of Pi is evidence that this is a true universe, and Pi is an infinite number and no computer could ever compute an infinite number?
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It could compute it so far as it would ever need, I suppose.
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Posted by The-Voice-of-Truth 2 years ago
Speaking in terms of hypotheticals does nothing to advance your position, Pro.
Posted by B0NE_DUDE 2 years ago
In the realm of probability, life being a simulation is probably in the top 5.
But the question is what type of simulation? Is it just a safety setting if your real life is in danger or does nothing have a physical outcome, except those who are controlling the computers on the "outside"?
Posted by FollowerofChrist1955 2 years ago
He is incorrect, though not to far off. You are living a reality that"s conclusions are completed. It is evidenced within the scriptures as it (History and Future) are fully completed and documented within its pages.

Evidence of this is the discussions of the distructions of Jerusalem all three times, the exploits of Alexander the Great, who his empire would be divided by, Israel becoming a nation in a single day, Jerusalem"s 6 day War, the existence of satellite television, the alignment if the Heavens on 23 September 2017; the pause between the Revelation 12 1-2 and revelation 3. Follows the downfall of humanity by way of Tribulation with the deaths of 2/3rds the population of Earth in a 7 year timespan.
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