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Are we really Independent...?

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Started: 8/15/2013 Category: Politics
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Right from the supposedly bloodless freedom followed by the atrocious and hideous bloodshed, one of the biggest in the history of mankind, shattering a culture-rich historic nation into pieces, the path we followed till date is full of dirty politics for the power that is presumed to corrupt! After 67 years of so called 'Independence' neither our IPS nor our IAS officers are free to take action against the criminals and lawbreakers, our soldiers shielding our frontiers are slaughtered recklessly every now and then by our 'neighbors', nobody has faith and confidence that he or she will see tomorrow's sunrise, most of our population is still under poverty line, our girl child do not survive and if they do, are denied a respectable and decent life, the gap between the Bharat and the India is devastating and we have more discussions of "experts" than a single action of nobility and patriotism! Is this how "Independence" looks and feels"? Please convince me as I cannot agree to it any more!
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Debate Round No. 1


koham forfeited this round.


I am going to debate this within the context of how con meant for it to be debated.

" Are we Independent" is so vague , it is almost hard to debate. From the context of his R1 stance, he is insinuating that america is not really free or dependent.

For me to challenge this, we must define what free actually is.

Within the realm of the logic that he used in his R1 stance, we are defining freedom as kind of a government control.

He is essentially implying we are not free from the government.

So I will offer a few contentions to address his stance.

Contention 1

What is Freedom/Independence.

If you wanted to be completely honest, we as citizens of the United States or any other society for that matter are free to do whatever we want. I am free to murder anyone I please. So what stops me from doing this? The laws that a specific society sets in places, often acts as a deterrent for the bad choices that we could make. I chose not to murder someone because I do not want the death penalty or to spend life in jail. That does not however take away the freedom I have to commit said acts. The freedom and will do do what I want when I want , is an option that is also available to me. So in all honesty we are all completely independent and free in that regard.

Contention 2

Us Freedom vs other nations

I have a 1k limit on words, so I have to make this short and sweet. Compared to other countries we are beyond free. We have the freedom to chose our religion, political candidates, and what jobs we have. Also we are not restricted on how many children we can have like China and other countries. So the Us as a whole is actually very free.

Debate Round No. 2


koham forfeited this round.


extend all arguments
Debate Round No. 3
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