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Are women and men equal in America?

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Started: 5/6/2016 Category: People
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We both have the same opportunities for the same jobs. We both have the same rights as a person. Men and Women only differ in sexual laws and custody debates


Men and women are not equal in America.
Yes it's true that both genders share the same basic life necessities, such as public school, medicare, social security and so on.
But when it comes to the not so conspicuous matters, such as the societies current norms, the subconscious bias against both genders and the expectations on both genders men and women differ tremendously. Look at what lines of work women usually go to, they are lower paid jobs, nurturing jobs (nurse, assistant nurse, teachers, etc), whilst men work in STEM (Science Technology, Engineering, Maths), they are better paid, they have (per capita) the most impact on Americas situation which mean a greater responsibility.

The system in today's America is based on a meritocratic point of view, which means that, 1: Everybody starts from the same page, and 2: The ones who do best, get the best rewards.

One reason as to why this is a faulty system is that premise 1 is not present in today's society.
What I mean when I claim this is that; everybody doesn't start from the same page, instead, both genetics and socio-economical differences play a colossal role in the way an individual will perform.

Take for example person A and person B.

Person A grew up in a family with no prior academic background, with a low income job.
Person B grew up in a family with the parents both having an academic background, and a high income job.

Which will achieve the most in life? (statistically)

This also applies to gender, because statistically women earn less than a man will (adjust for differences in job and career choice and this will almost disappear) yet statistically a woman will earn less.

A women is expected to do certain things a man is not.
A man is expected to do certain things a woman is not.

Which means that women and men are not truly equal in America.
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Posted by jvanleuvan78 2 years ago
This begs the question; what is equality? Equality of outcomes? Equality of existence? No two people, not even two straight white males are truly "equal"; one may have come from a higher income family; one may have had influential family members assist with job placement, one could have attended a better college. These types of inequalities are innumerable can never be adjusted for by any government action or policy.

Perhaps we should settle for "equality" under the law; which is something that we, as a society, can control via policy; and if this is the equality we are looking for then, I believe that we are NEARLY as perfectly "equal" as plausible within the bounds of the control of government.
Posted by lwittman 2 years ago
I'd like to debate this with you, just to clarify con says that they are not equal?
Posted by AngloSax 2 years ago
I believe so, its the minorities who arent considered equal. Racism is the true problem with America. In England we are very multi cultural and equal. Although women sometimes get lower wage, which i think is appalling, i say the general public dont think this should be the case, we should have the same oppurtunity to better ourselves.

women are mint, coming from a man. My mums a woman, and shes quality all around, smartest person i know. My inspiration is my mother.
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