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Arguments of NET THUGS

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Started: 2/24/2011 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Voting Period
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Resolution: Between pro and con, who can personify themselves as more of a convincing net thug, while beefing with one another.

Aight, so first things first I got several credentials in, Hood-o-nomics, thuga-nology, Microsoft Word: da gangsta addition(how to type in a myspace ghetto font) and my current major right now is "Da philosophy of Da Streets." Also got a couple of chemistry class's to teach me how to chop up them grams and stretch out that work in a hood near you. When I sell enough D to make it out da hood, my plan is to write corny azz dialog for Nickelodeon when they decide they want to add a industry rappers to their programs, like snoop dawg or lil bow wow.


Can't nobody withstand da true ghetto essence of my hood aura, I leave dem crackaz runnin' in fear when I'm out in safe way copin' a OE 40 or southern comfort, when I'm out in my chuck taylors in my horribly oversized denim with my SAG game extra heavy in a wife better with the hot Cheeto stains. On da real half you crackaz on this site wouldn't last half a seccond on my block without catchin' a hollow tip slug with da minnie mack to da dome piece. Thats just real talk, ya'll dudes is soft as hell, must be sippin' to much of that wack juice.

u cracka azz crackaz iz a joke, I been out in these streets, Stockton, ca 209, south David street, 2498585 block to be exact, if you crackaz want static come get it, I stay with the pump ready to put in work N disfigure ya frame on some gears of war type steese.

Swag Game heavy

Stack Game Heavy

Chick Game heavy

Who Want it??????!!!!!!


speak english? brap.
Debate Round No. 1


*rolls of a fat purple Kush blunt*

Wat Da Fukk???? U ain't on my level kid fall back boy, I'm on my crip sh*t CUHZ


This crackah eat his wonder bread to 2 day, or sumthin? Fa'real, what's up wit Da cat N the hat nursey rhymes in da comment section son, that's straight corny garbage, i'd smack yo simple hoe a$$ right across that big a$$ noggin' and make pop corn out your ears son, you a straight corn. Sh*T....... U dat lil homie we send to get a bag of ICE at da liquir store when the big homies is bullsh*ting on the grill.

U ain't even on my level dawg, I'ma bout 2 just use this debate as an avenue to give some shout outs.

Shout out to all 7 of my babby's momma's, Veeona(damn you bad), Diesheekie(girl that thing with you toungue is..), amber(my first white girl), Veronica(spicy lil momma sita, wanna wrap you up like a tortilla), Vanessa, ashley, and last but most certainly not least jasmine(girl has one leg but she can work it). I'd just like to take da time out to thank all da hoes on my squad, you know, ereybody got 2 show they mof*ckin appreciation, nahmean dat just how it go.

real spit.

Shout out to all my kids too, Jose, Paco, Marques, Julio, Antonio, Jaun, Ruben, Carlos, Enrico, Geraldo, Jaime, pancho, Vega JR the first, second, third, forth, fifth, sixth and lastly seventh. Out of "all ya'll" monkeys one of of ya'll is bound to make me rich. Dat boy jaun can play some mean basketball, he be on that And-1 sh*t. Just remember when you make it to the NBA, don't forget who yo daddy is.

shout out to my boy twinkle toes, who was born with three toes on each foot, them thangs look like some little tentacles, boy got them octopus feet. shout out to my boy "chucky D", dudes a quadruple OG, who been livin' with his momma since my dads grand father was a youngin'. Also my boy heckor and chucky D who been holdin' down da blokk since highschool.


stocktown reppin', got dem choppas all day ereday, it's nothin'


totesjuju forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


mistavega forfeited this round.


totesjuju forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by totesjuju 7 years ago
"Boy Better Know, CEO
Boy Better Know, CEO
That's me, JME, so Shh Hut Yuh Muh
You need to tight up your CV, Microsoft Word
That's you, you're a nerd
Stop MCing, go to the shops
Have a drink, it's me, JME
Big lyrics, chat ???
On front line like it's Ray Lee
Had enough now if you pay me
What? Your lyrics are poor
Don't compare them to mine, I'm raw
And uncut your best look at the floor
That's what I thought, A W O H" words of a true genius
Posted by davidhancock 7 years ago
so you have to prove your a duche bag to the rest of us well you got me beat mmistavega
Posted by mistavega 7 years ago
SMH@ these dudes tryna hate on my shine.
Posted by mistavega 7 years ago
wat da fUxx U talkin' bout batman? U conservative crackah, don't catch a Sawww-YU-ken to your grill piece, I'll send Ur B*tch a$$ to the next dimension. I'd don't play around, I spray around, U fake A$$ crackah with that gun in yo avy tryna act hard,

please son if we was in Da Y.A. (CYA) I'd have you hold on to my belt buckle and make me some P&J sandwiches.

U straight B***h made.

And I keeps it 100%.

East Side Stockton, 209 representin'
Posted by batman1200 7 years ago
and why is this a good thing?
Posted by dinokiller 7 years ago
I skimmed 2 creditcards and hacked 5 computers :P
Am i a good net thug now? :P
Posted by Ore_Ele 7 years ago
askbob, ftw
Posted by m93samman 7 years ago
Lol, very impressive
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