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Ark Survival Evolved is better than conan exiles

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Started: 3/7/2017 Category: Games
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Debating Period
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ARk survival Evolved is a great survival game that takes place somewhere in the ocean where dinosaurs are still living. Conan exile is in a bland Old desert where theirs no challenge what so ever


Hey there shimishima! as i can see, your argument is that the setting of the story isn't satisfying to you? because you are only basing it on that, you say that Ark: Survival Evolved is situated on an island with dinosaurs and that Conan Exiles is located on "a bland old desert" with no challenges, you couldn't have been more wrong.
i must declare that i own the game, Ark Survival Evolved has a LOT of time on the market compared to Conan Exiles, and by this i mean Ark's early access was released in June,2015, and Conan was barely released 2 months ago, i bought Ark 3 months after the release for Xbox one and i can say it was one of the hardest games I've ever played, with insane amounts of hostile dinosaurs and a stupid crafting system that required me to chop down 5 trees with only bare hands to be able to make a flimsy axe, i do not own Conan Exiles, i didn't even know about it, and i do think Ark is superior in this moment, but it is because of the difference in time of release, not to mention Conan Exiles shows tiddies, i think all it needs to potentially outgrow Ark is time, anyhow none of that matters because RUST is the best game if you wanna play that type of games, 100/100 would recommend you to play rust and stop bullying small early access games. (. )( .) <--- tiddies in Conan Exiles [file missing] <------ tiddies in ARK
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