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Arvind kejriwal should resign.

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Started: 1/30/2016 Category: Politics
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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State of delhi
-Before elections...hope, anticipation, contentment
-After elections... no hope, discontentment, anger, hatred, Distrust, and I could just go on and one, endlessly.
What has the AAP government done , other than uselessly defending itself and blaming others? Oh, the odd even scheme. ... 15 days of relentless torture and delhi's most economically unproductive days of the decade. Mr kejriwal, please please please resign. Cause now we just cannot bear. Yes, we are intolerant. Intolerant to your indifference towards the innumerable problems the city faces. Intolerant to widespread corruption at every level. Intolerant to your laziness. Intolerant to your words that mean nothing, your insignificant promises. You are the one obstacle to this state's development. You are the one reason for this city's deplorable state. Pls resign, it's a request as of now. Soon it will become a warning. And then it will turn into a force unstoppable.


Yes Arvind has failed to live up to expectations . Yes , He and his party has created a mess in Capital of India .
But he should not resign .
As you sow , So shall you Reap .

People of Delhi have voted this Educated Fool as the CM . As long as he has majority , he must run Delhi .
As much I hate his politics , I want him to stay as CM and mess up the people who voted him to power .
People of Delhi can't run away from what they have sown .

Anyway , this is democracy . He is elected and enjoys heavy majority .
He should run the Government for 5 years .
Debate Round No. 1


"As you sow, sow shall you reap."
Mr. Arvind kejriwal has sown seeds of corruption and has created a mockery out of the capital of this country. Then shouldn't he resign and reap the results of his failures? And what about those people who DID NOT vote for kejriwal? Why should they be punished?
Even those who fell into the trap of kejriwal's fake promises do not deserve this horrible treatment of hopelessness. Yes, we the people of delhi made a grave mistake, or blunder would be more appropriate, of voting this man to power. But now we demand justice. We demand a chance to correct our mistake. We demand Mr.Kejriwal to resign. And so I reiterate...Mr. kejriwal, please resign. It's too late anyway.


Yup Yup

Just like Rose Plant grows faster than Mango Tree . Bad seeds that are sown by Arvind are takig time to grow .
Arvind will stay as the CM of Delhi for 5 years . This is democracy . The state government can be removed in unconstitutional way but that will result in a Political War . This is a learning process not just for the people of Delhi but for whole country . Through this we have learned not to put 100% faith on people who take benefit of the current affairs .

Look at the case of Dalits and Muslims . Congress and Opposition has managed to earn browne points .
Many people especially Youth has also become strong critic of Current central Government .
If this trend continues and keeping in mind the mentality of Innocent and some Foolish Indians , MODI will be ousted in 2019 .

I am also not in Favor of the Muncipality Workers who have spread waste and other stuff on roads where Common man spends time . The results would be better if these waste are put in front of the Houses and offices of the Politicians .

Everyone is responsible for the Sorry state of Delhi .
Debate Round No. 2


Arvind kejriwal had emerged as a ray of hope for the people belonging to the lower strata of Indian society. They have a comparatively more impressionable mind, thanks to high illiteracy among them. We need to respect this fact and also that AAP was a new party and had yet to reveal it's way of working. Therefore we CANNOT blame the delhites for voting it to power. Agreed that we made a mistake by placing our trust in Mr. Kejriwal. But does that mean we do not deserve a chance to correct our mistake? It is laudable that at least some of us are realising that this government is useless. Look at delhi....does it look like the capital city of india??? People are merely surviving, not living. If kejriwal has any sense, he'll resign. He'll resign soon, very soon. And so Mr. Kejriwal....Resign. Resign. Resign.


I agree with most of Your statements .
But I find no way in which Arvind will resign as CM .
He has 67 MLA ( Correct me if i am wrong ) . He is not only CM but Leader of AAP .
If he resigns someone from AAP will take his place but nothing will change . The Guys like Sisodia , Ashish , Ashutosh are worse than Arvind . The only thing left is for the General Public to take stand . LOL , It will be fun to see this group of Common people being labelled as BJP people .

Intellectuals and Elites of our Country will speak only against BJP and Company .
So Delhi people can't rely on them as Arvind has cemented his place as Secular leader .
Debate Round No. 3


At this stage, there is not much unrest against kejriwal in Delhi. So yes, it is unlikely that kejriwal will resign. But then again, the topic is not whether Arvind kejriwal WILL resign or not. It states that arvind kejriwal SHOULD resign. Then don't you agree with the agenda of discussion?


A great man once said and I quote ,

Democracy means Rule of Institutions .
In democracy , once People select a Government they should shut up for 5 years and let the Government Function .
Even if the Devil is voted to power , Just Shut Up and Support the government .
Debate Round No. 4


"Shut up and support the government "?? What an obnoxious statement this is. Not some unknown great man, but yeh Cinstitution of india states that each and every citizen of this country has the right to freedom of speech and expression. There fore I see no reason to shut up and sit tight and keep mum. That would be foolish of me, or anyone else who is afraid to voice his/her opinion.
To the second part of your statement...'support the government.' Why on earth should the people of delhi be coerced to support a government which is not doing its duty?
Mr. Kejriwal should resign because he is simply wasting his as well as our time. Therefore, I reinstate, Mr. Kejriwal, RESIGN.


Karma is real .
If U do bad deeds it will hit you back .
People of Delhi elected the Government , so they should either Shut up and let it run or Revolt against them .

There are many examples in history where People had bad beginning but with time these people became Beacon of Light .

If I want to clean my Room , I must stand up and start cleaning .
Waiting for some one to come and clean it for me is not going to happen .
Debate Round No. 5
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Reasons for voting decision: Excellent debate. Con agreed that Arvind kejriwal has been a disaster for Delhi, but argues that the democratically elected government should complete its term. That's a strong argument that was never really rebutted by Pro. Maybe more specific arguments about violations of law (if there are any) or moral reasons for standing down, or how the removal of one person could turn around the fortunes of the city would have helped.