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As a black homophobic atheist, my rationality is far superior to ALL atheists who support gays

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Started: 10/26/2015 Category: Education
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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As a black homophobic Atheist, my rationality is far superior to ALL people who support gays including theists and atheists

1. Most Atheists who support homosexuality aren't even rational enough to investigate any possible evolutionary benefits of homophobia. They are sidetracked by biased views.

2. Like religious fundamentalist do with the Biblical scriptures, Atheists who support homosexuality cherry pick studies on homophobia. An example is, one study shows homophobia is rooted in unwanted sexual advances. Another study shows homophobia is rooted in disgust, not fear. Atheists who support homosexuality simply pretend these studies don't exist. They would rather mention studies that benefit their agenda even though they have been proven to be flawed. They aren't looking for truth. They are looking for comfort JUST LIKE religious people.

3. I'm the only Atheist who's rational enough to have investigated a possible link and assocation between homophobia and deadly stds running rampant among gays worldwide. The critical question that pro gay Atheists refuse ask is, could homophobia be some sort of evolutionary behavior immune system.

4. Pro gay Atheist have come up with irrational theories such as homosexuality is good because its natural population control. They fail to see that a large percentage of gays have biological babies. lesbians are not exempt from the driving force to have their own children. Also, lesbians make up the vast majority of sperm bank customers. Not only does this add to the population, they are purposely producing fatherless babies.

As a homophobic Atheist, I have a more rational view on homosexuality and population control. Homosexuals naturally wipe themselves out by falling victim to their own homosexual behavior. homosexuality might be natural population control in this way. if it wasn't for HIV drug treatment, gays would've wiped themselves out. The same thing goes for syphilis drug treatments. studies show gays make up over 80% of all new syphilis cases. The std Statistics shows gays are naturally more prone to contracting deadly STDs. Therefore, gays naturally wipe themselves out in which is population control.

5. Another irrational theory by pro gay Atheist is, homosexuality naturally promotes peace and social bonding. A simple check on the domestic violence rates of homosexual couples throws that theory right out of the window. studies show domestic violence on homosexuals is higher than heterosexuals. Lol

6. another ridiculous claim by pro gay Atheists is, since homosexuality is observed in the animal kingdom, it must be ok for humans. how stupid can they be? are they aware that homosexual animals don't wear condoms but homosexual animals still don't have higher rates of deadly stds? my point is, the human anatomy specifically does not sit well with homosexual behavior. even though homosexual humans wear condoms, homosexual humans commonly trigger deadly STD epidemics in which is a clear indication that homosexuality is bad for humans SPECIFICALLY. This explains why homophobia only exist among humans. Humans are the only species who needs a defense system against homosexuality. Other species are irrelevant. Humans don't share the same immune system or anatomy with other species.

7. Another irrational belief by pro gay Atheists is, religion is the main cause of homophobia. Proving that my rationality is superior, Buddhism does not condemn homosexuality but highly populated Buddhist nations haven't legalized gay marriage While highly populated Christian nations have legalized gay marriage.

Pro gay Atheists fail to see that humans typically turn to religion when they don't understand something that's going wrong. Therefore, humans likely saw something wrong with homosexual behavior FIRST in which led to humans believing God is against gays. Humans likely observed gays dying of mysterious illnesses and assumed God must not like them and God has cursed them. During those times, they didn't even know what STDs were. The truth is, the human anatomy did not evolve to accommodate homosexual behavior. The human anatomy does not sit well with homosexual behavior. Calling people 'bigots' ect. won't change the human anatomy. At the end of the day, the human anatomy rules

8. As pro gay atheists desperately attempt to prove me wrong, they mention that lesbians have lowest STD rates. Little do they know, 25% to 52% of lesbians are infected with bacteria vaginosis. Also, a full term pregnancy and breastfeeding naturally reduces the risk of cancer among women. That means a natural lesbian lifestyle without simulating heterosexual behavior puts lesbians at risk of developing cancer. In other words, lesbians have to simulate heterosexual behavior just to reduce cancer risks. Also, 75% of lesbians are overweight. Lesbians are more likely to suffer substance abuse, domestic violence, divorce, mental disorders and suicide.


1. irrelevant

2. citation please

3. to answer that question: "No"

4. That is an argruement made by my good friend Straw Mann (he is german.), however, that is not an arguement made by me so you cannot attack it.

5.Another arguement made by my good freind Straw Mann. Not only that but it also needs a citation!

6. Yet another arguement made by Straw Mann.

7. I feel like im going to have to mention Straw Mann a lot.

8.Some CRAZY facts, but no crazy citation, also an arguement made by my good friend Straw Mann

now on to my arguements

1. Your rational thinking is not superior because superior is subjective, and you have not defined superior.

Debate Round No. 1


1. Youre wrong. it's very relevant to investigate both sides of an issue to come to an unbiased, fair conclusion. Once again, I'm proving that I'm rationally superior to you pro gays

2. Homophobia is rooted in unwanted sexual advances (Pirlott, Angela et al)
Homophobia rooted in disgust, not fear. (Olatunji et AL 2001)

Now, I challenge you to prove that pro gay atheists mentioned those studies even once other than commenting the article that post the studies

3. Did you confirm with research that the answer is "no" or did you just said "no" because you're biased?

Homophobia =disgust
Disgust =disease avoidance behavior
Homophobia -disease avoidance behavior

Homophobia = stigma
Stigma = avoid communicable pathogens
Homophobia = avoid communicable pathogens

Homophobia rooted in disgust, not fear. (Olatunji et AL 2001
Disgust is an adaptive disease avoidance behavior (Valerie Curtis et AL 2011)
Disgust sensitivity disaprove of gays (knobe 2009)
Evolutionary origin of stigmatization (Kurzban r 2001)

4. You're telling me that Atheists never used the population control argument in favor of homosexuality? Okay, I will post some links in around 3 to prove you wrong

5. I see you're still lying.... if it's not population control or social bonding, do pro gay Atheists have any argument about homosexuality in regards to evolution? That makes it even worse

6. So you're saying Atheists never once mentioned homosexuality among many species to argue in favor of homosexuality. I thought you would give me a good debate. Instead, you just decided to just lie.

7. Still lying huh? Lol. This is unbelievable. So you're saying Atheists never blame religion for the main cause of homophobia. Is this a joke?

8. Gay and bisexual women have higher rates of bacterial vaginosis

Lesbians are more likely to be depressed because semen is good for WOMENS' health and helps fight depression.

Gay women have higher rates of mental health issues including depression

Gay women are more likely to be overweight

Gay women are more likely to develop breast cancer

Study shows women who get pregnant in their twenties decrease the risk of breast cancer. Gay women are less likely to get pregnant in their twenties and even less likely to get pregnant at all compared to heteroexual women.


1. yes and it goes without saying so you dont say it

2. use links. When i put in Olatunji et AL 2001 i got a study that had NOTHING to do with homos.

3. use links.

4-7. you can only attack arguments made by me. I wont defend what someone else says. this is a debate you must attack what I say, just you and me.

8. that's great, but it doesn't affect us so why must we mess with them.

My arguments.

1.may it be noted that Pro clearly dropped that argument

2. Pro claims his rationality is FAR superior to ALL atheists who support gays

A. superior is subjective
B. I'm an atheist who supports gays.
C. therefore, all i have to say is that my rational is superior, and i win the debate Because this disproves the ALL part of this topic

3. "My rationality is superior."
Debate Round No. 2


1. So you admit that you're wrong. Thanks

2. That's because you did not put the name of the study.
Google "homophobia rooted in disgust, not fear"

3. Studies show homophobia is rooted in DISGUST, not fear

Homosexual activity elicits disgust

Homosexuals induce disgust

Studies show disgust is an evolutionary disease avoidance behavior.

Homophobia = disgust
Disgust = disease avoidance behavior
Homophobia = disease avoidance behavior

Homophobia rooted in unwanted sexual advances

Disgust as embodied moral judgment Disgust sensitivity levels indicates disapproval of gays. In other words, people with a stronger evolutionary disease avoidance behavior are more likely to disapprove of gays

4 so you're saying not one atheist in the whole world believes homosexuality is natural population control?

Watch "Darwin Day 2015 Questions: #1 Is Homosexuality Nature's Population Control?" on YouTube

"4-7. you can only attack arguments made by me"

You fail to understand that, my premises is, my rationality on homosexuality is more rational than pro gay atheists. Therefore, to prove my argument is invalid, you have to prove that pro gay atheists argument is more rational.

8. Before embracing behaviors like smoking, incest and homosexuality, we need to at least acknowledge if the behaviors are high health risks. Using your logic, no one should mention that smoking is unhealthy if they don't smoke themselves

'Better' or 'more skillful' are synonyms of 'superior'. My point is, my rationality on homosexuality is better than that of Pro gay atheists. The term 'better' in regards to rationality is not subjective because it could be examined , compared and scored.

'superior 'in general terms is subjective but when comparing skills between opponents, superior is objective. If the Lakers beat the bulls 5 seasons straight, The Lakers skills is superior to the bulls during those five seasons.

In conclusion, my opponent seems to not understand my premises. my point is, my rationality on homosexuality is better than the rationality of pro gay atheist on homosexuality. Rationality can be scored, compared and tested. I demonstrated my rationality and compared it to known arguments from pro gay atheists on homosexuality. My opponent had the chance to prove that my rationality is invalid or flawed. Instead, he's trying to win this debate on technicalities.


bananaedmonkey forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by triangle.128k 2 years ago
Pro is obviously retarded, especially since he's a retarded black supremacist. I'm willing to bet that BlackHomophobicAtheists is likely some uneducated retard from the ghetto.
Posted by Sciguy 2 years ago
You used a .GOV site, yes!
Posted by bananaedmonkey 2 years ago
all you have to do is link the study, thats it. So please do so
Posted by BlackHomophobicAtheists 2 years ago
Cobalt Is LYING. I truly believe gays are masters of deception. How could you LIE about my sources? Lying about not finding papers and all kinds of stuff. I admit, he's a really good liar. He's like an actor pretending as if his intentions are genuine. In reality, he's a cold hearted gay with intentions to do nothing but deceive . Cobalt knows that gays believe whatever makes them feel good without a shred of skepticism. The LIES are so ridiculous,, no one would think that he would be so low to lie about something like that.

"nice fact checking cobalt" LOL... just believe him without a shred of skepticism. He is a persuasive liar
I bet you never thought that he would mask his LIES and DECEIT as "fact checks". He's like a doctor pretending to save lives when he's really killing people. Now I see why Christians think gays are evil.

This one was the most outrageous lie of them all
"Additionally, she found that the more uncomfortable a man was in his sexuality, the more likely he was to experience this discomfort and its resulting negativity"

Congratulations cobalt, you get an Oscar for that great acting

"[O]ur article says that straight men perceive gay and bisexual men to direct unwanted sexual interest, but not lesbians or bisexual women; and straight women perceive lesbians, bisexual women and bisexual men to direct unwanted sexual interest, but not gay men; and that this perception strongly explained their sexual prejudices," Pirlott elaborated, adding, "I think people, in general, are uncomfortable by the notion of unwanted sexual interest."

Cobalt blatant lie
"Experience this discomfort"???? What is the purpose of lying about that? Why do gays have the uncontrollable impulse to outright deceive people? I've seen this over and over again in the gay community.
Posted by bananaedmonkey 2 years ago
nice fact checking Cobalt.
Posted by Cobalt 2 years ago
Just a little fact checking. These are the papers that Homophobic referenced. They took over half an hour to find and compile. Use direct links next time, Homophobic.

No publications from 2001. Not a one. This reference is either cited incorrectly or it is a fabrication.


Does state that there is sexual negativity due to a perceived threat of sexual advances. Additionally, she found that the more uncomfortable a man was in his sexuality, the more likely he was to experience this discomfort and its resulting negativity.

Valerie Curtis

Curtis concludes that disgust plays a role in disease avoidance systems. She never mentions homosexuality, nor does she conclude that all types of 'disgust' beneficial.


Couldn't find the full paper online. However, the abstract basically says that people who are more likely to feel disgusted about things are more likely to feel disgust toward gays and intuitively disapprove of them. [Makes me wonder if people who are more likely to be frightened of animals are also more likely to be frightened by bears.]


Argues that humans have adaptations that cause them to avoid poor social partners, joing like-minded groups, and avoid contact with those they perceive to carry disease.
Posted by Dkice4 2 years ago
I applaud your pointing out a logical fallacy, however, it is much more wise to debate the actual topic itself; fallacy is too boring.
Posted by bananaedmonkey 2 years ago
what superior is subjective. Why am i in the wrong for pointing out that.
Posted by Dkice4 2 years ago
Pro's comment that his skin is black is utterly irrelevant to the debate here, similarly, Con is debating subjectiveness while Pro is trying to denounce a debated topic.
Posted by vasarta 2 years ago
I never said you were a secret gay now did I? You just assumed I was.
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