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Ash's redesign in Sun and Moon, good or bad?

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Started: 11/9/2016 Category: TV
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Ash is being drastically redesigned for the Pokemon Sun and Moon anime. I believe that this is one of the worst decisions that the Pokemon Company has ever made. It looks like an American cartoon and clashes with the style of the rest of the anime. This is a topic I feel strong about and I look forward to debating with anyone that things Ash's redesign is good, as I am interested in what arguments you will make.


I recognize the changes in the design for Ash Ketchum for the new Pokemon anime of Sun and Moon, and would like to pose the reasons and benefits of this new design.

Because you did not pose a claim in the first argument, I will assume this round is for introductions and understanding.

Thank you for reading, and I am hoping for a good debate.
Debate Round No. 1


I don't think there are any pros to Ash's new design in the Pok"mon Sun and Moon. It was completely unnecessary as Ash looked awesome and like an actual anime character in the XY series. I understand that the new design was created to better go with its comedic genre, but I don't understand why it had to be comedic in the first place. I have not met a single person who didn't like the seriousness of XYZ. That is all I have for now.


First of all, I would like to say that I agree that the XY Ash was more of a serious-type character, and that this new design has taken a different direction to fit the more comedic series.

But let's try to figure out why Ash has been redesigned.

For anyone who may not have known, Pokemon became popular again suddenly after Nintendo worked together with a company called Niantic to create a mobile game called Pokemon GO. This game was hugely successful. So much so that people became famous from just playing the game, and everyone was using it at all times, walking around the streets trying to catch pokemon. They even had to warn the players not to enter hazardous areas, not to drive while playing, and to always watch where you're walking.
This informed Nintendo that they needed to take a new direction to get Pokemon into the public eye again. And because this mobile game was so successful in many parts of the world, it would start by catering and playing to the wants and likes of the countries that used Pokemon GO the most. This way, they may be able to create something that becomes a hit again.
And would you like to know the country that used this mobile game the most?
The United States of America.
I believe the design was to make a more simplistic take on the character to appeal to West audiences more, especially to the children. After all, the children are the driving consumer of Pokemon in general. So they looked to modern American cartoons with simplistic art styles, like Adventure Time, or Steven Universe, or Teen Titans, or Gumball, etc. This would, hopefully, allure newer children to watch the show with its comedic atmosphere while still balancing out serious moments for older fans.
The setting of the new anime is also in a fictional place called "Alola", which, if you can infer, is based on Hawaii, a state in the U.S.

It's a chance to refresh the series and give it a chance to grow and gain more fans nowadays. Because, honestly, from over the years, the anime has been doing much of the same, and became stale to most viewers. Everyone I know who used to watch Pokemon just dropped it after a while. The comedic turn gives it a chance to gain a bigger audience, starting with the young.

And just to declare something against your statement: I don't like the seriousness of XYZ. In fact, I think it takes itself too seriously. I mean, it's Pokemon.
Debate Round No. 2


Wow, very in depth. Your arguments can be easily counted though. XYZ was very refreshing for Pok"mon and the serious turn it took was loved by long time fans of the series. Ash was strong and competent, all of his Pok"mon were fully evolved, it was amazing to see Ash be an awesome trainer for once (Well twice, he was pretty good in Sinnoh as well). The anime style of Pok"mon thus far is universally loved by long time fans and children alike. A redesign to appeal to American audiences is completely unnecessary. As for Pok"mon Go, that game was overhyped, was terrible compared to what fans were expecting, and died down pretty quickly. This redesign might interest kids for the first few episodes, but in the end they won't like it anymore then they would another Pok"mon series. As for long time fans, this redesign is like a betrayal, completely besmirching the Ash we all know and love. This is why this redesign is a terrible idea.


Firstly, I didn't see XYZ as refreshing at all. In fact, many of the episodes and movies of the original series was very serious, and had turned into more than just something a young child would casually be shown by their parents. In one of the first few episodes of Indigo, Pikachu was severely wounded and hospitalized. Team Rocket and many of their cronies are often times committing animal abuse as well as child abuse. The sad story of Mew Two in the first movie, the story of Entei and the pokemon fighting alongside their trainers and almost dying in the third movie, the story of Lucario, and the DEATH of Celebi. All of these things morphed Pokemon into a gray mess of sometimes completely basic one-line jokes and 2D characters to some characters and pokemon that are trying to be TOO serious for a childrens show. So many things changed, it didn't even fit together. It felt like every episode was written by someone who has never watched the rest of the series. It was jumbled.

And only one thing remained: Ash was a terrible trainer.

In that way, I do agree, that a very bright light of hope shined upon Pokemon XYZ for Ash, as he actually became "competent". But the problem with this is that his flaws have pretty much already been covered. There's not much of a place left to go for the series with a serious Ash Ketchum.

Giving an example of a show that became "too serious for its own good" would have to be Yu-Gi-Oh!. Yu-Gi-Oh! was perhaps one of my favorite shows as a kid. I loved the original series and the GX series (please don't hate me). But with both serieses, they ended up becoming ridiculously serious, to the point where I couldn't even watch them anymore. There was some backstory about in ancient Egypt how the antagonist had his whole family killed by Yugi's father, and in GX Jaden LITERALLY became the bad guy and KILLED people. And then they created another Yu-Gi-Oh! series later that was set in an apocalyptic edgy world where everyone rides a motorcycle and is an orphan. It tries too hard to appeal to an older audience and became something that it was not.

And you can't say that appealing more to children will push away all of the older fans, because many children's shows nowadays have many older audiences. Adventure Time, Steven Universe, MLP, every Magical Girl anime ever, and people who have nostalgia or just enjoy the series and are a fan will always support the anime, no matter what it changes. This new change is like a refresh. It's a place where the series can start kicking its feet again, instead of plateauing with viewers.
It may seem unnecessary to you, but the fact was that Pokemon wanted to start something fresh. Something new. Something that hasn't been tried for the past few years, and doesn't fit the normal idea of Pokemon. Nintendo has been trying things like this with everyone of their serieses forever.

Speaking of plateauing, though, that moves on to my second argument.

Pokemon GO was did not die down quickly. Of course it was overhyped, reaching about 42 million active users a day, but the active users today is still around 20-30 million, which is extremely good.

It shouldn't feel like a betrayal, it should feel like an opportunity. The opening of a new door. The chance at a new look for Pokemon that gets it popular again.
Debate Round No. 3
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Debate Round No. 4
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Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by pancakesavage7 1 year ago
ash looks pretty good in sun and moon anime, he has taken a design directed to american fans, because of the success of pokemon go in USA, game freak wanted to keep up with that trend.
Posted by BMHTheGreat 1 year ago
I'd love to debate this with you.
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