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Aside from inefficiency, there is nothing wrong with eating household pets.

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Started: 12/20/2016 Category: Miscellaneous
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Haven't been on this website in a while, but happy to accept a debate :) I'm looking forward to seeing the pro's arguments.
Debate Round No. 1


Good luck and I look forward to your viewpoints as well :)

I find that the consumption of household animals particularly dogs and cats, is not wrong aside from inefficiency.

I don't believe that you should just kill your own dog, however many people do harshly judge other nations for their eating of animals that we consider "pets". Take the dog for example, being the most popular pet and termed as "man's best friend". The reason being is that dog are still animals just as much as a cow or a pig. However, society (mainly western) stigmatizes against their consumption. This is due to reasons that are prompted by emotion rather than logic.

Most people who are against their consumption believe that dogs are more intelligent than the common animals that we eat. However studies from numerous universities such as University of Colorado, Boulder show that pigs are just as intelligent as dogs and have social skills that rival or even beat our furry friends.

Another reason that people are against their consumption is due to how dogs have been bred over the years. It's obvious that dogs have been raised to help humans. Humans have also bred livestock for their benefits. An example being the Belgian blue cow, which has been selectively bred by humans to give us our meat. The Belgian blue cow serves just as much or even more purpose to sustaining humanity than dogs are presently. Humans eat horse meat all over the world, even when they have been bred to help humans. There is less stigma over horse meat than there is dog meat. Humans also milk goats and female cows until they are old, then slaughter them for their meat when they cannot produce any more milk. However we don't do this with dogs even when they become old and lose their efficiency. In conclusion, stigmatizing the consumption of dogs due to their conditioning throughout the times is incorrect. We humans hardly use dogs for their bred abilities anymore, and they have just as much a reason to live as the other animals that we have bred for our benefits.

The stigma around consumption of animals like dogs usually circulate around impoverished countries. Western societies like to combat the consumption of dogs even though the impoverished countries have nothing else to eat. Impoverished countries have grown traditions and cultures of eating dogs like in Yulin, China. However to say that they are wrong is harsh because that's what they've grown up surrounded in. Generations of eating dogs due to poverty has broken the view that dogs shouldn't be eaten. Many will say the Yulin festival practices are cruel. They are, however look at the treatment of livestock. They are just as cruel and inhumane as the Yulin dog practices.

So why do people stigmatize against the consumption of household pets? They have an emotional connection to their own pets. Many people who are against the consumption of household pets believe that it is wrong because it makes them think of their own pets. However, then are consumers of beef wrong for eating beef because the cow is revered in India?

There is nothing wrong with the consumption of household pets since all animals have an equal right to be alive. Humans have no right to pick what gets to live and what doesn't.
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