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Astrology Is a Useless Pseudoscience

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Started: 3/3/2015 Category: Science
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I do not beleive that there is any evidence for astrology other than confirmation bias (counting hits and ignoring misses) and the statistical probability that eventually a Capricorn and Taurus will have a succesful marriage, or something similar.


Astrology is an ancient symbolic language that recognizes the universe as an indivisible whole and a method of exploring who we are, our relationships, and our role within the world, i.e. our career. The word is derived from the Greek words astron, meaning "star," and logos, meaning "word." Literally, it means the "language of the stars."

Just as Egyptian hieroglyphics refer to concepts far more complex than a single word could convey, planetary symbols and movements are rich with layered meanings.

Astrology works by looking at the relationships of the heavenly bodies at the exact time and place of birth, and deriving symbolic meaning from the archetypal energies represented by the position of the planets at that moment.

Astrology can provide insight into any situation"from the personal to the political, and from the most intimate to the most mundane. In addition, understanding the archetypal energies in the future can help you better exercise your free will by making decisions in harmony with the energies of the time.

If you read your magazine or newspaper horoscope and think that is all there is to astrology, you are deceived. What you find can be shallow and too general for anything more than entertainment. It is, however, an entry point to a deeper study of astrology.
Debate Round No. 1


How can the relative position of us and our sun to constelations that are pretty loosely defined at best, or what dates you were born on give you advice in any situation. As I said before, the only real evidence for astrology is confirmation bias, and the probability that sometimes it works. But, with roughly 300 peoe born every minute (this is pretty rough, only on average from 2004, I couldn't find a more recent statistic) I don't thhink that everyone born on say, December 31, 2001 at 2:27 PM PST is just the same as me. Some are probably similar, but I garuntee there is a Capricorn even at my school of 538 that is a polar opposite, and a Taurus who I will never get along with.


sarmad5 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


I see you have forfeited the previous round. I cannot continue my argument without rebuttal, so vote pro!


sarmad5 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Lukas8 3 years ago
I just had a debate about banning astrology and similar for commercial use, so mine opinion is quite the same as that of PRO.
Astrology originally is a mixture of knowledge and religion created in the same time and in a similar way as religion. What do you think about the zodiac and that "stuff". However its very unscientific. Because people didnt know that much about astrophysics. They've imagined an religious or spiritual-like way to describe astronomy.

It's Physicaly impossible for astrology to be true. The stars do not show of the future, but the opposite (according to optical physics). Stars are in their position because of their development, your perspective and gravitational influence of massive structures. Also the light needs some time to come to you. For instance in a perfect vaccum light travells about 297.000km/s, this means that electromagnetic radiation caried by photons on a specific wavelenght needs a lot of time:

Distance in ly= how many years the light will have to travell.

So a "spiritual force mastered by a tiny species on a tiny not very special planet, can control everything in space". We're not that special! Your body biochemistry doesnt allow this. Your genetics work by a similar principle as that of every other cellular-life on earth, you are composed of molecules that are composed of atoms that are composed of quarks and gluons... Your digestion system isnt working alone. You own your own microfauna in your belly with aber many species. You are very similar to other life forms.

And then neurology, that explains why you think. Its dopamine that makes you ask that questions. Its C6H12O6 that powers your cells' mythohondrium. And the most of our descisions come without our will.
We're also a dumb species dying in capitalism, knowing that we're destroying the environment, we're overpopulating the world the same same way any other species over populs.

Yup, all universe is turned in our will, 'cus were the only holy loly importa
Posted by Joss_Whedon 3 years ago
For those who agree: thank you
For those who think this never should have been posted: I am beginning to agree. I had recently had several conversations regarding astrology, and all of which were sparked by someone asking me if it was real. This prompted me to post the debate.
Posted by ramils 3 years ago
Ofcourse it is a useless "whatever" it is. No Serious Astrologer will debate on this because they cannot prove anything at all. It is just a matter or faith or weak people believing in anything to make them feel better.
Posted by Nivek 3 years ago
lol. My natal chart says I'm socially inept coupled with indecisiveness and escapism. It also records for a tendency to like aggressive people(those associated with Fire elements) even though i like passive people more in

You have to admit. its pretty fun to read into these things hahaha. I don't think i've seen this topic in a while, interesting....
Posted by TBR 3 years ago
New fad? since the 3rd millennium BC is a new fad? Its stupid, but not new.
Posted by Joss_Whedon 3 years ago
That is similar to a conversation I had earlier, which led me to this debate. :)
Posted by Commondebator 3 years ago
lol i was about to accept this debate into thinking you said astronomy
Posted by Joss_Whedon 3 years ago
I see your point, but the whole idea of science is to make sense of it all as we drift on this hunk of rock. But once again, good point.
Posted by v1nce 3 years ago
Regardless of its validity, I think astrology is just a recent fad, and helps give some sense of understanding of the world or at least helps people get a sense of their identity. Much like how some people follow superstitions, people follow astrology for a similar reason. Astrology is interesting because though it is sometimes considered a "science", there is also a little bit of faith involved.
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Reasons for voting decision: Con did a lot to explain what Astrology is, but not to justify why it was effective, accurate, and/or useful. Pro points this out, and so Pro gets args. Conduct to Pro due to Con's forfeits.