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Australia is to nice to people seeking asylum

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Started: 11/10/2009 Category: Society
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Although the government is seriously considering the refugees into Australia, some of them may be carrying hazardous diseases, and even if they aren't, it's pathetic that they get more money than your average pensioner.

Because we give them asylum and money as they want, they have become irritated because they haven't been allowed into Australia, they have started a hunger strike just to make the Prime minister and government feel for them. In many opinions i've heard, they are not in Australian waters, and they are not Australian citizens, therefore the government shouldn't have to worry about the Refugees at all.

Also, if the Australian Government lets the "boat people" into Australia it will show that the refugees have won, and they will love the life in Australia as they will be given money, accommodation and protection and they will not just take most of Australia's wealth over time, but will send messages to they're friends and families back in their home country to say that getting into Australia is easy, and the government will have to show pity for them as well, because the government treats all people equally, meaning that giving some refugees asylum and not giving others asylum is unfair.

To put this into basic terms, the refugees have used the government against itself, and by doing it they have also gained loads and loads of money, which could have helped Australia greatly.


I extend my thanks to qwerty123 for starting this topical debate and would like to refute that "Australia is to {sic} nice to people seeking asylum".

The moral responsibility to accept refugees applies to all nations, but because Australia is not a rogue state and, instead, a highly respected member of the United Nations, The Commonwealth. ASEAN and the WTO and a number of other inter-governmental organisations, it must accept the extra responsibilities that accompany the benefits of being a leading economic and political power in the international community. (1)

With specific regard to asylum, as a signatory to both the UN Convention and Protocol relating to the Status of Refugees, Australia has a legal obligation to accept genuine asylum seekers and afford them at least the same rights and privileges that are normally accorded to other foreign residents. (2) However, this is only right and proper and surely no proud Australian would wish to see thousands of refugees encamped on Bondi Beach receiving humanitarian aid shipped in by the Red Cross, Medicins Sans Frontiers and Oxfam?

Some Australians may think that they are accepting more than their fair share of the world's refugees but the reality is that Australia ranks a lowly 36 in the world, behind such relatively small and impoverished countries as Mali, Angola, Cote d'Ivoire, Guinea Bissau, Belarus, Croatia, Georgia and Bosnia.

To put this into perspective, last year Australia took 64,100 refugees against Bosnia's 1,206,700 – that's 3.19 refugees per 1,000 Australian citizens against 272.393 refugees per 1,000 Bosnian citizens. (4) That means Bosnia takes over 85 times more refugees than Australia, even though it has over 150 times less land. (5, 6)

Of course it is particularly ironic that some Australians ignore their own history when it comes to discussing immigration. After all, prior to becoming a penal colony for British convicts the country was solely inhabited by the Aborigines. The white Europeans that subsequently settled the country and displaced the natives, depriving them of their livelihoods and even massacring them, cared little for their protests and to this day most Aborigines live on the margins of society.

With this in mind, why should any decent person sympathise with those frothing Australian racists that stand on harbour walls shouting "go back where you came from, we don't want you here"?

Thank you.

Debate Round No. 1


qwerty123 forfeited this round.


I checked my opponent's profile and discovered that he lives in Claushavn, Greenland (which has a population of 83 by the way).

Now, Greenland is a huge country with massive potential mineral resources and I bet Canada has had its beady eyes on it for a while now. Let's face it; Greenland has to rely on Denmark for its defence so they would be a military push over.

I wonder if my opponent has ever considered the possibility that, one day, Canadian storm troopers might goose-step into his village and systematically kick down all the igloos, rape the all women and execute all them men?

Now, if this happened, suppose my opponent was lucky enough to be clubbing baby seals to death on the beach when the Canadian army rolled into town and he managed to escape on a fishing boat and, after many days of sailing with little food and water, he arrived in Iceland where he sought refuge. However, how would he feel if, instead of the warm welcome he was expecting, he was greeted by a crowd of angry Icelanders who were carrying placards with "Iceland for Icelanders" and "Go home you dirty Eskimo scum" written on them?

You see, refugees are not refugees out of choice; they are fleeing their homes and family in a desperate attempt to save their lives. So far, my opponent has been lucky enough to avoid that fate but I suspect he would change his opinion on asylum seekers should he find himself on the run from trigger-happy Canadian Mounties.

Thank you.
Debate Round No. 2


qwerty123 forfeited this round.


Arguments extended. Vote Con. Thank you.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by leet4A1 7 years ago
Yeah, well, I think we can be forgiven for the Aboriginal stereotype to be honest. I have many Aboriginal mates (cliche, I know, but it's true), and I have nothing against them personally. Some of the Aboriginal mates I've got are amongst the hardest working people I know.

But the stereotype exists for a reason... most Aboriginals DO eschew work for the dole, and most of those who do so ARE drunks and petrol/paint sniffers. Once again, I have nothing against the race in general, but facts are facts. They are also rightly renowned for being violent drunks... I would not hesitate for a second to cross the street on a Friday/Saturday night if I saw a black guy or a group of them walking in my direction. Chances are he's drunk and looking for someone to punch. If that's racist, so be it, but it's likely to save me from a beating more often than not. :D
Posted by brian_eggleston 7 years ago
Sorry, I knew when I wrote that that it sounded a bit harsh because I have plenty of Aussie friends and not one of them are racists.

That said, they do tend to criticise the "Abos" for spending all their time boozing it up rather than going out to work, but that is a matter for another debate!
Posted by leet4A1 7 years ago
"With this in mind, why should any decent person sympathise with those frothing Australian racists that stand on harbour walls shouting "go back where you came from, we don't want you here"?"

Haha, we're not all racist Brian. I did see a sticker on the rear window of a car the other day with a picture of Australia and "F*ck off, we're full." on it. There are A LOT of ignorant people in this country.
Posted by leet4A1 7 years ago
Why did you bother making this debate and taking the time to write an argument? As soon as Phil sees your profile you're banned.
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