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Authoritarianism will come back to dominate the world.

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Started: 2/26/2017 Category: Politics
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Democracy is obviously not working. In fact, it's getting worse. There are riots in every democratic nation because the people have the right to voice their opinions whether peacefully or violently. That's called disturbing peace and I think democracy should go away. Also, the rise of technology is making this happen, so if (and it will) this was to happen, it would save the very nature of peace.


Authoritarianism is ineffective. Authoritarianism is defined as,"government is run by a leader who heads a central agency or a group of authorities." However, Authoritarianism is ineffective since the people do not have a say in their government. This can lead to rioting as the people do not get a voice. It is a narrow road that may lead to a dictatorship. As well as, these groups of authorities are unaware of the current culture while citizens know their surroundings better.
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Posted by howaboutsomefacts 1 year ago
It is very likely that authoritarianism will indeed come back to dominate the world. The newest generation in America has largely been raised to believe that its personal emotions are the measure of the success of the society at large, and, thus, any offenses that may be borne by the generation are the fault of the society and cause for physical action (i.e, you say 'White Privilege' is no longer a factor, I get to punch you in the face). This perverted justification does not bode well for the prosperity of American civility and peace. Many millennials also use personal offense as an excuse to call for the censorship or outright prohibition of speech, a direct assault on freedom and the First Amendment. If this trend continues, we could be looking at a totalitarian society as soon as fifty years from now.
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Reasons for voting decision: Con doesn't actually answer resolution. The question at hand isn't if Authoritarianism is bad, but rather if it'll dominate the world. Therefore, Pro wins argument points. 3-0.