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Avatar the Last Airbender: The Perfect Nation Combo

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Started: 4/25/2011 Category: Miscellaneous
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Voting Period
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Alright, I love Avatar the Last Airbender. When it comes to the show, I analyze almost every aspect of it. Recently, I began to ponder "What if the Fire Nation allied with another nation, thus allowing the alliance to conquer the world?" Then it hit me: Find the best combo to achieve the most things with a diversity of abilities.

My answer to the best combo: A Fire Nation/ Water Tribe combo

My opponent will be arguing that their combination is better that the Fire/Water combo I am supporting. Here are the rules for the debate:

1. I ask that my opponent have an extensive knowledge of the show, and the abilities of the different nations. (The show, not the movie)
2. The abilities, strengths, weaknesses, and powers must have been used in the show. No theorectical abilities.
3. Showing links for the episodes would be nice, but it's ok if you don't post them. Just keep in mind that I will check for the abilities you list.
4. The Avatar cannot be counted in this debate. That would simply be overkill.

Good luck to my opponent and I look forward to seing his combination.


Interesting question and look forward to the debate.

* I am assuming that I will argue against your answer that the Fire/Water nation would be the strongest alliance to conquer the world.

Instead I will argue that the Fire/Earth nation would be the strongest alliance to achieve total domination. For simple reasons including

(1) The Earth kingdom and Fire Nation already rule over a majority of the land. This being said it will be easier and take a shorter time to conquer both Water tribes and Air temples due to the fact these nations are confined to a small isolated regions of the planet.

(2) The Earth Kingdom combined with the Fire Nation and its technology would blend a perfect combination of defense and offense. As already witness in the first episode of book 1, the Fire Nation has decimated the Southern Water tribe and destroyed the Northern Water Tribe in episode 19, book 1 (since during this debate we are forced to disregard the Avatar)

(3) This leads to the earth kingdom to fight and conqueror the 4 air temples. By superior numbers and resources the Air Nomads would quickly and easily be defeated by the Earth Kingdom.

Thus the Fire/Earth alliance would be the far superior alliance.
Debate Round No. 1


I thank my opponent and thank you for accepting this debate!

(Somehow I knew that my opponent would choose a Fire Nation/Earth Kingdom combo lol)
Also, FN is Fire Nation, EK is Earth Kingdom, WT is Water Tribes, and AN is Air Nomads.

I will first answer my opponents arguments and then move on to my own points.

1. Majority of Land
Yes, it would seem easy for a FN/EK combo to easily conquer the world because they own most of the land, but having a massive kingdom in the case of the Earth Kingdom makes it harder to defend all of the territory. The troops the EK have are powerful, yes, but they are so spread out beyond Ba Sing Se that it is not an effective defense against small, concentrated attack forces. The Water Tribes are concentrated in 2 key areas, and this make their tribes easier to defend than an entire continent, in the case of the EK.

2. Combo of offense and defense
Once again, I predicted that this would be one of my opponent's key points. The FN is known for their offensive bending, and are very powerful when it comes to technology to attack with. My opponent hints that the EK is the best for defense (I hope thats what he meant lol), but the WT are also good for defense. While the EK's walls are powerful, they also depend on the earth to provide the material for their bending. However, the WT can build bases wherever they please, because they can freeze water into walls. The Northern Water Tribe is a good example of this. Also, you mentioned that the FN destroyed the Northern and Southern Water Tribes because the Avatar was absent, but how did FN forces get there in the first place? In search of the Avatar, so we can discount this argument. Also, the Northern Water Tribe was attacked Admiral Zhou, and he would never have left his first base we see him at if Prince Zuko had not confronted him and Zhou had discovered the Avatar was still alive.

3. The only reason the AN were destroyed was because Fire Lord Sozin unleashed a surprise attack upon the AN, as we see in Book 3 Episode 2. If it were simply dependent on bending, it would be much harder for the FN to destroy the AN so quickly.

Now on to my points...

1. Technology of destruction
Both the FN and WT have weapons that could easily destroy any opposing army. The FN has Bomb Zeppliens that can unleash a hailstorm of bombs upon unsuspecting warriers (Day of Black Sun, Pt. 2). Also, the FN attacked the massive walls of Ba Sing Se with a mega drill, that would have gotten through if it weren't for the Avatar. Thsi would easily destroy any EK defenses. The WT have their own weapons of destruction as well. Soka's father created stink bombs to sink FN ships, but these sea mine could easily destroy EK ships as well.

2. Defensive Abilities
The FN primarily focuses on offensive weaponry, but the WT specialize in healing and repair. Ice walls that make up the defense structures of the WT could easily be repaired by bending more ice on them. Also, the WT has healers, such as Katara, that can heal wounds. This ability would be critical in long term warfare, and is something that the EK does not have.

3. Bending Speciality
The FN has Energy Bending, it which chi is turned into a lightning bolt of sorts to attack a foe. The WT have healing and blood bending, an ability that can only be used in a Full Moon, but can be used to control a foe. Sure, the EK have Metal Bending, but the FN's energy bending would easily conduct into the metal and electrify any opponets touching the metal. Also, EK soldiers would lose their bending abilities in a Full Moon if the WT decides to bend their blood and make them fight each other. And, if by some slim chance, that a FN or WT warrier is wounded, a water bender can easily heal the wounded soldier, reading the soldier for more combat and more stress on the enemy.

In conclusion, the EK/FN combo as suggested by my opponent is only effective if he is expecting prolonged seiges, but my FN/WT combo disallows for any prolongness, instead fighting in short, effective raids. The healing abilities of the WT allows more soldiers to fight, and more enemy troops to be killed. The FN can blow up, dig through, and destroy any EK/FN defense, and lead my FN/WT combo to victory. The WT's isolation works to their advantage, because their tribes are surrounded by their primary bending element on all sides. While the EK has a lot of earth, there are even lakes and oceans surrounding the EK, making their spread out troops have a much harder time defending all that land. So thus, in conclusion I urge voters to realize that my FN/WT combo is much more effective than a EK/FN combo, and vote Pro!


JustForFun forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


Voters, please excuse my opponent for missing his round. He is currently suffering from Ebola Zaire and is bleeding out in a hospital somewhere. If only a Water Bender would come along and heal him, but his Earth Bender can't do much to help that.

Carry over all my previous arguments, and I urge the voters to vote Pro!


JustForFun forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3


I suppose that my opponent ha died to Ebola. My water benders couldnt make it i time. All in all, FN/WT combo is the best.

Voter Pro!


JustForFun forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by Brenavia 7 years ago
Yeah, I missed like all of Book Fire. I had to watch them online, and they were SOO good!
Posted by Phoenix_Reaper 7 years ago
Loving this. Wish I watched the show more just was on at bad times every time.
Posted by Brenavia 7 years ago
Airbenders are allowed to remain, and yes, this is a good debate lol
Posted by Dawg_Face 7 years ago
Wow, a debate on a fictional cartoon in literal terms... This is good.
Posted by Phoenix_Reaper 7 years ago
Are you allowing if Air benders were not killed off or that they become war people.
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Reasons for voting decision: Nice humor on the last few rounds when Con forfeited.
Vote Placed by Xenith967 7 years ago
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