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Avengers are better than X-Men

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Started: 4/26/2015 Category: Funny
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Avengers all the way!!! In this debate I will listen to my opponent first. However, for those that are unaware I will list the superheroes in each group.

Iron man
The hulk
Captain America
Black widow

Professor X


You failed to even mention half f X-men which have a larger and more superior arsenal unless the Avenger call upon all their friends from Marvel.

The x-men also have the following:


Iceman(all things ice)

Colossus (strength)

Cyclops (Lasers)

Jean Grey (Almost limitless)

Leech (drain power)

Kitty Pryde (walk through walls)

Angel (Flying)

Gambit (Kinetic energy)

And for the ones you mentioned:

Wolverine (Healing and claws)

Mystique ( Disguise)

Professor x (Mind control)

Storm (Weather)

Warpath and Blink (No idea)

With that statement, make your argument.
Debate Round No. 1


The only reason for that mistake is that I take so little interest in the x-men as they tend to be very boring, unlike the avengers. One main reason for this is the avengers actually have a memorable amount of team members, unlike the 16 (I think) members of the x-men.


Ah, but is wise to know the opposing army. Their strengths, weakness, tendencies and so on. Do you think America, or any other nation, would go to war not knowing about the enemy just because the army got board of such lectures? They most certainly would not. Meanwhile, I am not putting down the avengers in any way. They are both interesting. And seeing as their are at least seven x-men movies now and around three more coming out in the next couple years, I would say that they are good enough to stand against the few movies your side has. Fyi, I know the Avengers side very well.
Debate Round No. 2


Yes, there may be seven movies about the x-men however the avengers have produced more. As an actual group they have produced two, Iron Man has made three, Thor has two, the hulk has two and captain America has three. The x-men (with Logan being the exception) however has only produced as a group thus proving that the avengers is made up of charterers that are interesting enough by themselves let alone in a group.


3? Boy, you must be from the future or something because the second Captain America just came out last year. So there is no way of a third for at least another year or more. And the incredible hulk 2 is still in planned production. Let us stick to the present. First of all there is not anything wrong with x-men's emphasis on teamwork. Look at their powers too. Magneto alone could take on both Iron Man and Thor due to his ability to control metal. Captain Americas agility could easily be matched by that of Nightcrawler's not to mention his teleporting power. That leaves beast and Colossus to handle Hulk. As for Black Widow and Hawkeye, Wolverine and Mystique make a perfect threat. With mystique's disguises, they would probably end up shooting at each other anyway. Besides, all the bullets and arrows in the world would not keep wolverine from healing faster then they were shot.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by SB1359 3 years ago
Also, the debate isn't about who's more interesting to watch, but who is overall, "better"
Posted by SB1359 3 years ago
Point taken. Depends on the enemy at hand. In the soon-to-be-released Avengers: Age of Ultron, Ultron creates tons of Ultron-minions that "smother" the Avengers
Posted by Conortheconor 3 years ago
yes, this may be very true, however when it comes to battles it is so much more interesting seeing the heroes struggle against the enemy rather than just smothering them with thousands of heroes.
Posted by SB1359 3 years ago
My point is that it is a larger, more diverse force. I love the Avengers and all, but the don't stand a chance against the X-Men
Posted by Conortheconor 3 years ago
this is my point exactly. How are we supposed to remember them all!!!
Posted by SB1359 3 years ago
Also, Warpath has superior senses; he can see and hear really far. Blink has the ability to teleport herself and others at will. Blink can teleport large masses, including sizable groups of people. She can also use her powers in a destructive manner by teleporting only parts of objects. She can open portals that displace projectiles and even enemies that threaten her.
Posted by jkack 3 years ago
The Avengers have hulk,he cant die and wolverine can remember,the thing they tricked him to drink.
Posted by SB1359 3 years ago
There are WAAAY more x-men than listed. Here's a link that lists all 64 x-men/mutants ever to appear in all the movies.
Posted by shaduwarsenaal 3 years ago
Someone mentioned that I distorted facts. I wish to know what you mean by this.
Posted by Conortheconor 3 years ago
whoops, sorry!!!
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Reasons for voting decision: Pro had better arguments concerning the fact that the Avengers as a team of individuals have produced more than the X-Men, and this fact was degraded by Con in his closing argument by distorting the facts about the Marvel Cinematic Universe. As Pro concluded, this strengthens the fact that as a team of many parts making one whole, The Avengers outmatch the X-Men. I'm giving spelling and grammar to Pro as well, since Con used the word "board" instead of the word "bored" in round 2.