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Avengers vs X-Men

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Started: 12/18/2014 Category: Politics
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In this debate, i am pro, meaning the Avengers are better than X-men. The con will try to prove that X-Men is better than The Avengers.
first round will be acceptance!


I accept this debate! Best of luck to my opponent!
Debate Round No. 1


Thanks for accepting!

Who are The Avenger? Are they just a team thrown together at random? No, they are the ultimate fighting team. They consist of Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, Black Widow, Thor, and Hawkeye. At this time, I will talk about each individual and their powers.

Iron Man:
Iron Man can create magnetic fields and manipulate them to create magnetic waves/magnetic pulses and make him magnetic proof. He can also make 3D holograms, which he uses as decoys or generate them on the different armors. Iron Man can also use his nanotechnology to create anything including more armors and even unlimited energy so he never runs out of strength. Other than that, his powers :" Attractive Male,Blast Power,Electricity Control,Electronic interaction,Energy Absorption,Flight,Force Field,Gadgets,Healing,Implants,Insanely Rich,Intellect,Invulnerability,Leadership,Magnetism,Power Suit,Psionic,Radar Sense,Stamina,Sub-Mariner,Super Speed,Super Strength,Technopathy,Unarmed Combat,Weapon Master"[1]

Captain America:
Captain America, not only being the symbol of freedom during World War 1 and such, but he was a true hero. He has human physiological conditioning, master martial art agility, vibranium steel alloy shield, and excellent field commander.

Hands down Hulk is the best. He has unlimited strength, the "thunderclap," leaping/jumping ability, accelerated healing, durability, and high resistance.

Black Widow:
"Agility,Attractive Female,Escape Artist,Intellect,Leadership,Longevity,Marksmanship,Stamina,Stealth,Unarmed Combat,Weapon Master." [2]

He has an extended lifespan,immunity to conventional diseases, enhanced endurance,superhuman strength,Thor can also invoke the berserker rage to increase his strength.

"He is at the very peak of human conditioning; he is an exceptional fencer, acrobat and marksman, having been trained from childhood in the circus and by the criminals Trick Shot and Swordsman."

As you can see, in the movie The Avengers, each superhero consists of superhuman strength and ability (except Hawkeye,) in X-Men they only get their powers from being mutants. Avengers actually work hard for their powers.



I thank opponent for his quick response!

1. Strength in Numbers
Opponent mentions the Avengers as a team of six members. However, the X-Men are, by definition, "Feared and hated by humans because they're different, ...heroic mutants, individuals born with special powers who've sworn to use their gifts to protect mutants as well as humans." [1]

By this definition, The X-Men are mutants all a part of one organization. These mutants include Wolverine, Storm, Cyclops, Professor X, Psylocke, Rogue, and Nightcrawler, to name a few.
Even if opponent argued that there are more Avengers than what he listed (which is true), the list is still significantly smaller than that of the X-Men's.

Compare this:
To this:

And you can clearly see the X-Men are far greater in member count than the Avengers.
Using the six Avengers he has presented, if the two organizations were to go head to head it would be near obvious who would win.

However, let's create a scenario.
Just imagine a normal city. The Avengers and X-Men decide to have a fight. The Avengers take one side, X-Men the other.

Now personally, I feel that even two members are able to take down the entire Avengers: Professor X and Storm.

Professor X is one of the, if not the, most powerful telepath in the ENTIRE Marvel Universe. With the ability to alter enemies' thought, he is an extremely deadly foe. The telepathy range is up to 250 MILES on Earth alone. His tools for confounding enemies are extremely great and can be used at great benefit to the X-Men team.

Storm's the "clean up crew" for this team. Having one of the strongest powers on the team as well, she uses manipulation of weather to her advantage.

The Avegers and X-Men line up to fight. Storm appears alone. Professor X, from a remote location (up to ~250 miles away max) uses the telepathy to alter the waves around himself and Storm to make them invisible. As well, he projects multiple illusions of Storm all heading different directions. Of course, this all happens at once, and the original Storm never seems to "disappear".

While the Avengers are continually trying to find the real Storm, Storm (the real one, and still invisible) uses her powers to rain hell on the Avengers, using multiple elements such as lightning, earth, and even an asteroid, all within her power and all capable of stopping the Avengers.

If not enough, Storm is even capable of manipulating air inside of lungs. As if the Avengers weren't screwed already.
If all else fails, and Storm somehow manages to be discovered and defeated, no need to worry, Professor X is here!

Again, using his telepathy powers, he is able to paralyze each member of the Avengers, and even inflict pain amongst them, all from his mind.

While opponent does list decent powers for his Avengers, each of them are weak to at least one element from the pair I mentioned before.

Iron Man:
Very easily taken out of action by X, whose telepathic powers are able to render the suit useless. Without the suit, Iron Man is nothing.

CA, Hawkeye, BW, Hulk, Thor:
Very vulnerable to invisible natural attacks from Storm. The only two out of this list I can even think of surviving Storm are Thor and the Hulk, but even their sustain runs out after a while!

Opposition claims the Avengers "work" for their powers. The only examples of this I can think of are Iron, BW, and Hawkeye (Hulk's was by a radioactive accident, CA didn't work for the powers and had an injection, and Thor...well, Thor's Thor. He didn't earn any of his powers, he already had them.)

Even so, it doesn't matter if one "works" for a power or not.
At the end of the day, whoever wins will be the one with the superior powers and the ability to use them well. Don't get me wrong, I love Marvel and the Avengers, I just find their lineup "underwhelming" compared to that of the X-Men.

Awaiting refutation :)
(Feel free to check for X's and Storm's powers yourself, if need be)

Debate Round No. 2


Thank you for your response!
What are the Avengers known as? Well they are known as "Earth's mightiest heroes." Wait, doesn't the X-Men liven Earth as well?

"Even if opponent argued that there are more Avengers than what he listed (which is true), the list is still significantly smaller than that of the X-Men's."
Yes, there are more X-Men then there are Avengers, but that doesn't necessarily mean that they are better. Not all on the list are considered actual X-Men. After going through the list, on the bottom it said, "The following are teams who have used the name of X-Men without express permission of the official X-Men, sometimes opposed to the X-Men altogether, to announce and/or promote themselves to the public."

You said that, "Storm's the "clean up crew" for this team. Having one of the strongest powers on the team as well, she uses manipulation of weather to her advantage." You may be forgetting that who on the Avengers also has power of weather? Your answer, Thor. In other words, Thor could easily use his manipulation of weather and his mjolnir against them.

"Very vulnerable to invisible natural attacks from Storm." Now, who else from the Avenger could survive Storm.Her name is Susan Storm. to only can she go invisible, but she can also "projected invisibility,invisible force field projection (which bestows the ability to generate protective invisible shields and invisible energy constructs as well as the power to control and manipulate objects")[1]

Anyways, the Human Torch can just go in and defeat X-Men with his powers of fire.



Thank you opponent.

To respond to Pro's claims I shall refute.
First of all, Pro mentions a statement at the bottom of the wiki page:
"The following are teams who have used the name of X-Men without express permission of the official X-Men, sometimes opposed to the X-Men altogether, to announce and/or promote themselves to the public."

However, what Pro neglects to mention is that the statement was referring to the list of teams BELOW it, not the ones above.
The "fake" ones, for a lack of a better word, include Cerebro's, Great Lakes, and Norman Osborn's X-Men, however every other member above that is a part of the X-Men. Feel free to check, voters.

Now onto Pro's argument about Thor.

1. First of all, while Thor has a large amount of natural durability, he is NOT immortal or invincible. If he takes enough hits, he CAN die.
2. Unlike Storm, Thor cannot fully harness weather effects, rather, he can create storm-related effects but cannot control them, as they are artificial. This potentially means that the weather could rebound back onto Thor and he would have no control over it. [1]

Take Thor opposed to Storm, who can create any type of weather and control it at will. Storm obviously wins here.

Anyway to refute further, opponent completely abandons his idea of the six in the movie and instead looks to the list toward another: Invisible Woman, aka Susan Storm.

Now, while she has the ability to completely counter the invisibility and even provide invisibility of her own, opponent neglects that Professor X, one of the, if not the world's most powerful telepath, is still on our side, not to mention a few other things.

In my last argument, I provided a scenario where two of the X-Men could wipe out the six Avengers opponent listed. Then opponent proceeds to list another from the list I provided [2]. However, opponent forgets that the X-Men have many more valuable members on its side, including Wolverine, Magneto, and Cyclops.

Each of these characters have extraordinary powers, unseen or unheard of in many Avengers.
Cyclops' abilities are revolved around his trademark lasers, who were able to even destroy the top of a mountain. [3]
Wolverine's abilities include an increased healing factor, and has an adamantium skeleton, capable of withstanding deadly hits from enemies, As well, he is in his physical prime, with great dexterity, speed, and power by the use of his claws. [4]
Magneto is able to manipulate electromagnetic fields for a wide array of powers. By these powers he can have a shield capable of withstanding multiple thermonuclear weapon detonations. Even without the shield, he is still able to levitate, and even rearrange matter to fit his desires. [5]

These five that I have mentioned: Professor X, Storm, Wolverine, Magneto, and Cyclops are all easily able to take down the six Avengers opponent started off the argument with.

Seeing as he is resorting to other Avengers, he seems to recognize that those six alone are NOT capable of taking on the X-Men, thus proving my point even further.

How to counter Susan Storm:
I never directly stated this before, I just stated that there many other members of the X-Men able to help.
However, here's how the X-Men can win.

1. Storm and X take care of the other six present.
2. Susan counters Storm's invisibility and even forms her own around her.
3. Magneto manipulates the matter around Susan and forcefully slams her into the ground extremely hard, leaving a crater where she landed (yes, that hard).
4. Assuming she is extremely hurt from the force of the throw, she cannot instantly get up. Storm rains down natural powers upon her general area where she landed. As she cannot get up, she is forced to withstand this brunt attack.
5. After this, Susan is defeated.

To wrap this argument up, the X-Men are simply too powerful. The Avengers contains a lot of people without powers, or those with just enhanced natural abilities. The X-Men has the latter, and every single person on the team has at least one special power. As stated earlier, the X-Men are: "...heroic mutants, individuals born with special powers who've sworn to use their gifts to protect mutants as well as humans." [6] The X-Men simply defeat the Avengers because the Avengers have more physical traits while X-Men contain both physical and supernatural, putting them at an advantage.

"Anyways, the Human Torch can just go in and defeat X-Men with his powers of fire."
Taken care of by X and Storm easily, for the same reasons as in the previous round.

Awaiting refutation.

[6] See [1] of R2 arg
Debate Round No. 3


You said that "These five that I have mentioned: Professor X, Storm, Wolverine, Magneto, and Cyclops are all easily able to take down the six Avengers opponent started off the argument with." Let's imagine that cyclops went after the hulk. Considering that the Hulk has probably the quickest healing factor than anyone in the Marvel Universe, including Wolverine. Wounds that would be deadly to most other heroes takes just a short time for the Hulk to recover. "He can withstand concussive blasts, impacts from super-powered villians, and extreme high and low temperatures."[1] You also said how it is unseen in the Avengers, Hulk covers all your credentials of these listed.

"Take Thor opposed to Storm, who can create any type of weather and control it at will. Storm obviously wins here." Well, Thor can Teleport, has large scale weather manipulation,ability to control lightning. You said that Thor is not immortal. Well, Storm isn't either. Meaning, with enough hits from Thor's Mjollnir, Storm would easily go down.

You gave the scenario of Storm and X taking care of Susan, but it wouldn't just be susan going against the 2, the other Avengers would be helping.

Basically, the Avengers would definitely defeat X-men because of their high-tech and physical powers. X-Men may have the supernatural part, but that may not be always a good thing. The Avengers are "Earth's mightiest heroes," doesn't X-Men live on earth too?

this just for interest:


I thank opponent for his arguments.

Opponent makes the claim that the rest of the Avengers would be helping Susan out.
However, from the arguments from before against the Avengers, we can effectively eliminate four members from the Avengers: Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow; and Hawkeye.

Which leaves for the Avengers opponent mentioned:
Invisible Woman

However, he has not tried to figure out HOW to defeat the X-Men, rather, he simply copies and pastes powers from the wiki page of his Avenger.

So that leaves all 5 I mentioned:
Professor X

All very strong and adept at fighting.

X and Storm would defeat Invisible Woman for the reasons used in R3, leaving the Hulk and Thor, who are also both remarkably powerful.

However, with the worlds most powerful telepath, a manipulator of magnetic fields, manipulator of weather, extremely potent fighter, and one with a high concentration laser, it seems near obvious who would win.

While the Hulk and Thor are both highly durable, they are NOT invincible. They are both able to be killed after multiple extremely powerful attacks. While they may be able to withstand it at first, with powers of that nature, they won't be able to attack, as they would need to focus on defending themselves from the onslaught of forces. Not to mention, both Thor and the Hulk are remarkably Melee-based. With only one melee-based member on the X-Men that I listed, the X-Men would simply need to attack at a range and keep clear of the enemy attacks.

In conclusion:

Out of the seven avengers opponent mentioned and the five X-Men I listed, the X-Men are easily able to take care of the Avengers. Opponent provides no way in which the Avengers could win, simply stating that they could and listing the hero's powers. Overall, with the evidence stacked against the Avengers, it seems clear the X-Men would reign supreme.

Not to mention this claim:
"The Avengers are "Earth's mightiest heroes," doesn't X-Men live on earth too?"
...which is plain absurd. It's meant to be a quote, not a deciding factor of the strengths.

Overall, I thank opponent for this debate, but I feel I should win for the following reasons:

1. Opponent's main arguments are copying and pasting powers with little to no reasoning behind them.
2. Opponent, on many cases, fails to provide evidence of how the Avengers could win in a fight
3. Opponent "admits" that four members of the Avengers could be taken down easily (as he makes no attempt to refute my arguments there)

Again, I thank opponent for the debate, and have a happy new year! :)
Debate Round No. 4
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This site is not liking my sources.
Posted by Valkrin 2 years ago
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My bad, here they are:
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Sorry for the late response I was caught up with the season.
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Reasons for voting decision: This is an unconventional debate, and I am trying to weight out which is better overall. I'm more lost as to if this is a battle debate, like who would win in a fight, or who has the greatest powers and just better overall. I think it comes down to who is better overall and i think the avengers have the edge. Specifically the thor point. The sources claim he is a god that can bend space and time, even when faced with professor X there is virtually no comparison. I do feel con provided the better fight scenarios though. Sources to con (2) points for laying our valid arguments even against the overwhelming power of the avengers, but 3 to pro for showing and sourcing how strong they really are