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Awesome debate!!!

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Started: 5/22/2009 Category: Miscellaneous
Updated: 8 years ago Status: Voting Period
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This debate is more interesting than any other!!!
1. Tdebate makes absolutely no sense.
2. Use of more comparatively complicated words will be adequate.
3. Complete understanding of topic will be needed.


I would first off like to thank my worthy opponent for posting this debate. May it be fun for both of us!

I feel a relatively large amount of hatred for particular members of my contemporary student body, as they have elected to play a certain exclusive game and yet neglected to include both me and my beautiful beloved girlfriend. This game, Assassins, is supposed to be as large as possible to maximize the potential earnings of the winner. However, the hideously unattractive wench who organized the aforementioned game felt that it was her unalienable right to contort the true meaning of this game into a joyless menagerie of exclusion. My anger is compounded by a major douche-lord who called the police on me for trespassing a few days ago. Such anger therefore leaks from my pores into special collection bags that I have soldered to my skin. I have been selling this secretion under the label "liquid LSD" at my school for the past couple days.

My profits are enormous.

Good luck to my opponent, I hope that you understand the topic as well as I do. :)
Debate Round No. 1


I understand your feelings completely. I recently joined an MMORPG. Unfortunately, i was careless enough to show my "slightly" obsessive friend. He eventually surpassed me in strategy and time played. This has happened to me quite a lot. (Of course, this situation is opposite the of the exact context of yours, it's the same concept.) Even more recently, I stopped playing the online game because there were even more obsessive people than my friend who were basically taking over the entire game/system.


hmmmm... i remember that I had to salvage the broken soul fragmentsof my friend because he had a World of Warcraft obsession. Presently, however, said friend spends his time playing risk with his band friends and drinking alone. I remember last time I picked him up, with my girlfriend and he friend in the car. He just jumped in the backseat with fake dreadlocks on, and proclaimed, "YO I'M DRUNK AS HELL!" as he pulled out bottles of homemade liquor. Seeing as how I had a bong, weed, and a small bag of ketamine on me, it's not like I was mad about having alcohol in my car. It was merely the principle of the matter. However, a nice night of hookah, schnapps, and weed assuaged my annoyance.

This "debate" has degenerated into a 2-member complaint forum lol
Debate Round No. 2


anotherkid forfeited this round.


Molokoplus forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Molokoplus 8 years ago
i broke my computer lol. im at school now. Good debate man!
Posted by anotherkid 8 years ago
Oh snap! I got to carried away to make an argument!... Grrrr
Posted by JBlake 8 years ago
Agreed. Whoever needs an easy win, take con.
Posted by Rob1Billion 8 years ago
I suppose this is a guaranteed win for Con, but I prefer a bit more challenge :)
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