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B*tches ain't sh*t but hoes an tricks

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Started: 4/22/2012 Category: Miscellaneous
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B*tches ain't sh*t but hoes an tricks


My brotha from anotha motha has it all backwards ya hear? B*tches aint tricks man ya gotta treat b*tches like they mean somethin cause they do means something you know what im saying? While you's sittin on yo a** chillin and pimpin your b*tches is working from 9 to 5 making you some f*cking money, you know what im sayin? every b*tch has her place but most of them belong at the top of yo list but a**holes put them at the bottom cause they a**holes. They dont recognize when they should recognize, you know what im sayin? Sure some b*tches deserve to be the bottom b*tch but you treat your b*tches right then you the king of tonight, you know what im sayin?

B*tches is the ones workin their fine sexy a** off just for you, but pimpin is a relationship between you and yer b*tches where both of yall need to cooperate and work together otherwise yo a** is grass, you know what im sayin? A pimp aint a pimp if his b*tches are bein b*tches, but b*tches are only b*tches if you give them a reason to be b*tches, you know what im sayin? A pimps gotta be a daddy, not a baby daddy just a daddy. And hes gotta be a daddy to his b*tches because b*tches respect their daddies if they treat them like they aint b*tches, you know what im sayin?
B*tches provide a service, they deserve their cut. If b*tches dont get their cut then they gonna be more than b*tches to you, you know what im sayin? you gotta give b*tches their cut because if you dont treat yo b*tches right then you the one being a b*tch, right? you know what im sayin.

That aint what the worlds like doe, in the real world its the pimps who often act like true punk b*tches and the b*tches just be b*tches because their pimps while pimpin is doin mo b*tchen then pimpin, you know what im saying? pimps always be b*tchen that their b*tches are b*tchen but the pimps are b*tching more then their b*tches b*tching, you know what im sayin? If pimps would stop b*tching that their b*tches are b*tching then the b*tches wont be b*tchin and the pimps wont be b*tching about their b*tches b*tching, you know what im saying?

Let me tell you somethin about them b*tches you complaining are being b*tches. B*tches done nothing wrong at all because if you mad dat your b*tches are being b*tches and spending too much money or not making enough money when in the down low its their mother f*cking money that they should spend. Pimps make their livin by pimpin off of b*tches, b*tches make their money by pimpin for their pimps, you know what im sayin? B*tches earn themselves their own f*cking money, pimps make their money by pimpin off of b*tches f*cking money, and thats f*cked up when you think about it. On top of dat doe pimps complain that while theyre pimpin their b*tches be spending all the money they earned, and so the pimp starts b*tchin for no f*ckin reason!

When the pimp starts b*tchin then the b*tches start b*tchin because their pimp is b*tchin about how the b*tches spend their money, but what pimps dont realize is that the money they b*tchin about belongs to the b*tches that hes been pimpin, you know what im saying? When pimps be b*tchin about stuff they shudnt be b*tchin about then their b*tches start taking sh*t for sh*t that they didnt do, you know what im saying? B*tches only start b*tching because their pimps are b*tching about sh*t that isnt their sh*t in the beginnin, you know what im sayin?

Now im not here to sh*t all over pimps for b*tchin about nothin. There is a solution to everyone's b*tchen over nuthin. All we has to do is spread the word that ya heard right here that b*tches are more than just b*tches, they are people too. You cant b*tch about b*tches being b*tches because in a sense we all b*tches, we all make mistakes, and when we make mistakes we deserve another chance to fix what we f*cked up. If the b*tch messes up ten dont b*tch about her messing up give her another chance because if we was in the same situation the b*tches would sure give us another chance, we own them a second chance too, you know what im sayin?

To be fair though, some b*tches do give a reason for pimps to start b*tching..... The one thing that pisses off a pimp more than a b*tch who b*tches for no reason is a b*tch who is b*tching over someone elses b*tching, you know what im sayin? B*tches who b*tch about sh*t that dont need b*tching over doesnt deserve to be b*tched at, b*tches act like their pimps you know what im sayin? Pimps reflect how their b*tches act and if pimps be b*tchin over sh*t that dont need b*tchin then your b*tches will also b*tch over sh*t that doesnt need to be b*tched about. You know what im saying? Its the pimps job to make a good model, becuase b*tches only b*tch about whatever their pimp is b*tching about, but if a pimp b*tches over nothing then the b*tches will b*tch over nothing because thats how the cycle works, you know what im sayin?

If you b*tch is b*tching then chances are you b*tched about something just like it before. If you stop b*tching about syupid sh*t then your b*tches will stop b*tching about stupid sh*t. It might not be right away but you gotta give b*tches time to quit their b*tching over stuff you was b*tching about before, you know what im saying?

Some b*tches do start sh*t that deserves b*tching. They deserve to be the bottom b*tch but if they the bottom b*tch and they still be b*tching, then fire them so you dont have to put up with their b*tching, you know what im saying? Why complain that b*tches always be b*tching over nothing when your the one who lets them b*tch all the time, you know what im saying? Fire them and let another pimp deal with their b*tchin rather than b*tch about it.

If your b*tching about something that one of your b*tches did and theyre b*tching about stuff because you started b*tching about it in the first place, then stop b*tching about theyre b*tching, you know what im saying? All of their b*tching comes from all of your b*tching, so you shouldnt be b*tching so much unless the b*tch really is giving you a good reason to b*tch about something. Most of the time the b*tch who is b*tching over something has a legit reason to b*tch over something, you know what im sayin? Next time your b*tching about something that your b*tch is b*tching about, ask yourself whether you are the one who is really causing your b*tch to b*tch over some stupid sh*t. Its pimps who are insensitive to their b*tches b*tchin who is causing all the problems. When the pimps are b*tching over the sh*t they caused by being punk b*tches in the first place then that causes all these stereotypes to be made about b*tches and their b*tching.

Ive had it with all these mother f*cking pimps b*tching about their mother f*cking b*tches being b*tches. Most of the time its the pimps fault their b*tches are being b*tches, so stop blaming the b*tches for b*tching. The reason they are b*tching is because of how much the pimp is b*tching over sh*t that dont need to be b*tched about, you know what im saying? Pimps who b*tch over their b*tches b*tching voer nothing while they also b*tch about nothing are pimps who are just being punk a** b*tches, you know what im sayin?

Ill translate all of this into white people language in the next round for those who dont understand my arguments.
Debate Round No. 1


kennypowers forfeited this round.


I will now translate my arguments into white people language

My dear friend appears to have looked at this predicament from society from the wrong angle. Women are not tools, they should be treated with respect and like they provide a valuable service to society. While most pimps relax and enjoy the luxuries life has to offer them the women they employ are working a very labor intensive job at very random hours making the pomp currency in the form of illegal trade. Every woman has her place in a business so to speak but most of them deserve to be at the top for the harsh working conditions they endure that comes with the job, but men put them at the bottom for unclear and often illogical and unsatisfactory reasons. The men do not acknowledge the plight their workers go through when they should. There are women who are to be placed very low in society based on their performance but if the pimp treats his employees with respect then they too will respect their employers.

Women work solely for their pimps, but the work relationship between bnoth parties is one that requires work and attention otherwise profits may be affected. It is difficult for a businessman to be successful when his employees are not giving him their best work because of how overly aggravating the man can be to his employees. A pimp has to be comparable to a father figure to the women he employs to earn their trust and respect after the pimp starts treating them with the same respect too. I hope you understand what is being said. The women provide a service and they do deserve their share of their labor. If they do not enjoy the fruit of their labor because of their employer then the employees may start to voice their frustration. Women must be able to get their fare share of their work because if they dont then it could hurt the employer/employee relationship of trust and respect, and if it is the employer acting rather stubborn, then he will be treated stubbornly by his employees.

This is not the case observed in most scenarios though, the reality is that the employers often act in a way where they lose the trust of their employees and they are merely expressing anger at how angrily their employer is treating them, rather then the respect he should be giving to them. Pimps tend to view their employees with frustration, but it is often the pimps who cause the problems in the workplace. If pimps could discontinue such irrational behavior then their employees wont respond with irrational behavior which would fix the conondrum found in most of these organizations.

Here is something most people do not know about the women they employ. Women ususally have comitted no error or broken any of the codes of conduct because if men are mad at women for spending too much money that came from the women's labor in the first place. I hope you understand what is being said.. You see the Pimps make their money by taking a predetermined cut from the woman's earnings and that becomes the pimp's salaries, the women are the ones who make money for the men. Women earn their own pay checks and their male employers make their pay checks by taking a portion of the money out of their employees pay checks which is viewed negatively in society. I hope you understand what is being said. To add to this confusion pimps often complain that their employees spend too much money they made themselves which is contradictory because it implies that the pimps have ownership of the currency made from their employees labor.

When the employers begin to harass employees for these illogical reasons, then the employees give negative feedback to their boss for being irrational about how they spend the money they earned. Pimps dont realize that that money belongs to their employees that he is profiting off of. When pimps complain about the spending habits of their employees that do not warrant such conflict to begin with, then the employees start being disrespected even though they took no action to deserve such disrespect. Employees complain about their pimps when their pimps start complaining about them for illogical reasons. I hope you understand what is being said.

Pimps are not always the one at fault though, and there is a simple solution to these meaningless predicaments. If we can simply spread word about the qualities of women and explain why they should be treated respectfully and that if you do so they will respect you completely, then we may be able to reform this industry completely. We all make mistakes and is important to give people the opportunity to fix their errors because everyone deserves a second chance. If the employee made a mistake she should be entitled to be able to fix her mistake because if the employer would have made a mistake then the employees would also allow him to fix it.

Women employees can cause problems in the industry though..... Employees can start being counter productive for meaningless reasons as well. If the employees are counterproductive intentionally for irrational reasons then they become the problem. I hope you understand what is being said. Pimps reflect how everyone should be treated in the industry and if the pimp starts behaving irregularly, then the employees will too. Its the pimps job to be a good model because employees directly reflect the behavior of their employers.

If the employees are frustrated it is most likely due to an overreaction from the employer over an incident. If the pimp acts more responsibly then the women employees will be more respectful and responsible as well. The changes take some time to take hold but they deserve the time to change because after all it was the employer who wronged the employee to begin with.

Some employees do cause problems that do require the pimp to take an aggressive approach towards fixing. Some employees will have a generally negative attitude and work ethic to begin with and will thus start low in the hierarchy of the industry should they even be tolerated by anyone. I hope you understand what is being said. Often employers are forced to be the bad guy and deal with a problem employee in which case they have the right to use whatever humane measures are at their disposal to resolve any workplace complications.

The employer/employee relationship in this industry is very mutual and very complex in nature since it only takes one side to lose focus and cause everyone to start compromising progress. Any conflict in the industry is most likely caused by the irrational actions of someone else, which is why mutual respect for both parties by both parties is vital to being successful in such a volatile industry. It is always important to ask yourself whether or not you may be doing something to provoke nonconstructive behavior from your employees. It is often insensitive employers who start most issues in the industry by overreacting to small complications over irrational reasons, but the employees still have a responsibility to be respectful to their bosses when their bosses are acting rightfully. If they do not act like father figures then they are no better then even the most ignorant employee.

This is an industry that can be unstable, volatile, and very demanding to both employers and employees. With these hardships many complications arise between the cooperativeness of employers to employees and vice versa. Recently a stereotype has taken root that the pimps are always right and the employees are always messing up, but the truth of the matter is that it is quite the opposite in a majority of observable cases. Whats worse though is that the employers often start issues by overreacting to a situation that did not need to be resolved in the first place and therefore required no intervention from the employers in the first place. Employers who overreact to situations and act irrationally over them will lose the respect of their employees. I hope you understand what is being said.

Thanks for reading, Vote Con :D
Debate Round No. 2
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funny funny
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I wouldn't say your best work, but very nicely done.
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Thanks ;D
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HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA LMFAO my man!!! dis some funny sh*t
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Zaradi, my best work yet?
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Trolling achieved.....
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