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BMW has a better engine than Audi.

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Started: 11/9/2017 Category: Cars
Updated: 8 months ago Status: Debating Period
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Some unknown facts about Audi to open your eyes:
"Back in 1932, Audi Front was the first car in the Europe that offered a six-cylinder engine with front wheel drive.
"In 1938, the Auto Union type C reached a top speed of 431 kmh on a V16 (Can you even imagine that? 1930s and 400+ kmh?).
"Ever heard of Audi Quattro? One of the most successful rally model, Audi Quattro. It marked the future of AWD systems.
"13 Le-Mans victory since they entered the arena in 1999.
"Developed a 1000hp rally car back in 80s.
"First brand to win Le-mans with a Diesel vehicle(R10 TDI).
"First brand to win Le-mans with a hybrid electric car(R18 e-tron quattro).
"Audi TTS was the first driver-less car to reach the top of Pike's peak at close to racing speeds in year 2010.
"Using dual clutch transmissions since early 80s.
"As of Round 10 of 2014 season, Audi has a total of 75 pole positions in DTM against 43 of BMW.
"In 1990 and 1991, Audi was the first brand to achieve two consecutive DTM title wins.
"In 2007, 2008 and 2009, Audi was the first and has so far remained the only one to achieve three consecutive DTM title wins.
"Audi can claim to be the first car company to conduct crash test. More than Half a century ago, DKW simply rolled the subcompact F7 model down a hill in front of spectators in order to demonstrate the car's safety.

Audi does not brag about its achievements. It's the brand that makes its presence felt.

Look at the Tag line

Audi: Truth in Engineering/ Progress through technology (Vorsprung Durch Technik)

BMW: Sheer Driving Pleasure.

I hope, You are not just looking for pleasure. I mean, there is much more to ask for.
"Legendary Quattro AWD system. This is by far the most subtle, responsive and powerful AWD system in the luxury car business. And it was carved out of never ending quest to achieve perfection not just to fill in the void.
"State of Art Audi Matrix LED technology, Look how far they are when it comes to progress through tech. (They even have Laser beam tech)

"Audi also has a reputation of including latest cutting edge technology to its cars whether it's autonomous driving, Audi Connect, Audi Pre-Sense, Lane assist, Park Assist, Piloted Parking, Night vision, head-up display etc. I mean, there's a lot to play around.
"ASF(Audi Space Frame) lightweight construction which saves weight and improves torsion rigidity.
"FSI(Fuel Stratified Injection) technology that improves fuel efficiency without compromising performance.
"Audi MMI(Multimedia Interface) is best in class without any doubt.
"Making the present more futuristic by R&D of Audi E-tron, H-tron models.
"107 years of experience and unwavering determination to achieve perfection in the Automotive industry.
"This list could go on and on and on and on and on and on and on........
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