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Ban mandatory subjects from high school.

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Started: 8/30/2012 Category: Education
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This arguement would be about banning mandatory subjects for high schools. I would be representing the the "Pro/For" side to this debate. This debate would have 3 rounds. The first round would be used to introduce the debators, clarify the rules and definitions. The actual debate would start at round two. Voting period would last 3 days, time to argue would be 48 hours and a maximum of 6,000 characters per arguement.

- No use of Profanity (Swearing)
- No trolling
- Labeling your sources is optional and is only mandatory if your opponent ask for the sources

- Ban: Officially or legally prohibit (e.g. Putting a ban on television)
- Mandatory: Required by law or rules (e.g. It is mandatory to wear a seat belt)
- High School: Grade 9 to 12

Opponent you are obligated to address any info, rules or definitions that I have missed, but you can't change any of the info, rules or definitions that have been said.


Hit me with your best shot:
I assume BOP is on the Affirmative(Pro).
Therefore I am under no obligation to advance any arguments(even though I will) simply show why his reasoning is flawed.
Debate Round No. 1


Before we start I just want to address that the examples that I would be using are all coming from the school board I grew up in (Ontario, Canada). I am unaware about the school boards in places like the US, UK, ect..., but my opponent is free to use examples from the school board he grew up in or from a school board he fimiliar with.

1. Mandatory courses distract a person from reaching their goals
Lets say I wanted to be an accountant. According to the Brock University's accounting program, it is required to take grade 12 english and 2 math courses and for the sake of it, I'll add economics and law. In total that is 5 courses yet the school board forces us to take 8. All this does is create more unnecessary work for students and can bring their overall average down significantly. If the student scores a low enough average, it could prevents that student from getting into the best universities or even any university at all.

2. English class
The reason why Brock University listed english as a required course is because the school board I grew up in said that it was mandatory to take english from grade 9 to grade 12. So if you were to go on any university or college program it would always say that grade 12 english is required. Back to my arguement, high school english class does teach kids to be better writers, but by writers I mean book authors not business type writers. It was careers class that taught me how to write a resume and covering letter. Today's english class is all about detecting symbolism in novels, it's nothing beneficial to someone who wants to become as I said an accoutant, salesman, cop, ect... going back to my first arguement all this does is distract a student from the more important subjects and brings down their overall average.



AshleysTrueLove forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


My opponent has forfeited the first round he has one more chance to counter my round 2 arguement.


AshleysTrueLove forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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