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Banning guns will lower down crime rate "U.S."

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Started: 10/14/2015 Category: Politics
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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First round is acceptance


cannot start anything with the debate on round 1. This is just for acceptance

1. Don't vote because you believe one side, vote for which side had the most facts and best grammar...

2. Whoever accept you cannot post anything on the comments about this topic.


Good luck my friend, I look forward to hearing your argument.
Debate Round No. 1


Welcome, I'm going to representing "CON"

Banning guns will not lower down crime rate.

1. A gun is used for self protection. If do not have a firearm in your house you are taking the chance of being killed.

2. Most guns are illegal in crimes, that or have been stolen. this will rule out the fact of steeling guns from civilians but doesn't rule out steeling from police stations, jails, and etc. If banning guns means that self protection is gone. Ever heard this quote "Who brings a knife to a gun fight?" Yep i have or something relatively close to this, this would resemble the murderer with the gun and you with the knife, all because guns are banned.

3. U.K. is an island same with New Zealand and more! That means America has a boarder! If you have not put the pieces of the puzzle together you can easily smuggle in guns into America and sell them to gangs and criminals. Unlike U.K. the only way you can transport these guns will be expensive and very difficult.

4. Law! It is against the law to ban guns in all this would be going against the Second Amendment, which is part of our foundation to America.

5. When they banned gun in Australia CRIME RATE WENT UP! Yep it went up not down, and Australia is even an island.

6. Gangsters, gangsters do not obey the law same with criminals so banning the gun will only stop them? No it won't if they can get there hands on a firearm when guns are banned they can just shoot loads of innocent people, because we will have no protection, and the police can not just teleport to the scene.

7. Chicago, The city Chicago has the strongest gun laws of all times, I don't think you can even buy a gun in the city, so represent America as the city Chicago, you cannot buy guns at all and only police have weapons. Well did you know Chicago has an average fifteen people dying every week! WOW and you cannot even buy a gun in the city.

On 75% of the people say banning guns will not lower down crime rate and 25% say yes.

8. So then if we ban spoons will it make people less fat? Nope, so banning guns will lower down crime rate? Nope it will not in America, "Hypothesis speaking" It was raise it up, this is an advantage to gangs and criminals.

9. Why ban the gun when its someone choice to steel, that or smuggle a firearm and go find loads of innocent people and kill them all. You cannot stop that the only way to stop them is knowing before hand and thats practically impossible to do that. "So ban the person not the people."

10. It will be harder to kill loads of people will a knife but it can be just as hard to defend your self only with a knife and these people really want to murder people they can just find a gun or buy in black market.

Here is my Facts... P.S. Wikipedia is an unreliable source...

Hope can you prove me wrong?


Well-endowedWladimir forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


EthanTheEEL forfeited this round.


Well-endowedWladimir forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3


I'm waiting for a response? I don't know that your afk that our chickened out. That or trolled. Banning guns will not lower down crime rate.


Vash arhument tyzhdenE7; i nerehulyarnosti . Vasha lohika yak skrucheni v yakosti spotvorenoyi chlena. Pistolet vash yedynoyu formoyu zakhystu ? Doslidzhennya pokazaly, shcho u vas bilE7;she shansiv , shchob strilyaty chlena sim'yi , a potim porushnyk. Shcho na zemli zahartovuyuchy ? Vy ne mozhete navitE7; hovoryty po-anhliysE7;ky pravylE7;no, vy vrodzhenyy pikhvu. Povtornyy amnedment ye zastariloyu perhament napysanyy korumpovanykh pikhvy, ale stavytysya do nE7;oho yak chortiv Bibliyi. Vy shkoda. Vy monstr .
Vyplodok pekla .
Sortuvannya lyudyna, yaka trakhaye poviyu , a potim zalyshaye yiyi pomyraty v kanavi z kolotoyu rany v hrudyakh.
Vy te, shcho tse nepravylE7;no z zemleyu.
Laska, svoye vlasne zhyttya , persh nizh vy vidtvoryuvaty i porodzhuvaty inshi , yak vy.
Laska , pozbutysya nashoho sebe zemli , zarady vsikh nas.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by Jonbonbon 2 years ago
Ahhhhhh the redundant phrasing in the title.

I mean, it's not killing me. It's just hurting me... Really, really, bad.
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