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Barack Obama X America

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Started: 12/4/2014 Category: Politics
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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First of all, I want to apologize for my grammar mistakes.
I've been reading and watching and following Barack Obama's campaign and terms and I've noticed a lot of people that had signs "WE CAN CHANGE". And that makes me wonder what do the Americans want to change? The great lifestyle they live in compare with the rest of the world? Do they want to be a ordinary country like any other one instead of being the EXTRAORDINARY ONE? Do they want give their weapons (their protection) away to became a WEAK and VULNERABLE country? Are they naive to think other countries will not steal all the power Americans are GIVING AWAY?
I'm an immigrant, like you can see on my writing. And I did not get out from my ordinary country (Brazil) to come live in an extraordinary country (America) to see Americans became communists and corrupts. Where are the AMERICANS??? The American who fight, protect, take/risk their lives for their country? Where are they??? I need them! AMERICA needs them!
When I was in law school they show to us a video of an America congress man who stole and killed himself saying that he wasn't good for his country anymore. They show to us that video to teach us what is like a country with justice. Now, what are the congressmen doing sitting there letting Obama and his "friends" destroy your country while you watch from a V.I.P. chair???
Americans have to learn to be Americans again. You all are not ordinary people you are Americans! That's the reason a lot of countries hate Americans because they are proud of themselves and they move mountains for their country, well, they used to. You all have no idea how is to live in a country where the government have to feed you because your pay check can't cover your bills(if you have a pay check at all). I DO!!! But don't worry, since you guys want change so bad you all will see as well how is life in an ordinary country or your kids or grandkids will see. I guarantee you that!!
Now, Obama not just change the way America is but the way AMERICANS are, how did you smart asses let him do that? He is coping third world countries ideas and change THE AMERICA idea. The best IDEA this world have ever seen! And you all are yelling with him "WE CAN CHANGE".
While you are changing and being proud of your stupidity, other countries are changing as well, but to be like AMERICA, like America USED TO BE I mean not this weak country that it becomes. They are becoming strong and powerful and they will use their power against America in every and which way they can because the world has always been jealous of America and you guys are giving to them the power to do so.
America is too powerful to be destroy but a foreign America has to be destroy by Americans. I'm sure you all know who said that. Lincoln said that and it's true. So you all are doing a great job!
To end my so disappointed comment about what I see in America nowadays, I want to say for the Americans: WE DO NOT CHANGE ANYTHING IN A TEAM THAT IS WINNING!!! DO WE????


You seem to believe that advocating for an improvement of America is some sort of insult. That's entirely irrational, and I urge you to calm down and consider what you're actually saying for a second.

Nobody doubts that America is leagues ahead of most of the nations of the world, but compared to first world nations, we lag behind. Our political system is corrupt and gerrymandered, we've yet to develop universal health care (which literally every other first world nation has), and our politics are ruled by demagogues and firey rhetoric instead of actual changes and sensibility. We could be much better.

And honestly, you're a prime example of this rhetoric. You've done a lot of passionate yelling, but most of it wasn't actually saying anything. You could boil your argument into a single sentence, that sentence being "Why should we change America when it's already doing fine?"

And to that, I say that we could do better, and we can do better only through change.
Debate Round No. 1


I do a lot of passion yelling like you said. And I do know a lot of people who doesn't yell but do a rational talk about the American debt which is grew 10 trillion with president Bush and Americans yells for change. And elect obama for it, reelect Obama for it. Who put more 7 trillion on the pile in 6 years. It is not a good change.
Unemployment growing all over the country. It is not a good change.
And I can go on and on and on with the rational talk.
Is the Health system better? I don't think so. The change now is that I got to pay $325 dollars if I don't have money to pay insurance or 2% of my income, whichever is greater.
So far I didn't see any good change that made Obama deserves to be reelected.
Now, if I compare America with a first world country like you said, there are things that we could do better. Of course. The first one is education. In the middle of wars, immigration laws, Health system, America debt...people is forgetting about the thing would fix most of that. Well educated voters.
In France (a first world country) you can get a masters degree for $200 euros a year, like in a lot of other countries in Europe. I can't understand why the U.S has the most expensive colleges in the world. Why our president do not change that? He is the president of changes so make it more affordable! I'm sure that people with education would find jobs and would have money to pay their health insurance. So, why spend so much money and time on a band aid like Obamacare when he could CHANGE something would be a more efficient and longer solution. Maybe not so smart voters is better.
Those things make me think he does not deserve be president or American.
First Bush, then Obama I don't want even think about if Hillary wins in 2016.
Change will always starts and end with the people and the people needs to be educated and passionate for their country to make good decisions/changes.
P.s. There is no perfect place on this earth. But the U.S used to be the best model we got. Now, for some reason Americans are ashamed of it. There is no A good change during the term of the cadidate of CHANGE.


The democratic platform revolves around increasing the standard of living for everyone, and I'm confident that democrats will increase individual rights and the economy. We would have a single payer healthcare system if Obama didn't need to compromise with the jingoistic and irrational fear of "communism" at the mere suggestion of the idea. As it is, the compromise isn't very good.

Obama has done some good, even if it's taken a while. He now openly supports gay rights, which I regard as a massive step up from the time when it was political suicide. And given the democrat's left wing leanings, it's inevitable that they'll introduce more programs for financial assistance for college students and eventually drag the price back down.

But while Obama is a president of dubious quality, I don't understand what he's done to earn this reputation as a great destroyer. He hasn't really made any colossal mistakes. The ACA was iffy, but it's far from the monstrosity he's made out to be. I can understand criticizing his authoritarian attitude, but the man isn't the antichrist.

In summary, Obama is an alright president. He's made some compromises and mistakes, but not nearly enough to earn his bad reputation.
Debate Round No. 2


Abadula forfeited this round.


ELDRITCH forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by The-Voice-of-Truth 2 years ago
Americans hate Obama because he has ruined this country and is trying to take away our rights.
Posted by Libertatis 2 years ago
We should change the government by, reducing it and limiting it's power.
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Reasons for voting decision: Conduct - Tie. Both forfeited the final round which is rarely acceptable conduct in any debate setting. S&G - Pro. Con, while apologizing for poor grammar, still had much more errors than Pro in this respect, thus these points go to Pro. I would highly recommend that Con utilize the "check your spelling" option when posting their rounds in debates. It's a great way to correct any errors you may have missed yourself. Arguments - Pro. Both sides presented compelling cases. However, Pro was able to effectively rebut the relevant arguments presented by Con. It was Con's duty to pose challenges to Pro and by forfeiting the final round, failed to do so. Due to Pro's arguments standing unchallenged by the end of the debate, he wins arguments. Sources - Tie. Neither side utilized sources in this debate.