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Barack Obama is worse than Hillary clinton

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Started: 8/11/2016 Category: Politics
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Barack Obama overstepped military jurisdiction in the United States when he made the military create a power vacuum in Lybia. Obama is also responsible for adding trillions of dollars to debt to the united states.

Barack obama made a bigger foreign policy fail in lybia than clinton and he is also responsible for monetary irresponsibility


Barack Obama may have made a few mistakes but he helped the American economy a lot more than Hillary Clinton has. Hillary Clinton was responsible for Benghazi (1). Barack Obama helped bail out GM motors and save the American vehicle market (2).



I also think that I should say your BoP is on you and not me. You didn't make very strong arguments. Barack Obama may have caused problems to some parts of the world but he has on balance helped the United States very much.
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Posted by ZeroTheSparklyTornado 4 months ago
Great sources con (lol Wikipedia)
Posted by BackCommander 1 year ago
"Military jurisdiction" You do understand how an army works, don't you?
Posted by Tokamak 1 year ago
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