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Barack Obama isnt good anymore.

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Started: 11/15/2013 Category: Politics
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Barack Obama, as we know, is the first African American president of the United States of America. In 2008 he beat John Mccain to become the president. Now, he is serving his second term after he beat Mitt Romney. Barack Obama seemed like a good president but now he is B.S. who will step up and defend this B.S. president?


I will accept the challenge and defend Barack Obama. I don't agree with everything he does, but that does not invalidate the benefits he has brought to the table of the United States.
Debate Round No. 1


The " great" and honest president of the United States or should i say the Infamous president. Barack Obama seemed like an honest and trustworthy president when he was running up and was elected as president, but that all changed. The American people ( including me) are losing trust in Mr. Obama. A recent Quinnipiac Survey found that less than half of Americans (49%) view Barack Obama as "honest or Trustworthy". With the IRS Scandal his approval rating is at 45%. 76% of voters support the idea of appointing a special prosecutor to investigate the scandal. Another survey By NBC News/The Wall Street Journal reveals public concern over the overall honesty and integrity of The Obama Amin. 41% of Americans believe that Barack Obama is responsible for the government handling Benghazi. In my opinion he is guilty of everything. I was for Democrats but now i dont think i will be because of this "Great" President.

The links to the surveys:


As I said in the first round, I don't agree with everything he does, but that does diminish the benefits he has brought. I do not deny the bad, but I also do not deny the good that has been done.

"I was for Democrats but now i dont think i will be because of this 'Great' President."

It is normal for members in a political party to have their own contentious issues. Members of the same group don't always agree with each other. Thus, the statement you made is unwarranted.

Now, I will talk about the benefits he has brought. Obama reversed Bush's torture policy. He boosted fuel efficiency standards, he increased support for veterans, and he improved America's image abroad. You can find more details about Obama's accomplishments in the following link:

Debate Round No. 2


Barack Obama certainly did reverse the Torture Policy, boost fuel efficiency standards, and increased support for veterans. Now he is going downward. I also believe that every president has made an accomplishment while they were in office. That includes James Buchanan and George W Bush.

Have you ever realized Americas level of Debt? America's economic problem is combined with its debt problem. Barack Obama continues to push the United States into the path of European Union Style Decline. Our public debt currently stands at $16.85 Trillion, a per person debt of $54,000. If you recall at the Inauguration, Barack Obama said in his inauguration address that he is committed to a big spending, big government vision, and one that will force the United States Of America down the dark narrow path to economic ruin unless this is reversed.

Next I will discuss Obamacare.

accomplishments of James and George:

Americas debt:

Inaugural Address:


Good point, however, America has not been debt free since around the 19th century. It is has bee accumulating for two centuries.

Also, PolitFact (winner of the Pulitzer prize) has affirmed the statment that "our deficits are falling at the fastest rate in 60 years."

Thus, I would say that Obama has not run out of fuel. He still has a few years to add on to the list of accomplishments I listed in the previous round(s).

There's a common trend where people disapprove of presidents after a certain period. This happened with Bush and other presidents where some citizens turn a blind eye to the positives. The Clinton scandal influenced his presidency, and many forgot abut his accomplishments.I argue the same has happened with Obama even though he still has benefits to bring.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by USANationalist 4 years ago
Barry Soetoro was never a good president. It's only now that the moderate right is getting balls and the centrists are listening up.
Posted by fuzala 4 years ago
People always end up hating the president. Think about Bush.
Posted by spencerd 4 years ago
Barack Obama was never a good president. I admit he was good at ONE thing, LYING TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE AND FUC*ING UP OUR COUNRTY
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Reasons for voting decision: I really can't decide. Both Pro and Con just talk about how Obama is good and how Obama is bad. Pro puts in points on how Obama has become a bad president. Con puts in points on how Obama is a good president.