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Barack Obama needs to be impeached now.

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Started: 7/16/2015 Category: Politics
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Barack Obama has consistently lied to the American public, committed treason by helping our enemies, fought illegal wars without congressional approval, disrespected our most important documents(the Constitution and the Bill of Rights), and has destroyed the American economy far beyond repair. Misdemeanor means a minor wrongdoing, so you can factually say he has committed numerous misdemeanors against the United States. He should be impeached as he is the biggest threat to our national security in current times.


Hello, Pro. I would like to begin this debate by stating my thankfulness for you opening this up, and I wish you luck in this debate.

I. Obama Wars?

It is certainly true that a big part of Barack Obama's presidency was waging wars with foreign nations. However, these wars were not initiated by Obama's administration or the president himself. If the main reference in Pro's mention of "illegal wars" is Iraq/Iran, such a conflict became of the 9/11 attacks, during George H.W Bush's presidency in 2001. As he had called it, the "war on terror". It is true that the war continued under Obama's presidency, and American casualities over in the M.E only continued to be lost. However, this cannot be blamed on the president as a misdemeanor - to put it into Pro's words - for he could only do so much in trying to negotiate with such a war and such a stubborn opposition. America's main interest seemed to be invading the land, fracking and drilling, and "protecting" Israel.

The two following links will provide enough of a background for Bush's speech, as well as his motive behind the 'War on Terror', which to most Americans remains unjustified by true means. As the attacks that 9/11became a large portion of history because of, were performed by Al-Qaeda members in different lands than either of the target nations.

While the wars were illegal such were not started by Obama, and at this point, it seems as though the damage has been done.

II. Obama's Treason?

While it is true that Obama has done some things outside the boundaries of protocol, it cannot be held over his head. He may not have been the most ideal president for the circumstances the nation had been facing, but it must be understood that Congress was a primary obstacle in Obama attempting to make the progress he felt was right in America's interest. It's not necessarily
easy for a liberal president to get bills past a conservative Congress, and thus that was more the problem than he himself. There are currently rather indiscriminate petitions in place to impeach the president. To begin with, it is important to understand what 'impeachment' is in the legal system.

When someone in the government is suspected of having committed a crime, and is thereby formally accused by the Supreme Court, they are being impeached. The accusation itself is the impeachment, what becomes of it is a trial/formal hearing where the said government official [just as with any other trial/appeal of innocence] is proven either innocent or guilty. However, the president is not deserving of needing to face such a thing. Obama has not been "aiding" any enemies. In fact, foreign aid is an expense America's government takes lightly, it's one of the lowest expenses in the revenue.

In the following article from, a media outfit that tracks stastics for federal affairs, it is described that federal expenditures on foreign aid total to 1% of the federal spending. 1% is substanitally lower than many people. And to put it in the words of Bill Maher, "you couldn't find it with a jeweler's eye."

Now, in 2013 the U.S, according to the same aritlce, spend an approximation of $14 billion during the fiscal year. Yet, that is significantly less than it spends on other federal affairs. While it is true that spending $14 billion on foreign aid doesn't help the debt/decifit, it is the least of America's concern economically.

III. Obama's Bill of Rights/Constitution?

When discussion him, Obama's opposers often bring up the Consitution and Bill of Rights, Pro seems to have followed this troupe rather well. Most refer to the following examples during his presidency:

    • Federal legalization of gay marriage.
    • Federal legalization of medicinal marijuana.
    • Stricter control on guns/attempts to regulate guns after numerous acts of terror involving firearms.
    • Social aid becoming a more commonly distributed resource (A.K.A the "47%").

While such things did result in a more liberal and progressive America, not all of them were within the president's control. The federal legalization of both medicinal marijuana and gay marriage was on the part of the Supreme Court of the United States, not on the shoulders of the president. Gun control, on the other hand, is a common liberal idea and became of his obviously leftist ideologies. But that's not the worst of what came down the pipe during his presidency. Social aid is used to assist people who are left in poor economic conditions due to lack of opportunity [education, work, etc. being too expensive], which liberals try to get rid of. However, when a liberal president is battling a stubborn Congress, it becomes hard to do much of anything they see fit. As whether or not their bills are past is left to the discretion of the Congress, not the president.
Debate Round No. 1


Hello contender I would first like to say I am glad we are debating! :)

1. The Illegal wars.
I would like to bring up Libya as an example. After what was supposedly a terrorist attack in Benghazi over a film( which has now been proven as not the catalyst that started the attack, and also with information that the Obama Regime knew about the attack and did nothing), Obama did not follow the War Powers Act of 1973 which requires congressional approval. Instead he illegally invaded and overthrew the Libyan government, and the president's opinionated justification unfortunately is not above the law we have here in the United States. It was illegal.
Now keep this debate focused on Obama and not Bush. Yes, Bush used the war on terror to justify those illegal wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and yes they continued under the Obama administration, however Obama launched wars during his administration illegally in Libya, and now currently with the Islamic State. Congress is being stubborn, but the congress represents the American people, and if the American people do not agree with him then they have every right to refuse Obama's plan. Nobody has to follow Obama's orders just because he is president. Remember "dissent is the highest form of patriotism." The people have every right to refuse Obama's orders.

2. Treason
Obama HAS committed misdemeanors, which are a justification for impeachment, many times over. The definition of misdemeanor is: a minor wrongdoing. Its synonyms are: wrongdoing, evil deed, crime, felony; misdeed, misconduct, offense, error, peccadillo, transgression, sin; ; archaictrespass, and misdoing. Impeachment trials are done by Congress and misdemeanors are proper justifications for impeachment.
Here are some examples:
A.) Obama illegally changed Obamacare which he has no authority to do so, only Congress can change laws and Mr.Obama unfortunately does not understand that. He is also documented directly lying to the American people about Obamacare.
B.) Obama illegally violated the Immigration laws and illegally passed the DREAM act. When Congress, who once again represents the people of the United States, did not pass it, he did it himself anyways in an illegal executive order. The President is NOT above the law.
C.) He illegally released 5 High Level terrorist prisoners from Guantanamo Bay without alerting congress 30 days before as the law says he is required to do. Also in 2009, he released a prisoner by the name of Ibrahim Awad Ibrahim Al Badry who is now known as Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of ISIS. is my source and you can also check out 76 other ways Obama has acted illegally here:
As well as 25 more here:

D.) Iran has been our enemy since their revolution. Their constitution of Iran lists America and Israel as threats (you can see here By making a deal with the Iranians(also without congressional approval) that does allow them to gain a nuclear bomb, and by seeking to turn an enemy into a friend, he has, ill say it again, he has committed treason against the U.S.

E.) He has used taxpayer money for his own personal vacations which is stealing from the American public, an act that can be defined as treason.

F.) His terrible economic policies have further destroyed the economy that Bush started to damage; Obama has spent more money in his term(s) then all of the past presidents combined. We are at $67,000,000,000,000 in total debt and owe $97,000,000,000,000 in unfunded liabilities(Medicare, Medicaid etc.) and there is absolutely no way to pay the debts off at all. He has indebted every American citizen for generations.

3. the Constitution and Bill of Rights
.He has disrespected the constitution by ignoring the 1st, 2nd, 4th, and 8th amendments. He has again also committed treason by signing the National Defense Authorization Act, which basically turns the Bill of Rights into nothing but a piece of paper.
1st.) Obama has classified numerous amounts of documents ignoring the freedom of the press right. He attacks anybody who asks critical questions regarding his policies which is ignoring our right to petition the government of our grievances. When the occupy wall street protest was happening(non violent protests are completely legal) citizens were oppressed by the police and their civil rights disrespected.
2nd.) Obama pushes gun control as a "good thing", however when Britain did the same the crime rate there exploded. As history shows, every time a government takes away guns it almost always leads to tyranny. The second amendment was meant to be a buffer to protect the people from an oppressive government. The people who have supported anti-gun laws in history were communist leaders who wanted to control the population.
4th.) Illegal NSA spying and the continuation and expansion of the program is a direct violation to the constitution and a violation of the law. Plain and simple.
8th.) Obama literally has a kill list and has also authorized drones the ability to engage on American soil. The CIA, which is basically another tool used by Obama, is on record as violating the 8th amendment right by torturing suspects. That is completely and utterly barbarian. Obama has also signed the "Blue Alert" law which makes police able to be above the citizens. Authorization to give them military equipment(even though he said he'd stop) has led to numerous deaths of American citizens by officers who today look like a militia with the equipment they own.

Finally I'd like to add that, opinions aside, the laws he has broken and the large amount of misdemeanors he has committed are not something to ignore. Obama gets away with it every time and should not because the law is law. All of the things he as done when added up would justify impeachment. Nixon resigned due to his fore-coming impeachment over the Watergate scandal. William "Bill" Clinton was impeached over lying under oath which was coinciding with the Monica Lewinsky Scandal. Obama's scandals go on, and on, and on, and on and it doesn't seem like a big deal because we have heard of so many scandals and have gotten used to it which is sickening. Any other president would have been impeached over the things Obama has done, so why should he continue to hold office after all of the laws he has broken and the lies hes told? Obama is not exceptional and should face the consequences of all the things he has done while in office that justify impeachment.


Thank you, Pro, for your rebuttals.

Neither of the sources Pro has provided for Obama's apparent "high count" of misdemeanors can truly be considered credible sources of evidence. They both are just blogposts running down the line of the president's faults.

Another imporant note is that giving Iran a diplomatic deal does not give them inherent access to nuclear weaponry, and saying so is another political fallacy manipulated by Obama's political opposition. The notion that Iran is any threat to America anymore is incorrect, seeing as the country was turned by upside down by war with not only America, but countries surrounding itself. Iran is not an enemy for any other reason than to protect Israel, a nation that has been hijacked by Zionists and has committed crimes against Palestinians. The country is not a country that preserves the interest of America, nor are its actions righteous/justified, and it's time America pulled out of its alliance with Israel and made a peace deal with Iran. The president's decision to make a deal with Iran was not treasonous, he is a self-proclaimed diplomat and is acting as such. Trying to turn enemies into friends to end conflicts that are costing lives and money is a logical move. He is not giving them weapons, but trying to sue for peace.

Obama using tax dollars for vacations is no surprise for a president. According to the following articles, George H.W Bush was guilty of spending five times as much money on vacations as Obama had, and he had only been travelling to Texas back to D.C in those vacations.

As the frist article states, quote, "Bush spent at least $20 million taxpayer dollars just on flights to his ranch in Crawford." If the misconduct is not exclusive to Obama, and is less costly than something the president before him did, then it should not be held over his head and used to impeach him. Honestly, he needs a vacation after all of the stress of negotiating illegal wars and dealing with internal problems among society causes him.

"His terrible economic policies have further destroyed the economy that Bush started to damage."

Bush didn't start damaging the econony, every president since the very beginning has. Rebuilding/destorying/enriching an economy cannot be left to one man to take the blame for. The current U.S deficit/debt is left to the presidents that have been piling it on for years because of the illegal wars and expensive conflicts they had gotten involved with.

The NSA policies following the attack on U.S intelligence by former NSA worker Edward Snowden called for a U.N rapporteur, in which the U.S ambassador presented the others with the conditions of America internally. Let it be known that Snowden leaked 1.7 million files. While this did not call for the U.S spying in Angela Merkel or the Brazilian president, them increasing funding into security policies is only a logical response to the fatal aftermath of Snowden's massive intelligence leak.

Obama cannot logically be convicted of x, y and z scandals, as he did not do anything severe enough to face impeachment. Nixon didn't just launch the Watergate Scandal, he stole from the democrats and such. Yet all Obama is doing is increasing funding in spying policies after an attack on government intelligence, cutting back on harsh foreign policies that cripple one's ability to immigrate to the U.S, and is taking care of illegal wars launched by Republican polticians. The "Libyan" war is beside the point, that is one war he started, and his drone strikes actually don't violate any constitutional laws or presidential policies by which he must adhere.

Debate Round No. 2


MrFreeThinker forfeited this round.


My points remain uncontested. I hope that you make a turn-around in this debate.
Debate Round No. 3


MrFreeThinker forfeited this round.


Once more, my opinions remain uncontested.
Debate Round No. 4


MrFreeThinker forfeited this round.


In closing, for the above listed reasons of which have not been appropriately refuted, Obama should not receive impeachment.

Vote Con.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by n7 3 years ago
Obama couldn't be impeached "now" because the impeachment processes takes a while. He would have to be impeached several days from now.
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