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Barbie influences young girls in a negative way.

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Started: 3/16/2011 Category: Society
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There are a lot of influential young girls in the world. There are people who are more influential than others. Barbie is the "perfect" (in terms of society) woman. She has the large breasts, extremely tiny waist, long legs and blond hair. When I was younger, Barbie was my role model, not just because of her ability to have every job and every talent possible, but also her "perfect" body.

Barbies perfect body, makes young girls think that this is what "real girls" are supposed to look like. Also, the fact that Barbie is white, blonde and blue-eyed can mislead minority girls into thinking that those features are considered to be the most attractive.

As adults we know it is mere impossible to have be the "perfect" image that Barbie portrays. But younger girls look at Barbie, and look up to her, and think that is what girls should look like. This may also cause poor body image and lead to girls going to extremes, like anorexia, and cause health problems.


Barbie is a toy that still involves some imagination, around which children can create their own fantasy world instead of having one ready-made and presented to them.

A Barbie is no worse for a child than a teddy or a train set, all wonderful staples of childhood that we should encourage. With a Barbie, or any doll, a child can go anywhere, do anything. Together they can have fabulous adventures that will feed their minds and develop their imaginations. Years later a Barbie found in the attic will trigger memories that can still transport her owner to a place that, sadly, she doesn't go to much anymore.

People believe Barbie is a negative influence because her figure, upgraded to "real" size is impossible to achieve? We are in danger of looking at a child's toy through an adult's microscope and, of course, seeing all the wrong things. To a child Barbie is just a fun play thing that never says she can't play with you, always smiles, will accompany her owner everywhere, and never shouts. Onto her can be projected wishes and dreams.

Barbie is not a negative influence on girls, if anything, she is positive. She is someone to look-up to.
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Young girls look at Barbies and see
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Posted by racist 7 years ago
I've noticed that Barbie has very low sales figures in Mongolia, Siberia, Kazakhstan and Marrickville, Sydney. Maybe a different marketing strategy would be the go? Cheers!
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