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Barcelona are not the best club in the world

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Started: 4/23/2010 Category: Sports
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Barcelona- regarded as the "best club in the world" right now. I agree with people when they say that no matter how much you praise Barcelona it would not be enough. But then a question arises – Will Barcelona still dominate La Liga and Europe in the same way 10 years from now? Then you ask another question- Will Barcelona be the same after Messi leaves or retires?
Questions, questions and more questions!

The first question you need to ask yourself is how does a club become an Immortal club in Europe?
It's not the domestic league for sure because Celtic and Rangers have won 30+ SPL titles but when it comes to Europe they are like leaves of fig tree shaken by a strong wind.
We have to find a competition which brings the best in Europe in one competition and what could be a better stage than the Champions League.

How many times have Barcelona won the Champions League?
Barcelona has won the Champions League 3 times but that is pale in comparison to Real Madrid's 9, AC Milan's 7 titles and Liverpool's 5 titles.
In my opinion a club only becomes immortal if they have won the Champions League title and Barcelona fall short of it. A club that is hyped to be the best club of this decade should have won more Champions League titles.

People will say that Barcelona play the most entertaining football in Europe but the question is not about how you play but how you win. Great teams need not play well to win- this has been true for European Football. Football is such a game that you can win even when you don't play well unlike other sports. I don't think Barcelona will ever win 3 titles in a row like Ajax and Bayern Munich.

My 2nd point against Barcelona
Check the history of La Liga and the Champions League and you will find that Barcelona are not the most consistent team.
You need not go further- Let's go back to 2004-05 Champions League Season- Barcelona were considered as favourites even before the draw but look where they finished. They got knocked out by Chelsea after a heroic come back from Chelsea.

2005-06 Season belong to Barcelona
2006-07- Chelsea and Barcelona were placed on the same group – this was the birth of a new European Rivalry. Chelsea managed to beat Barca at home in the group stage. Even Bremen gave Barca a run for the money in later stages of the group stage. But let's talk about the defending champs- Mighty Barcelona crashing out in the round of 16 again.
2007-08- The best club in the world started their 2007-08 Champions League campaign as the favourites again topping Group E with 14 points. The "best club in the world" reached the semis but they got knocked again by Man Utd 1-0 (who says that Barcelona has the best defence in the world?)
2008-09- Barcelona once again were termed as the "best club in the world" and finally manage to win the Champions League but did they really deserved it. Barcelona went into the 2008-09 final after a controversial win over Chelsea. Refs in the Champions League are not used to favouring the English teams and Platini openly admits it.

In the end I would like to finish my debate by saying that Barcelona are a great team- I agree with that but people should not be fooled by their flashy style of play because Barcelona will never ever be as glorious as Real Madrid, AC Milan or Liverpool.


I affirm, Barcelona is not the best club in the world. All of my opponent's arguments support my side, and thus I agree with them. Opponent, it would do you well to post an argument supporting the CON side of this topic. The affirmative rests.
Debate Round No. 1


2nd Round- Please be serious! You have to fight me if you want this debate to go on.
Please forgive me for my English because it is not good.

Barcelona are not the best club in the world because they are not a good defensive side. You can praise Barca's great attacking style but this team lacks defensively. In defense only Puyol looks like a defensive player. All the other 9 players are focused on attack only. I still remember that night when Dynamo Kyiv bet them 2-1 and it was because of their weak defense.

For a club to be immortal it has to be good in both department- Attack and the defence. Ever since Ruud Gullit left Barca, this club has only focused it attention on attack. You can look at the lineup and see that most of the players in Barcelona lineup are all attacking players.

Barcelona are a team in decline ever since Ronaldinho left the club. Yes, they are winning titles but this club revolves around Lionel Messi. I don't think they will be remembered once Messi leaves this club.

I hope my opponent says something in his defense.


I still need not respond. My opponent is negating that "Barcelona are not the best club in the world" but he has thus far presented affirming arguments. As I am the affirmative, I agree with these arguments. CON, please post a negative argument.
Debate Round No. 2


I will let you win this Debate- Rogue.
I did not know it works that way.


It's all good. You had good stuff though! Do the debate over with someone else but be the affirmative side.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by rougeagent21 7 years ago
Haha um, just keep checking the "open debates" section. There are always fluke debates that show up. It helps you get points as well as teach some people to be careful with their words :D
Posted by ProHobo 7 years ago

How do you find these people to debate with? I have looked through several of your debates and it seems that you can't help but steamroll some of these lifeforms (for the lack of a better word).
Posted by rougeagent21 7 years ago
lol its all good, I never get offended online.
Posted by Koopin 7 years ago
Posted by lastrequest691 7 years ago
Congrats that you won. I also had fun annoying you. Hope you did not take my words seriously.
Posted by rougeagent21 7 years ago
(I'm totally just having fun with this. Tell me if you want to stop :P)
Posted by rougeagent21 7 years ago
Whiney whiney. You should change your name to "I can't read the rules whiner baby"
Posted by Batmon 7 years ago
i voted for him too!
Posted by lastrequest691 7 years ago
Beggy beggy. You should change your name from Rogue to Pan Handler.
Posted by rougeagent21 7 years ago
I'm not manipulating rules, I'm following them. I don't beg either.
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