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Baseball Players get Paid to Much

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Started: 5/29/2013 Category: Sports
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Baseball Players get paid a lot of money just because they are injured sitting out on the field and sitting there still getting paid for a long period of time.


I believe that Pro-Athletes don`t get paid to much. For example, a tornado struck Moore, Oklahoma. Kevin Durant, from the Dallas Cowboys, donated 1 million dollars from his personal salary to help the devastating tornado relief efforts of the Red Cross. The rest of the team also donated the same amount. That is 2 million dollars! They are not always greedy! They can also be very kind and helpful. That is why I believe that Pro-Athletes don`t get paid to much.

Life as a Pro-Athlete can have serious consequence. This includes injuries. Also, they risk losing their jobs because of this. They must also pay for all their expenses. Like food, doctors, water, electricity, e.c.t. Also, as I stated before, the money can be used for good.
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Posted by KStrout 4 years ago
I know nothing about sports!!! :(
Posted by WatWatInTheWat 4 years ago
Kevin Durant is on the Oklahoma City Thunder...
Posted by KStrout 4 years ago
KStrout and AAschlosser were both good canadates for this topic.
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