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Baseball is better then soccer.

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Started: 9/26/2014 Category: Sports
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Baseball is better then soccer.
1. The ball has visible seams and goes faster.
2. The players use their arms as well as their legs and don't often use their heads.
3. The players don't bite each other.
4. There is a team called "the Reds."
5. Most of the good players come from one country. (hint: not the U.S.)
6. There is much more scoring and no ties.
7. The referees wear black, and the players wear long pants.
8. There are better movies about it.
9. There are more rules and you now need a degree in higher mathematics to manage a team or to watch it intelligently.
10."The World Series will never be held in Qatar.
Anyone who love soccer, deal with me. I will wait.


Accepted. Thanks to pro for starting this debate, as a big soccer (football) fan it's my pleasure to outline exactly why it's better than baseball; and why many others around the world would agree.

(1.) International Recognition

Soccer is by far the most internationally followed sport in the world. It has fans from Asia, Africa, the Middle East, the Pacific, America, and most notably Europe. Over 265 million players are actively involved in the sport around the world, with a fan base exceeding billions. Soccer is a sport that has worldwide appeal, while baseball is traditionally an American game; predominantly played in America.

Additionally, big stars like Messi and Ronaldo have huge amounts of fans.

However, it seems that soccer has a growing popularity in the U.S. This summers 2014 World Cup saw team USA make it to the last 16. A number of Americans travelled to Brazil to watch their teams, an audience well into their millions. The highest being the Portugal vs USA game, when 24.7 million watched. It has also attracted some celebrity in support in America. These figures for the world beat the viewing number(s) for the NBA finals and the World Series.

Alluding to its international popularity once again, the most followed sports team in the world is English soccer club Manchester United, with 659 million fans worldwide. Spanish club Barcelona came 2nd and 260 millions fans, and Real Madrid with 180 million fans. English club (my team) Chelsea came 4th with 140 million.

(2.) Technical Superiority

In terms of ruled and play football is a relatively simple game, however, the use of "tactics" by mangers/coaches, and the skills of the players is a testament to the technique required in football. Unlike baseball, much more is required of soccer players and there is a greater fluidity in the game. There is also an unpredictability to the game, which thus makes it even more exciting.

It should be noted just how "strong" soccer players actually are. As children and teenagers they have to be trained extensively, and as players have to meet the strict fitness standards. A professional soccer player (unless he is substituted) has to play 90+ minutes on a pitch, constantly running around and fulfilling his position duties, this in itself proves how physically capable football players are.


Debate Round No. 1


1. MLB Umpires are better than FIFA Refs.

CB Buckner's strike zone is more consistent than what constituted a foul in the World Cup Final. "Even with bad umpires, they will call a strike if its in the middle of the strike zone. FIFA Refs seem so busy looking at dives and minor physical interactions that they miss a lot blatant fouls around them.

2. MLB Managers have more stones than FIFA coaches.

MLB Managers are not afraid to be removed from a game when it comes to protecting their players, it's actually expected for a manager to stick up for his guys. FIFA coaches seem to stay out of the way no matter what happens. I understand that FIFA has rules and such, but as a coach, your guys are more important than the rule book.

3. Baseball is an equal opportunity game.

I'm not speaking in the politically correct sense. "I mean that both teams have an equal amount of opportunities score. Also, in Baseball you will not play a man down simply because one guy screwed up. "Each team will field nine people. Unless for some reason, they choose not to. "The Yankees are not going to win the World Series because the other team had to play without a Left Fielder.

4. 'It's not over till it's over.'

Baseball games do not end in ties (unless the Commissioner makes a bone head decision). You play until an inning past the eighth ends with one team having a higher score than the other. "There is no limited over time, nor is their a home run derby to decide the winner. "You play the game till it's finished.

5. The other team doesn't score for you.

Of course, with every sport there is a way to score on the opposing teams mistakes. "Still, in baseball you have to physically do the work to get to home plate. "You do not sit idly by while an opposing player tags home by mistake.

6. MLB players are professional athletes. "FIFA players are amateur athletes

This is not a knock against the physical demands of Soccer. "I'll be the first to admit that it's the most demanding physically with the exception of Aussie rules football. "It's not physical ability that separates a professional from an amateur.

My point is that Professional players, when they fall down, dust themselves off and get back in the game. "A amateur will lay on the ground crying and wailing like a two-year-old at a Wal-mart toy section.

On a side note, I know there are exceptions in both cases, it's just that taking a dive is not a norm in MLB.

7. Sportsmanship is a hallowed thing on the field for MLB.

Don't believe me on this? MLB is more aggressive against PED's, gambling, and unfair conduct than any other sport organization I can think of. "If you still don't believe me, just look at Pete Rose and Carlos Zambrono.

Both teams in the World Cup Final should be ashamed of their play. "Baseball players do not push and shove when the umpire has his back turned. "You don't see a first baseman grabbing onto a base runner. "Most of the time, you see the first baseman give the opposing a player a 'good game' after he gets a single."


Instead of expanding on your original points, in round two you have delivered an entire new argument. One of which (like round one) has been copied from an article.

Nevertheless, I will continue with rebuttals.

(1.) "MLB umpires are better than FIFA refs".

MLB umpires have been known for their bias. There are cases of racial discrimination and other discrepancies in decision making. Anyone who watches sports will safely conclude that umpire referees are no more superior than any other sport referee. In addition, it's worth noting that FIFA referees aren't the only in the soccer business. The world of soccer is full of professional referees, playing in different competitions and in different leagues. This again is indication of just how expansive soccer is.

(2.) "MLB coaches have more stones than FIFA coaches".

This one in particular is inaccurate. Soccer coaches have been (very often) known to ensure that their opinion is heard on and off the pitch and regularly express their dismay at matches for unfavourable decisions made against the team, or individual players. All across Europe and the world; this is not a rare occurrence. Most managers are not afraid to stand up for the team/players when they feel necessary.

(3.) "Baseball is an equal opportunity game".

This could easily be interpreted as being in the "politically-correct sense", and the authors added reasoning is again incorrect; thus displaying their lack of knowledge on the game of soccer. Soccer is an equal opportunity game in every sense. When two teams arrive to play, both teams have a fairly decent chance of winning depending on how the play and how much effort they put in. The change or alteration of one players positioning is also not enough to make that team lose, such a thing in soccer has rarely happened. In fact, one of the foremost parts of soccer is that it requires a team effort to win. All players have an equal chance to shine and make a difference in the positions that the play. It's these different roles (left-back, right-back, forward, etc.) that make the game of soccer and add to its diversity.

(4.) "It's not over till it's over".

Again, this isn't a valid enough reason to establish that baseball is a superior game to soccer. Generally most football matches determine a winner, and if they don't both teams get one point. In competition finals there is always extra time, providing both teams with the chance to win.

(5.) "The other team doesn't score for you".

As stated, mistakes happen in every game; including baseball itself. The opposition scoring in soccer is also very rare. In soccer you have to do a tremendous amount of physical work, and no player willingly sits idly by while mistakes happen. On the pitch the game has a much more variable and quicker pace to baseball; which makes soccer more unpredictable, and arguably more exciting.

(6.) "MLB players are professional athletes, FIFA players are amateur athletes".

On the contrary, FIFA players are in fact professional athletes. This one goes on to contradict the previous statement, in which the author implied that in soccer physical work is limited. Going back to the physical demands of soccer, in the game injuries can be easy to sustain and can last a number of weeks, so when a player does fall down it may genuinely be attributed physical pain. However, usually the player will get up and proceed with play. Baseball requires less movement, and is not as fast; which means less injury. Soccer is a game that has very different physical structure and demands different physical requirements.
Once again, I will highlight that FIFA athletes are not the only ones in existence. Soccer is a worldwide sport played in numerous international competitions and leagues, there are more aspects of soccer to cover than FIFA.

(7.) "Sportsmanship is s hallowed thing on the field for MLB".
The author fails to expound further on this one. As I've already outlined, soccer is a (very) physical game and to a certain degree physical contact is inevitable. Players will have to touch each other to get the ball, this is just a basic requirement of tackling. Any player that violates the rules of soccer is usually identified with by the referee and then if necessary, gets the appropriate punishment.
Debate Round No. 2


goalex forfeited this round.


Emilirose forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by comeonyousaints 2 years ago
There are two teams in just English soccer called the Reds, do your research.
Posted by Frank36 2 years ago
Baseball is so much better than soccer
Posted by navodeep1 2 years ago
I"m not getting into the numbers of viewership of the games, just because the question says which one is "better" not "popular. A comment like "all good players come from one country" is actually a counterpoint and act against the popularity of the game. Though, I am particularly appalled by the comment where the Instigator says that the "World Series won't be won"t be held at Qatar". This gives me a very negative impression of baseball fans
First of all, that's the whole point of the game, to bring the world together in peace, which FIFA very well understands, and thus in order to promote the game in countries like Qatar or India, who might not qualify for the world cup on their merit, get to host such competitions. FIFA is doing much more than just earning money, it is doing a lot for the world

I"d just like to ask one question to the instigator"When was the last time a baseball competition stopped a Civil War in a country
Posted by JasperFrancisShickadance 3 years ago
Pro just looked up a website for "baseball is better than soccer" and copy and pasted the list in R1. I know because I did the same time in a similar debate :D
Posted by Emilirose 3 years ago
I see that you have copied both round one and round two of your arguments.


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