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Basketball VS Baseball

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Started: 3/15/2012 Category: Sports
Updated: 5 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Hi! This debate is about if basketball is better than baseball. In my opinion, I believe basketball is better. First round is acceptance. Feel free to join or comment. Thank you.


Sure, I'll go for it.

The BOP will be split between us, so just refuting the opponent's arguments will NOT be sufficient for a win. You must state and defend reasons why your sport is better. He is advocating for Basketball, I will be advocating for baseball (the far superior sport).

With that, it's over to the pro debater.
Debate Round No. 1


Thank you for accepting. We meet again! This time, I promise to be more proper and use evidence. I will prove my explanations with "EX:1, EX:2, etc."

EX:1- You can watch basketball indoors, not baseball.

Baseball games can be only watched and played outdoors. However, basketball can be seen and played indoors and outdoors. For example, a game between the Tigers and Mariners in Detroit was delayed due to cold weather and rain. Many people do not want to be late for other events after a delayed baseball game. On the other hand, if rain pours before an outdoor basketball game, the location could be changed to indoors. Nowadays, mostly all NBA basketball games are indoors.


EX:2- Basketball is easy to organize and can be played independently.

In order to organize a baseball game, you would need: many people, open grass area, bases, baseball, bat, etc. However, for a basketball game, you would only need: one or more people, hoop, and basketball. Also, basketball games can be played with just one person.You could practice shooting, dribbling, and even practice dribbling past a pretend defender! Try playing baseball alone.


EX:3- Basketball is fast-paced and has lots of action, unlike baseball.

Baseball can be exciting in some parts of the game, but basketball is exciting throughout the whole game. Basketball includes players stealing, passing, defending, and the most exciting: shooting. Baseball, however, players throw, swing,run, and catch. In basketball games, a player only dribbling can be tense. The crowd could hold their breath, waiting to see if it gets stolen or shot. Baseball is very basic, swinging and running. Also, injures in games means that the game is action-packed and tense. According to Consumer Product Safety Commission, basketball gets the most injuries. Baseball injuries are below the first three most injuries in sports.


EX:4- Basketball players are more known and more athletic.

Who do you know better, Michael Jordan or Alex Rodriguez? (I'm sorry if Alex R. in your opinion is bad.) Baseball players just run, throw, swing, and catch. But, basketball players run, shoot, steal, pass, catch, and jump. In our days, basketball has grown popularity and is chosen over baseball. For example, an average basketball game ticket is about $75, while an average baseball game ticket is about $18. Also, one baseball game sold tickets priced $0.35! Basketball players' popularity has increased by a landslide due to their strength and swiftness. Baseball players? Still unpopular.


Thank you. VOTE PRO! VOTE PRO!


Alas, my opponent's arguments have not increased in strength nor in quality. This shall be a swift, painless death.

I will be arguing in favor of baseball, which is also known as America's Favorite Past Time. I will argue why Baseball benefits our economy more and point out a major downside to basketball before going to refute my opponent's points.

A: Baseball helps our economy out more.

Baseball teams are some of the most financially responsible sports teams in all of America. And this is shown through their financial records, as Forbes released the total sales revenues of each of the thirty two teams. Out of the thirty two teams, thirty showed an increase in profits that were in the millions[1], the highest profetting team earning 46.1 million dollars[1]! To put that into perspective, they earned 46,100,000$ in just ONE SEASON. HOLY ****. And out of the two teams that did not earn money last season, one lost less than a million dollars[1] (only 500,000) and is predicted to earn a major increase in sales in the next season[1]. Basketball players can run up and down the court all they want, but I'd rather do it with a fat wad of bills in my pocket. Oh yeah.

B: Basketball encourages crime.

Yeah, you heard me. Basketball encourages crime amoungst it't players because they know they're practically immune to the law because of their status as professional sports players. There have even been books over this stuff[2] that talk about just how corrupt the society of the NBA really is. 40% of basketball players have been arrested and have gotten away with it due to their status[2]. My opponent may say that there's standard procedures to punishing them, such as suspension from playing, but that's just insufficient to actually deal with the issues at hand. Because a few games riding the pine is REALLY going to tell the player to stop doing drugs or raping women.

Baseball doesn't have this. The only major crimes from baseball that come to my head is Barry Bond's shooting up on the 'roids and the Black Sox Scandal. When I think about basketball, well that's a different story entirely...

For the above reasons, I contend that baseball is a far better sport than basketball. Now let us go to my opponent's case.


His first example was that basketball was played inside, thus was immune from being stalled from things like bad weather. But there's a convenient thing that's coming in style with baseball stadiums that's called retractable roofs. If the weather's kinda yucky outside on the day of a game, just flip a switch and the roof will come over the diamond and you're clear to play. The Houston Astros are one example of a team that has this capability. But if the weather is nice outside and it's all bright and sunny and pleasant, the roof can be off so you can enjoy the weather and the game at the same time!

Basketball games? Nope, always inside in a dark, dingy arena, devoid of sunlight. Sound pleasant? Nope, didn't think so.


My opponent claims that baseball takes more effort to get together on a smaller level than basketball. However, this is false for a few reasons:

1. Baseball games are simple enough to organize. You just need four things that stand apart from the ground to be your bases (such as magazines or pillows), a few people, a designated diamond for your bases (which can be pretty much anywhere), and a ball and a bat. You're good to go. Basketball is a little harder to set up. You just can't raise a basketball net anywhere.
2. I would argue that even if his example is right, that the harder something is to set up, the more worth it it becomes. Ever heard of the saying "Nothing good in life comes easy"? Bingo.

R2EX3 Part One

I have taken my opponent's third example into two parts, because it basically has two different claims in it. The first claim is that basketball is more exciting than baseball, which is entirely false. While someone standing in one spot in basketball dribbling their ball may be exciting, people get excited when baseball players are just STANDING STILL, waiting for the pitch to be thrown. Every pitch thrown has the potential to be clobbered out of the park for a home-run, and people who get up to go to the restroom often miss the game-winning home-run. As a side-note, I reccomment wearing diapers to baseball games. That way, you can drink and eat all you want without having to bother to get up to go to the restroom. Just make sure to take it off when you get home. Thusly, because it takes motion for people to be excited about basketball and baseball can raise excitement with people just standing still, baseball is obviously more exciting.

R2EX3 Part Two

The second claim, which I find highly amusing that he considers this a perk, is that basketball people get injured more often, thus it must be a better sport!

.....hold on. Since when was getting hurt a good thing? I guess underwater basketweaving, by your standards, is an epic sport because people traditionally break a random bone in their arms before competing. If it has the most injuries, it must be the best sport!

But if we're looking to injuries that indicate the most intense, action-packed sport, then we can look to baseball here because even the FANS aren't entirely in the clear. They get beaned in the head and in the body, which can result in broken bones and even trips to the hospital. People even die just watching the game and going for a foul ball[3](see note at end of case). But overall, this claim is just highly ridiculous.


His last example is that basketball players are more recognized, thus the sport must be better. But there are both famous people and well-recognized people in both sports, so there really isn't a way to weigh between the two. This point proves nothing. He also claims in this example that basketball tickets sell for more, thus it's a better game. But tickets are always ranging in price depending on the game. It took me five minutes to find a baseball game where the tockets ranged in cost from 100$ to 600$[4] and less than that to find a basketball game where I could get tickets for 10$[5], so this proves nothing as well.

Overall, baseball has a better impact on on our economy and society than basketball does. Thusly, the only reasonable vote is a vote for the con debater.



As a note to the Shannon Stone point: I mean no disrespect in any way to the Stone family. I'm a resident of the Arlington Area, and I was at the game after the incident. I'm not a crying man, but this one hit me hard. I only brought it up to merely explain why my opponent's point was of absolute idiocy. I appologize to anyone I may have offended for bringing it up in such a way, I meant no disrespect.
Debate Round No. 2


I'm sorry, but I do not have available time right now. I will respond to your argument later. Meanwhile, I'll appreciate it if you do not post any arguments until I do. Thank you so much.


So my opponent, essentially, forfeits a round by not responding to my arguments.
I will not post any new arguments, as the pro requested, but I ask that you extend all of my points and refutations from the previous round, since they went uncontested.
Debate Round No. 3


191101568 forfeited this round.


A non-technical forfeit followed by an actual forfeit. I think the obvious winner here is obvious.
Extend all of my arguments. Vote for me.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by 191101568 5 years ago
I'm very sorry for everyone's confusion. I had forfeited the round because I had no time, as I had stated in the round. Please continue to vote depending on mine and CON's argument. Thank you.
Posted by Apollo.11 5 years ago
If Con was arguing for basketball, I would have taken this debate.
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