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Basketball is a bad sport

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Started: 4/20/2015 Category: Sports
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Accept and debate:

Basketball was originally made for soccer players in thier off season to kep them fit. Iy was purely just for socce players but some cooches thought it was good, so they keppt it goig. (1)) shows how the popularity hates basketball.

Basketball is a waist of peoples time and money, what are you goig to leaarn from it? Nothing. College basketball is just awful.

Seriously, strip away the lathered announcers, exaggerated David and Goliath plot lines and the national gambling fetish, and all that's really left is mostly unwatchable basketball (2).

Basketball is a waist, it is a waist, a waist a waist a wasist. What is the poigt of doing it? I cant belieeve pleople call it s sport. I mena, people get a life. IT is just embarrasing.

For say a domesticqa game you have to pay $10 to play, imagine every Wedesday playig. You would lose $40 dollarts before you knoow it.

Basketball eqipitment is expeensive too (3). Why waist money when you could be getting a job?

Some people aslso think that basketball is goood for fitnes. It isnt. It trouly isnt. People say it is good for running, but the court is short and you can have more than 10 players on a benchs, so you don't get fitnse done even though you throught you would, which would be annnoying, even thogh you paid $10 follars each game or something.

Overall, basketball is terrible. It just is!



Basketball is defined as according to
bas·ket·ball (băs′kĭt-bôl′)
1. A game played between two teams of five players each, the object being to throw a ball through an elevated basket on the opponent's side of a rectangular court. Players may move the ball by dribbling or passing with the hands.

According to the book 'Basketball' written by Peter Murray and published in 2008:

'Canadian born, Dr. James Naismith invented the sport of basketball in 1891. Under the instruction of the Head of Physical Education, Naismith was given the task of providing an "athletic distraction" for a bored and unruly class by inventing a game that would keep his students entertained and occupied as well as physically fir during the long, harsh Massachusettes winters.'

Basketball is a very physical and mentally challenging game. Yes the court is only 28 meters long and 15 meters wide, but when you go defense or you get a fast break, you have to sprint your gut to get back. You have to sprint over and over as fast and as hard as you can. proves even at a medium paced game you can lose over 300 calories.

Ever since obesity is growing every year, shouldn't we be encouraging people to do sport?

Pro stated that basketball is expensive. I believe it isn't so. Basketball is cheap unlike other sports. All you need is a ball and two rings. There are many free hoops out in the urban area too, so it isn't like they are hard to find. You only need to pay (sometimes) for indoor courts, and if so it is usually $2-$8. If you think basketball is expensive; what about equestrian, polo, Formula 1, sailing, pentathlon, wing suiting, bobsledding, ski jumping and heaps more. Basketball overall, is cheap.

Basketball is also popular in society. It is 'cool' to be playing basketball and encourages younger and older people to play. Whilst being cool the sport is available for all ages. You can be competitive or play social basketball. It is a great source of fitness and it is social as there are usually 6+ players in a team.

Pro said that college basketball was pathetic. If people want to be good at something, they have to work for it. College basketball selects the best ballers and provides specialised training to improve their game. Majority of ballers would love to go to college and train with the experts.

In source (2) of your debate, you posted this website: This was a tournament held in the US. Nothing to do with you point of 'basketball is bad'.

In addition, basketball is certainly a great source of fitness, suitable for all ages, is trendy, is cheap, if fun and provides excellent training if you want to excel and be the greatest you can be. It is definetly a great sport enjoyed by all, played by all and loved by all.

Debate Round No. 1
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Posted by ColeTrain 3 years ago
Pro made arguments that lacked sufficient support or reasoning. For example, he made a blatant and unwarranted claim that "popularity hates basketball." He provides a source to back this up, but the source doesn't actually claim that. Instead, it shows that basketball is American's 3rd favorite sport. This does not suffice to meet the criteria that "popularity hates basketball" when there are other sports played professionally in the US (i.e. soccer, hockey, etc.). Furthermore, the evidence he/she provides is primarily blog-based and very biased. It shows no credibility and factual support, but rather opinions. Conversely, Con made some reasonable arguments (basketball is good for health, gives good training, etc.) and successfully refuted Pro's claims. In particular, Con pointed out that the purpose of basketball creation was not concurrent with Pro's claim. Also, Pro had frequent and critical spelling errors. Criticisms aside, great job and good luck in the future. :) - ColeTrain
Posted by M4sturDebater 3 years ago
Pro, this seems that this debate is just you saying your opinion. Some people think that basketball is the world to them, that's why people buy basketball tickets, jerseys, and basketball shoes. To say that basketball is terrible is your opinion and your atrocious spelling won't help your debate.
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Reasons for voting decision: Con proves more benefits than harms in physical activity and in entertainment. Pro's arguments are properly refuted in that basketball is not expensive, and more.