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Basketball is worse than golf!

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Started: 4/16/2015 Category: Sports
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Rules: accept the debate and write one into, at least 3 points and a conclusion

Golf is a simpall sporrt compared to basketball. All you have to do is hit the boall and go after it. It is much more fun compared to basketball.

Firstly, golf is ann enjoyablle and relaxed way to get excersice whilst also doing a sportt.

Seckondly, it is a moore sociall way to get to know people. Alll ages can get envolved and it is great for a family day oout.

Thirdly, golf doesn't cause any injuries and is a healthy way to get more flexible.

In conklusion, it is good for alll ages, you get more fit comparred to basketball and flexible, it is more simple and has less rules. has prove!


Basketball is defined as, a game played between two teams of five players, in which goals are scored by throwing a ball through a netted hoop fixed at each end of the court. Basketball is popular world wide and is suitable for all ages

Golf and basketball are similar in few ways according to, but how good are they in terms of your health? Basketball is definitely a faster running game compared to golf. To play golf though, you have to have patience and good eye sight, which could fail some people. Basketball is definitely much better than golf for the fitness reasons of (
-burn calories (an hour of basketball can burn 630–750 calories)
-build endurance
-improve balance and coordination
-develop concentration and self-discipline
-build up muscle
-take care of your body more (stretches/warmup/warm down)

Basketball is a more competitive sport compared to golf. Making you work towards something, and hopefully achieving it. This might be as simple as wining a game or be a fluent shooter. People at all ages can play it, and all you need to practice is a ball and a hoop. Basketball is played by people of all ages and all abilities, meaning you can challenge yourself. If you want to be the best at basketball, you do specialised training. This evolves sprints, jumping, core, strength and conditioning and more. As basketball is played all year round and is mainly an indoor sport, so you can aim to be fit all year.

Children at all levels can enjoy the game too whilst making friends. As golf only evolves a small amount of people, basketball has at least 10 players each game.

Wheel chair basketball is also an option for people who have disabilities or have had an accident. However, it stops you from being able to play golf. Wheel chair basketball is most likely one of the best sports for people who have disabilities.

In addition, basketball is much more preferable than golf. Linking it to higher fitness levels, more people to socialise with, get to be more motivated and everyone can participate in basketball.

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Posted by birdlandmemories 2 years ago
I like both. I love college basketball but golf is a decent sport to play.
Posted by 2ninjacat 2 years ago
I am a girl, for those who think I am a guy. Girls (like me) can also be highly evolved in sport. I am a state basketball player myself, and I love it!
Posted by Zariah 2 years ago
I agree, I hate golf and just watching me makes me angry. It is not as competitive and you don't burn as many calories. I agree with con.
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Reasons for voting decision: Con showed that Basketball as healthier for you, and burned more calories he provided statistics to back that up. He was also able to refute, because Pro only gave 1 round to argue.