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Batman Can't Beat Superman

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Started: 12/3/2014 Category: Entertainment
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I really don't understand ,why people even think Batman has a chance with Superman. Even his name "SUPER" man should be a clear idea that he is the stuff. Batman power is literally money , and he is the most over ratted superhero of all time.


I disagree with Pro's premise that Batman lacks any chance to beat Superman, and that such a defeat "can't" occur under any scenarios. While Batman is not the most impressive of superheroes, and his only advantage over others like Tonto and Zorro is that he has somewhat newer gizmos, at least he isn't allergic to little green rocks called Kryptonite. It really isn't that hard to imagine a scenario where Batman offers the somewhat naive Superman a gift-wrapped present full of little green rocks which is not too brightly opened followed by Superman's head exploding, literally. That or just pelting Superman with the rocks, either one would work. Superman for all his powers is an all or nothing fighter, as long as there aren't green jewels in the area he's invincible, if there are green jewels then Dorothy (or Toto for that matter) could defeat him.
Debate Round No. 1


Tsop forfeited this round.


I extend my arguments that Superman's glaring weakness to little green meteorites would make him too vulnerable for a probable victory, let alone so certain a result that one could say Batman definitely "can't" win. Batman may have inherited from his millionaire parents but is not just a posh fool, and rather an ingenius inventor capable of producing innovative weaponry to fit his fighting style. Batman is no fool and if there were any chance whatsoever of facing Superman in battle would not go unarmed but would make sure to capitalize on Superman's weakness.

Batman actually has a Kryptonite Ring handy and used it to defeat Superman in Batman #612.

This alone should be all that is necessary to disprove the original premise that Baman can't beat Superman, since he has actually done so in the past. However, it is not only possible but probable that the savvy Batman would use his Kryptonite ring and even more Kryptonite in future encounters between the two; thus ensuring a high likelihood of a Batman victory.

Therefore I have sufficiently established that Batman could and probably would defeat Superman. This is probably how the fight would go:
Debate Round No. 2


I'm going to take this round to just list his powers.....

Super Strength: Superman's strength was increased to the point where he could move entire planets.
Flight: The character gained the power of true flight.
Super Speed: Superman's speed increased to the point where he could travel faster than light. Several stories depict him traversing great distances through space to other solar systems and distant galaxies and even other universes. He could cross our own solar system in minutes. He could also use this power to travel through time, as shown in his boyhood visits to the 30th century as a member of the Legion of Superheroes. Superman can also swim at speeds approaching Aquaman's speed as well as run at speeds similar to that of the Flash. Superman is unable to beat Flash in a race.
Invulnerability: By the 1970s, Superman became able to withstand an atomic explosion and even fly through the core of a star. He was also immune to non-Kryptonian diseases and all radiation except for that of a red sun or Kryptonite.
Vision: In addition to X-ray vision and heat vision, Superman was also given telescopic and microscopic vision. The character could see across interstellar distances and observe events that occurred on a microscopic and even atomic level. He could also see across the full electromagnetic spectrum, including infra-red and ultraviolet light.
Hearing: Superman could hear sound at almost any wavelength and at great distances.
Super Breath: Superman's breath was capable of freezing objects and generating hurricane-force winds. He could also hold his breath indefinitely, allowing him to travel underwater or in space without breathing apparatus.
Mental Powers: Superman possessed genius-level intelligence and an eidetic memory. These enhanced mental capabilities were a direct result of his exposure to a yellow sun, as evidenced by the depiction of Superman's dog, Krypto. While under a yellow sun, Krypto's intelligence was boosted to that of a typical human. Superman also possessed the mental ability to screen out the enormous amount of information received by his enhanced senses, and to focus on a single detail, such as a particular voice or location. As well, his speed reading abilities were much like that of the Flash. He was able to absorb large amounts of information quickly; whether it entered his short term or long term memory is hazy.
Super Ventriloquism: Superman could throw his voice across great distances. This power was used to confuse enemies or protect his secret identity by tricking others into believing that he (or Clark Kent) was in a different location.
Super Hypnotism: This power enabled Superman to hypnotize anyone. He could make people forget incidents or obey his commands. This power was often used to safeguard his identity.
Stamina: Superman could survive indefinitely without food, water, or rest due to the yellow sun's radiation sustaining him.
Healing factor: Superman could regenerate physical damage to his body at an accelerated rate. He was able to regenerate when Wonder Woman slit his throat with her tiara in Wonder Woman #219. In the series Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Superman regenerates his body after being reduced to near a skeleton by a special nuke that was designed to blot out sun light and disrupt energy. Superman's healing rate has been inconsistently portrayed, however. In the first issue of the "Superman/Batman" comic, Alfred is able to remove a Kryptonite bullet from Superman's body without fear of the wound closing (probably because the Kryptonite was affecting his ability to heal)

What does Batman have?? A batrang.. Its like a human vs a god he can't win..


Pro's arguments notwithstanding, Batman has, as I previously pointed out, already beaten Superman once. Batman in fact successfully defeated Superman just with a small Kryptonite Ring, not even a full shard of Kryptonite. Batman also made use of a sonic frequency device to give Superman, with his incredible hearing, severe and disorienting headaches, and fought Superman in a sewer with lead pipes to remove Superman's X-ray vision.

With his sonic frequency device Batman can immobilize Superman from a distance, with his ring Superman is weakened if approaching, and if Batman acquires a larger piece of Kryptonite he can completely weaken Superman for an easy victory. Batman has already shown ingenuity in using Superman's weakness to lead, high sound frequencies, and Kryptonite in the past, and would certainly capitalize even further in future encounters.

Batman as a detective has already figured out Superman's weaknesses, and has the financial resources needed to acquire even more Kryptonite or sonic frequency devices if he chooses to. As a result Superman can be placed at a severe disadvantage in any fight, regardless of the powers Superman has.
Debate Round No. 3


Tsop forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by Jzyehoshua 2 years ago
True, I could have been more careful with the semantics but then I didn't consider this a technical debate (until now anyway).
Posted by missmedic 2 years ago
Batman is not a superhero he has no super power, he is just a ordinary rich guy that wears a disguise, and has cool toys.
Superman is a real superhero with superpowers, who disguises himself as an ordinary guy.
Posted by Jzyehoshua 2 years ago
This is about how the fight would go:
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