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Batman (Pro) vs. Black Panther (Con)

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Started: 5/17/2015 Category: Entertainment
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This is not a debate over which would win in a conflict. Although personal preference is subjective, as it is in any debate, my opponent and I will be debating which superhero is "better". I will be arguing for Marvel's Black Panther, and my opponent will argue for DC's Batman.

These two were chosen in particular due to their similarities. Both lost parents to an evil beyond their ability to combat at the time. This provided a driving force into "good" later in life. This, coupled with a desire for revenge, inheritance of a massive fortune, exceptional education, expertise in many fields, including combat, use of gadgets in their fighting...the list goes on.

But there *are* differences and advantages to each. The goals of my opponent and myself consist of the following:

- evidence that the chosen individual holds greater advantage over the other
- evidence that the other individual does not hold a great advantage over the other

The debate will run through four rounds, not including this informational round. When accepting this debate, my opponent should not use this round to begin their argument. A simple notice of acceptance, or a brief informational section similar to my own are acceptable.

I wish you the best of luck, and may the best nerd win.


I accept this debate. As you have already given a brief description of their similarities, I will not go into detail on these two characters. Good luck to you
Debate Round No. 1


In accordance with a request by my opponent outside of the debate, I will keep my arguments brief throughout this debate. I ask that my opponent also argue while abiding by this request, since a small argument on one side and a large argument on the other may falsely influence the opinions of the voters. This is amplified by the fact that my opponent directly asked me *not* to make extended arguments.

Seeing that there is no true "accepted" response to this question, both my opponent and I must prove our arguments, not simply disprove those of our opponent.

Marvel's Black Panther exceeds DC's Batman in two main categories. These categories will be the primary focus of my argument in this round. More are likely to arise in the later rounds, but I intend to play by my opponent's rules.

Influence: The Black Panther holds massive influence over the Marvel Universe. His position as King of Wakanda, a massively wealthy and industrialized society, gives Black Panther power not only over the people of his nation, as well as influence around the MU. This was done solely by the Black Panther, without the assistance of the Avengers, or other organizations.

By contrast, Batman operates primarily in a single city while without the assistance of the Justice League. His influence as Batman as a singular character is not the same as Bruce Wayne's influence or the influence of the Justice League. Batman's effect on his single city does not match Black Panther's effect on a much larger scale.

Availability and Usage of Resources: Batman's resources come primarily from his company. This income and production is dwarfed by Black Panther's vibranium-rich nation. The dependence of other powers allows Wakanda and its king to acquire massive wealth. The usage of these resources within the nation makes it a highly advanced industrial society. The innovations provide the Black Panther with greatly advanced technology, which he uses to defend his people and others.


First off I would like to thank my opponent for keeping things brief, as since this is a very busy time for me, it will be difficult for me to write much myself.

Since my opponent has decided to take two arguments in round one, I will honor my agreement by talking about two myself.

The essential argument here is who is better overall. Not necessarily who would win in a battle, because unfortunately for my own case, black panther would defeat batman in a random encounter between them with no planning. Thanks to Con himself, since he stated himself that "This is not a debate over which would win in a conflict", he cannot argue this as an advantage without contradicting his own debate.

My first category will be the same as my opponents, Influence. I do not accept what Con said about Batman, in that having influence over a single city does not compare to an entire country. My opponent stated that "His influence as Batman as a singular character is not the same as Bruce Wayne's influence or the influence of the Justice League." If these are his guidelines about Batman, than he must also believes that T'Challa's influence is not the same as Black Panther's influence. In the comics, and in the simple history of Wakanda, T'Challa is the king of the country, not Black Panther. While he is known by all of the citizens their as Black Panther, and the Black Panther is regarded as the king of the country, T'Challa is the technical king, so any argument made about being the king of a country would be an invalid argument, just like anything about Bruce Wayne and his company on my side of the case would be invalid as well.

I know that my opponent has made it clear that I need to prove mine, not disprove his. Yet I find that their are many problems with his arguments, and I feel that his points should be valid if I should not be allowed to disprove them.

Con makes it clear that he believes that since the Black Panther has access to extremely powerful and advanced resources like vibranium and adamantium, both of which are two of the strongest metals in MU, that that puts him above Batman. Does having access to overpowered metals that make it incredibly difficult to fight against make you better? Batman has defeated some of the strongest Heroes and Villains in the DC universe, in a simple Kevlar suit. I fail to see how better armor and better resources makes you better.

Since I have already exceeded my opponents limit in argument, I will stop here.
Debate Round No. 2


I apparently have a few clarifications to make before proceeding. First, I at no point in my argument pitted Black Panther and Batman against one another, as my opponent implies. Whether he has made this remark as a note to himself or as some sort of attack, the voters must understand that this case was never made. Secondly, and I cannot stress this enough, OF COURSE Pro can disprove my points, that's half of the debate. I am simply stating that my opponent must provide evidence that Batman is the better superhero, which he completely failed to do in round two.

1: Influence - My opponent is missing one key difference between these two characters in his argument. The Black Panther is a transitioning position, it is held by the King, whoever that may be. This is not uncommon knowledge in the MU, and the idea that there are two identities of T'Challa is entirely false. Pro's case is, to use a metaphor, stating that the President of the United States cannot also serve as Commander in Chief. These responsibilities come as one, and their influence can be taken as that of an individual. Batman, conversely, lives as two different individuals. Bruce Wayne is not known as Batman by the masses in the DCU, so the influences of Batman and Bruce Wayne must be separated. T'Challa and the Black Panther exist as the same person in the eyes of the MU, and Bruce Wayne and Batman do not do so in the eyes of those in the DCU.

2: Resources and Usage - Agreed, Batman has overcome much...within his limits. As has the Black Panther, but Pro misses the point of this argument. The question is not in accomplishments, it is in the LIMITATIONS of their accomplishments. With more advanced technology, the Black Panther can sustain stronger assaults, and therein battle stronger opponents.

My opponent has yet to provide any evidence pointing toward Batman as the stronger of these two characters. In addition, his defenses of my attacks were flawed. If he hopes to fulfill the criteria of this debate and win in the end, he MUST successfully do both in the coming rounds.


AgainstAllOdds forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3


I extend my arguments.


First off, I would like to apologize sincerely for forfeiting round 3. I chose a very poor time to begin this debate, and I will have to forfeit this entire debate to Con, due to more important lasting priorities. Congratulations Con
Debate Round No. 4


Unfortunately, I extend my arguments.


AgainstAllOdds forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 5
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