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Batman is better than superman

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Started: 4/23/2013 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 5 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Well, where do I begin? What lies behind the heart and soul of a well written character? Certainly not one that is infallible, or as close to infallible as one can possibly be with the exception of a type of rock. Makes it quite an easy write, does it not? Just like his writers, his readers have an apathetic Imagination. A child's lack of comprehension of mathematics leaves him/her to have a lack of creativity when attempting to express large quantities. One might hear a child say something like a "billionjillian" or "infinity and one". Superman is merely of a reflection of this lack of creativity giving his list of powers. How super is super? Super Strength? Wow! WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT OF THAT? He can fly(not creative) Hes impenetrable(Not creative). If that's not enough he has... get a load of this one... Super Intelligence. Not only is the foundation of this story a pathetic lack of imagination it seems to be written to console the heart for its readers damaged Ego. Feeds off the mass delusion of grandeur that a majority of our population has in that most people would rate there IQ above average. Not superman though he has SUPER INTELLIGENCE! Which is sad because if he had been written to be of average intelligence. I might give the comics creativity level a mark up on its score card seeing as Lex Luther being his foe. It could be a story of strength vs brains. However the writers didn't necessarily see that one through. However, I'm not like most superman critics, in that I do not condemn his use of disguise, he puts on the glasses and no longer is he superman. I actually believe the writers did do a good job to reflect the stupidity of our society in that it views people who do wear glasses as weaker. No matter, it seems as if it is the only thing the writers got right.

I already anticipate the lazy and simplistic argument that "all batman is, is a man with a lot of money." I have to say not true. his wealth is a crux in the writing that can allow interesting plot development. While superman takes the usual path(His person is his personality and His superhero is his mask.) Batman flips that concept on its head.(Bruce Wayne is the facade and Batman is his person). Bruce Wayne(Not batman) Plays a pivotal role in the plot line, way more than Clark Kent ever could. its almost as if batman, whatever role he is playing, is in a constant fight to keep the crime of the city at bay. Not to mention the plethora of ingeniously written antagonist. The Joker revealing truths about our own society allegorically by pulling all of Gotham's right strings, as violent as they maybe, still he does it jestingly. Two face who nuances the notion of fate by using a coin to make his decisions, as if it absolves him from being the one that's committing the crime. Most importantly batman is a fallible human being. Go ahead and mock batman for not being a true superhero I will applaud along with you. That is what makes Batman a much more compelling story line for those who actually appreciate a fallible human being as an protagonist. Not swayed by riches he is a philanthropist, and uses his money not for himself but does put his life on the line every night to keep the criminal masterminds at bay. Hes money does have limits and so are his capabilities, unlike superman's apathetically written superpowers. Batman as well runs into moral conflictions and legitimate knots to untie. Not just the very typical Lady-Love interest that is too easy to write for a comic book written for a boy who still dreams of what a woman's warmth feels like.


I believe superman would defeat Batman in combat.
heres a list of his powers-->
1. Superhuman Strength
2. Invulnerability
3. Healing Factor
4. Flight
5. Superhuman Speed
6. X-ray Vision
7. Superhuman Intelligence
8. Eidetic Memory
9. Heat Vision
10. Superhuman Breath
11. Superhuman Hearing
12. Superhuman Vision
13. Superhuman Olfaction (sense of smell)
14. Master Combatant
Batman a Billionaire philanthropist (CEO of Wayne Enterprise) who has been trained in Martial Arts.
Debate Round No. 1


Well, It would be much appreciated if my opponent didn't decide to embody exactly what I mean when I say that superman is poorly written character, the apathy that the rebuttal comment displays only reflects the apathy in which I speak of. One only need to read the initial argument to understand that what I meant by "Batman is better than Superman" that I was reffering to who is the better written character.

I would call the cons response a lazy rebuttal but it didn't even do that. It was simply a response showing a serious lack of comprehension of the initial argument. All my foe decided to do was spend a minute of his time looking up the abilities and embedding superman's wiki page.

Allow me to demonstrate exactly what I mean. Allow me to show you the same apathy in which you showed me. Do you not think batman would have the resources to obtain Kryptonite? All batman would need to do is equip it from his belt. Being better prepared as a man who is experienced in fighting with Human strength, superman would be rendered unprepared. Superman would fall.

Now if you would do me some courtesy and adhere to the point of the issue. Which comic is written better?


Your title said is batman better than superman, you have to take the good with the bad
Batman and Superman are more than just comic books.
Superman would kill him I made that clear in my first argument
Batman is quite silly in his old cartoon show little kids use to laugh at it there was nothing serious about it.
I love me some Batman, but more effort was put into making Superman
The first true superhero. (without Superman, Superhero never would have been invented therefore, Superman made Batman, in a sense.)
Debate Round No. 2


If only I was done the courtesy of my opponent actually took the liberty of expressing why he believes the notions he expresses instead of making such lazy arguments. I still await a rebuttal to the reason as to my rebuttal stating why batman would beat superman in a battle.

Plus my opponent never wished to illustrate as to why he believes superman required more effort to write, I did my best efforts to express why the visa-versa is true. Very lazy of him. I wished a more worthy opponent

as to the laughable batman cartoon. I only mean to express that superman is laughable without even trying. Illuminated in my very first argument.

Who cares who came before who, which comic book is written better. It is too bad that this is the last round. Otherwise I would have stressed again that my opponent didn't keep on making lazy half witted arguments. Not once ever giving a proper rebuttal to any of the arguments I posted.

Holy Knock-out drops batman! Try again!


danielawesome12 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by danielawesome12 5 years ago
Better is a vague word so I though you meant in every way/shape/form
Posted by Spirit-bear 5 years ago
danielawesome12, I do agree with you that superman would win in a fight, but I think that the prompt ment who is the better written character.
Posted by dragonslayer207 5 years ago
I was so excited when I saw this debate cuz' naturally I thought that my opponent would favor Superman. It would have been my 1st debate but anyway good luck.
Posted by Spirit-bear 5 years ago
actually being a superhero. Batman does do this well by saying that "anyone can be Batman". It seems that during Batman"s conflicts that he has more self-vs. Self-conflict than with the protagonist. This makes for a confusing plot line and actions that he does that make you question his virtues and thoughts. You do have to agree with me that Batman plot lines can be quite confusing at times. Children don"t want to go through such a confusing plot line just for, in their eyes, have the protagonist win in the end. Even though many adults read and follow comics it was originally made for younger minds and it seemed they missed their mark in that aspect.
Posted by Spirit-bear 5 years ago
I just have to say I am putting this in the comments because I got beat out of the debate because I was doing it on Word first, I have learned my leson
Batman may have good qualities with him, like doing the best for his city, being humble and being good willed and all that, but that was only because he was a later character in the superhero series. The producers had more to build on, like what the readers wanted and what they didn"t like so much. This all came from the past superheroes before him, the first being Superman. Superman encompassed the superhero world and became a great pastime for children and even adults in the first comic books.
In the first years of superman the producers saw that the readers wanted as figure that was strong and "highly intelligent" to defeat the villains that came along. They also made him have some of the same attributes that batman has like coming from humble beginnings having a good sense of protection for his city, but also he wants to become a symbol, not a person so he hides his true identity like batman and many other superheroes (with exception of Ironman). Then when the producers saw that people didn"t just want another super superhero they began moving on to more simple and more vulnerable characters. A lot failed, like aquaman, but they soon came across characters that did work a live to match superman in popularity. Superman was the first and paved the way for many other superheroes.
To comment on the "batman not being an actual superhero" I do agree with you that Batman does become a great superhero while not a
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