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Batman never wins a fight against a super hero

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Started: 1/29/2014 Category: Entertainment
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Batman never wins any fights against Super heros and he cant even win any that's why con has to place burden of proof on why batman can beat any superhero


I don't know why I'm arguing this, but I accept nonetheless.

The reason that Batman would not be ultimately killed by any superhero is because of his ability to adapt. All he must do is derive a weapon from the weakness of the superhero. I'm going to start with Superman. Superman would fall vulnerable to Kryptonite(as most of us know). In Superman Unchained - Issue #2 (otherwise known as "The Fall"), we clearly see a suit Bruce Wayne has made that renders him invisible (via implication) to Superman. Bruce states that "It senses what's being used to detect it and reacts accordingly". He could implement this in his projectile weapons, making them invisible to everything Superman used. He wouldn't know what was coming until it hit him(pardon the pun). I believe that all this combined would be enough to trap Superman, and if need be, kill him. Don't underestimate the Bat.

So that's Superman gone. Who up next?

Please be aware the we are discussing fictional topics, and if we implemented real life, Batman would be the only feasible "superhero" in the eyes of physics. Then again, that is a rather broad statement, so let me rephrase that.

Batman would be the *most* feasible superhero.


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