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Batman would not defeat Goku in a battle

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Started: 5/28/2015 Category: Entertainment
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First round is acceptance.


Would Batman lose to Goku?

Possibly. It depends on the circumstances I suppose.

What point of Gokus life are we going to go with? What part of Batmans life? Are we going with both in their prime here?

Are we assuming they just met up randomly and started fighting or would there be time for preparation on Batmans part?

Are you laying down any ground rules here at all or are you basically saying in any scenario possible that Batman would lose to Goku no matter what?
Debate Round No. 1


Yes. Goku would win any set up. In their prime.


Okay, free reign to pick a scenario.

I choose a space station between Planet Namek and Earth. Batman had time to prepare for the encounter and Goku is unaware of Batmans intentions.

Gokus only true exploitable weakness for Batman would be that he can't breath in space. Batman invites Goku into an eating competition on the space station and when Goku is sitting there enjoying his food he blows up the station from his "space Bat Cruiser" (patent pending).

Goku CAN teleport, but only with incredible concentration which he wouldn't have after so much food and suffocating in the vacuum of space.

Batman wins.
Debate Round No. 2


Watch Dragon ball z: Battle of the gods, he fights beerus in space. And he has suffered bigger hits than a explosion. And considering that they are in space, no burns because no oxygen, no fire.


Ah shoot. I haven't seen battle of the Gods yet, sorry. I was basing my argument off of Goku not being able to breath in space. Other then that I can't think of any way Batman would win.....
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by gametimer 3 years ago
Truest statement of all of
Posted by Benson1 3 years ago
Well if we were going for their personalities being intact for the debate then you would have to realize they wouldn't fight at all, both being good guys.
Posted by gametimer 3 years ago
True, but aren't they two different universes and wouldn't even consider their earth.
Posted by Karnathan 3 years ago
That's a winner right there. Nice one gametimer. Although technically, if Batman got the whole human race to fight along side him, Goku would surrender and leave the planet because of his love towards earth and all the people who live there. Or would he...
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