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Battle Of The Bands II

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Started: 6/1/2015 Category: Music
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This is my second band-battle I've had with my friendly opponent, brandenschirpke117.

-Neither of us can use the same band as last time. I can't use The Killers and he can't use Anti-Flag.
-No solo artists (i.e. no Justin Timberlake or Justin Bieber)
-Band must be popular now (i.e. no classic rock like Chicago, Styx, The Doors, etc.)
-Debate structure must go like this:

ROUND 1: Acceptance/Statement Of Band
ROUND 2: First Arguments/First Rebuttals
ROUND 3: Second Arguments/Second Rebuttals
ROUND 4: Third Arguments/Third Rebuttals
ROUND 5: Fourth Rebuttals/Concluding Arguments

The band I choose is Arctic Monkeys:
Image result for Arctic Monkeys


i would like to thank bro for continuing this epic saga of debates, and will use round one just to state the name of the band

From Chicago, punk rock band Rise Against
Debate Round No. 1


I will start this debate by providing arguments in favor of Arctic Monkeys.

Frontman Alex Turner is, with no doubt, one of the best modern songwriters. All of Arctic Monkeys' music is maserfully written, and every album of theirs has a sort of theme to it. Their albums are:

1. "Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not" (2006): Themed around rebellion/angst
2. "Favourite Worst Nightmare" (2007): Themed around danger/ambition
3. "Humbug" (2009): Themed around memory/regret
4. "Suck It And See" (2011): Themed around confidence/anxiety
5. "AM" (2013): Themed around love/desperation

Arctic Monkeys experiences with a wide range of genres, including: Indie Rock, Post-Punk Revival, Psychedelic Rock, and Garage Rock. Their singer Alex Turner's voice is typically Baritone, but he can do hgh notes without any problem. Two songs where he makes his voice go higher are "One For The Road" and "Knee Socks". I will put these songs in. As you can see, they make their lyric videos quite theatrical and pleasing to the eye.


I thank pro for the continuation of the debate, and i will speak in favor of Rise Against


Rise Against contains marvelous lyrics that always contains a message. It's not as political as Anti-Flag, but some songs do contain a political message. Lyrics will talk about disadvantages, love, loss, pain, understanding, letting go, and many other topics


Rise Against does a great job in showing the fans their personalities. From a few documentaries to jokes and lfie stories between songs, you feel like you really get to know them


The band has consisted of the same lineup for the past few albums, with the only major shifts being lead guitar, and drums in their early history.

Music Videos

The music videos contain switches between shots of the band playing, and a story setting

i tried to link some music videos, but i got blocked by the school filter :(

Debate Round No. 2


Thank you, Con. Now its time to make more arguments for Arctic Monkeys:

There is a whole Wikipedia page listing awards and nominations received by the band. I will leave the link to it after my arguments. They've so far won seven BRIT Awards, including Best British Group and Best British Album. They've also been nominated for three different Grammies, and have won many other awards from lesser known award ceremonies in England.
WatchMojo listed them as #9 on the Top 10 Decade Defining Musical Acts: 2010-14.

Arctic Monkeys has a fan club (I know because I'm a member of it), and on their site they allow their fans to participate in forums, chats, updates, and more. Plus, while some bands charge you a certain amount every month to be in a fan club, Arctic Monkeys lets you do it completely free. You are never charged, ever.
The band has also often remarked about how thankful they are about their fans, and how they couldn't have amounted to anything without them.

Arctic Monkeys has some pretty rad music videos, too. For example, "Snap Out Of It" is aout a woman going insane. ( ). Others such as "Arabella" go from shots of the band playing to a story told on its own.

The band plays secret shows in a supergroup called The Death Ramps. Some of The Death Ramps' songs have been re-vamped as Arctic Monkeys b-sides. Frontman Alex Turner also sings for another band called The Last Shadow Puppets that has released one album. Former bassist Andy Nicholson and drummer Matt Helders are also in a hip hop/indie rock band called Mongrel. They released their first and only album, "Better Than Heavy" in 2009.





I will also continue to build my case for Rise Against


Tim Mcilrath has done many side projects. He played in .Baxter., Transistor Revolt, and The Killing Tree


In 2006, the song "Ready To Fall" was nominated for a MTVu Good Woddie award, but lost
In 2008, Rise Against won the Rock On Request Award
In 2009, Rise Against won the best animal friendly band award by PETA
In 2009, the song "Re-Education (through labor)" was nominated for an MTV music video award, but lost
In 2012, the song "Ballad of Hollis Brown" was nominated for an MTV music video award, but lost

Contributions to society

Rise Against is a regular supporter of PETA, and offers street team members free tickets, they also participate in punkvoter.

Fan Club

Although not an official fan club, Rise Against has a portion of its website dedicated to posting photos, videos, and tatoos of anything Rise Against
Debate Round No. 3


While Arctic Monkeys has won and been nominated for several big-name awards, Rise Against has only been nominated for a handful and won even less. Notice how most of Con's examples for Rise Against's awards say "but lost". They only won two in Con's list, and Con's list contains a total of five examples.

Con mentions how Rise Against is a charitable band. So is Arctic Monkeys, even more so than Rise Against. Arctic Monkeys donate to Oxfam, which helps to find lasting solutions to poverty, suffering, and injustice. They also advocate for the fights over Disaster Relief, Human Rights, and Poverty.

The band is known for having a great sense of humor, especially how they dressed up as characters from "The Wizard Of Oz" for the 2007 BRIT Awards. Alex Turner played the Scarecrow. Matt Helders (drummer) has further shown his good humor by opening a pub called "The Cautious Horse"

The band doesn't take insults from anyone. After English band Radiohead's frontman Thom Yorke insulted them, Matt Helders replied with "I nearly fell asleep at the wheel after listening to a Radiohead album."
Assorted Facts:



sorry for the delay in posting my response, i worked past my shift last night and was too tired to debate.


Rise against will play tricks on fans during shows, they also like to read some of the signs out loud and even played foosball with green day at Area 4

Kidness to fans

Rise Against usually gives away albums at shows, and when they discontinued their tour with Linkin Park after a broken leg, Rise Against refunded everyones ticket and provided everyone with a code for 2 free items at the Rise Against store


When Rise Against goes on tour, they tend to go big. Shows almost every night, usually with bands such as Linkin Park or Killswitch Engage.
Debate Round No. 4


In 2010, Alex Turner went solo briefly to release an EP. The EP was called "Submarine" and was the soundtrack for a movie of the same name. Rise Against's Tim McIlrath has never gone solo, proving that he either can't manage outside of the band area or he's just uncomfortable working on his own. This is bad, because nowadays most lead singers of bands like to experiment as solo artists, and Tim McIlrath doesn't seem like he can.

Arctic Monkeys has huge tours too, but not almost every night because they actually have lives. One of my other favorite bands, The Vaccines, gained their popularity by opening for Arctic Monkeys on three different legs of the "Suck It And See" Tour (North American, North American II, and United Kingdom). The Vaccines have some pretty successful songs, such as "Post Break-Up Sex", "Teenage Icon", and "Handsome".
Arctic Monkeys has also toured as the opener for Indie Rock band The Black Keys. The AM Tour brought some more fairly popular guests, like Mini Mansions and Saint Motel, with The Vaccines returning for support on a few dates with this tour.

So that's a total of four bands Arctic Monkeys has helped grow famous: The Vaccines, The Black Keys, Mini Mansions, and Saint Motel.




Wow, round 5 already, time flies!

i'll keep my final statement brief


Rise Against has had music in many games, including WWE, NHL, and Burnout. And many of their albums have been #1on the billboard top 100.

I'd like to thank patriotperson for the debate!
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by brandenschirpke117 2 years ago
i think it was a pretty good debate though, kept it close
Posted by PatriotPerson 2 years ago
Haha yeah they are pretty hard to beat
Posted by brandenschirpke117 2 years ago
i'll agree with you there, when i noticed you picked Artick Monkeys, i started trying to think how i would top that.
Posted by PatriotPerson 2 years ago
"AM" by Arctic Monkeys is IMO one of the best albums ever created, its top notch
Posted by brandenschirpke117 2 years ago
they had some good songs on there, not as good as endgame in my opinion, but solid
Posted by PatriotPerson 2 years ago
Yeah I've seen their album "The Black Market" at Best Buy
Posted by brandenschirpke117 2 years ago
you can find them on google play, itunes, or if you're looking for a physical copy, hot topic/best buy
Posted by PatriotPerson 2 years ago
@lannan13: They are indeed pretty good, but Arctic Monkeys is much better IMO.
Posted by lannan13 2 years ago
I love Rise Against! It's impossible to find any of their albums though.
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