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Battle Of The Bands

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Started: 5/28/2015 Category: Music
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I used to love doing this type of debate, but I haven't in quite awhile. The way it works is we both pick a band in the first round, and over the course of the debate we argue why our band is better than the opponent's.

No Solo artists (i.e. no Michael Jackson, Eminem, Skrillex, etc.)
Band must be popular now (i.e. no classic rock like The Beatles, Queen, Journey, etc.)
Follow this debate structure:
Round 1 - Statement Of Band/Acceptance
Round 2 - Opening Arguments/Rebuttals
Round 3 - Second Arguments/Rebuttals
Round 4 - Third Arguments/Rebuttals
Round 5 - Final Rebuttals/Concluding Arguments

The band I choose is The Killers.


i'd link to thank you for this debate, and i will try to keep my opening statement brief. My band will be Anti-Flag, the political punk band from Pittsburg!
Debate Round No. 1


Thanks for accepting, Con! I too have heard of Anti-Flag, however, I haven't really come around to listening to them.
On to supporting The Killers:
The Killers have been active since 2001 and they have released a total of five albums (Hot Fuss in 2004, Sam's Town in 2006, Sawdust in 2007, Day & Age in 2008, Battle Born in 2012). Notice how in every year between 2006 and 2008, one album was released. The band's frontman, Brandon Flowers, has also released two albums on his own and one was relased just this month (Flamingo in 2010, The Desired Effect in 2015).
The Killers have experimented in many genres, including Alternative Rock, Indie Rock, Post-Punk Revival, New Wave, Heartland Rock, and Alternative Country.

Work Ethic:
The band doesn't release music until they are completely comfortable and sure about it. Frontman Brandon Flowers recently said in an interview that even though the band is currently on hiatus, (paraphrasing) they "will release a new album because the last one wasn't good enough and we all know it."


The band has released multiple hits, including "Mr. Brightside", "Somebody Told Me", "When You Were Young", "Human", and "Here With Me".


I'd like to thank Pro for continuing this debate. And will now present a background on the band, much like pro did.


Anti-Flag started in 1988 with Justin sane (Just in sane) and Pat Thetic (pathetic). They were plagued by instability until 1993, when Andy flag joined the band. Their first demo was 17 songs and labeled "17 songs" (very creative, almost as bad as minor threat by minor threat) The band still plays today.


Anti-Flags first album was Die for Your Government. Which saw moderate success, but this lead to Andy Flag leaving due to disputes of the politics in each song. This lead to Chris Head and Chris Barker (Chris NO. 2) to join, which gives us the line-up that we have to this day.
Anti-Flags second album was The system doesn't work for you, which saw minor success, this is because they released the album on a record company they had recently founded, called A-F Records.
The third album, called A new kind of army, was their breakout album that saw a lot of success. This covered hot topics such as abortion and political corruption
After this, they signed with Fat Wreck Chords. They released two albums during their time there, titled Mobilize and The Terror State. Mobilize saw greater success, and both of them talked about the war on terror.
On October 8, 2004, U.S. Representative Jim McDermott gave a speech in the House of Representatives, praising Anti-Flag for their work in encouraging young people to register and vote.
After Signing with RCA Records, they released a new record titled For Blood And Empire, which saw great success, with "this is the end for you my friend" appearing on Madden NFL 2007.
In 2008, they released "the bright lights of America. This album started a more softer punk sound rather than the edgy tones. Which they corrected when they performed with Billy Talent in "turn your back"
Their next album, titled The People Or The Gun, lead to a more edgy sound, especially with "Teenage Kennedy Lobotomy"
Their next album came in 2012, titled the general strike, it came with some popular songs such as "Broken Bones" which was featured on NHL 13.
Their Newest Album was released on May 26 of this year, it's titled American Spring. While i own the record, i have only listened to about half of it, with my favorite song being "all of the poison, all of the pain"

One thing i like about Anti-Flag is the fact that they aren't afraid to voice their opinions. With such topics as the War On Terror, Bush, Fair trade, the WTO, and many topics, It makes good for listening

Debate Round No. 2


First off, Con seems to judge Anti-Flag in his own statement: "Their first demo was 17 songs and labeled '17 songs' (very creative, almost as bad as minor threat by minor threat". As you can see, he is being sarcastic when he says that the band is creative. Also, it is not bad to name a work with just your name, artists do it all the time. (i.e. "Jimmy Eat World" by Jimmy Eat World, "Twenty One Pilots" by Twenty One Pilots, "Paramore" by Paramore). It makes no sense to criticize whoever Minor Threat is for doing the same.

1. Hot Fuss (2004): The Killer's debut album is arguably their most successful to date. It includes a total of fourteen possible tracks, including the two smash hits "Mr. Brightside" and "Somebody Told Me". Many tracks tell a specific story, like how "Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine" tells the story of a man who commits a murder and tries to defend himself. This album spent nearly three and a half years on the British album chart, including two weeks at the number one position. And The Killers aren't even a British band. Bono (the lead singer of U2) is a huge fan of the album and he said "Its rare to find a band who not only have the music, but the lyricist too. I hear The Killers and I get off the phone". "Hot Fuss" was nominated for best rock album at the 2005 Grammy's, but lost to Green Day's "American idiot".
2. Sam's Town (2006): Their second studio effort wasn't as successful but spawned hits like "When You Were Young" and "Read My Mind". It is named after a casino in their hometown of Las Vegas.
3. Sawdust (2007): A compilation of b-sides, rarities, covers, remixes, and two new songs, "Sawdust" dropped in November 2007. It doesn't have any solid hits, but two of my personal favorites are "Where The White Boys Dance" and "Daddy's Eyes".
4. Day & Age (2008): Containing thirteen total tracks and released in November 2008, "Day & Age" was practically the commercial sequel to "Hot Fuss". The songs "Human", "Spaceman", and "A Dustland Fairytale" are all hits. "Human" is their most successful single ever made.
5. Battle Born (2012): Being The Killers' comeback after a nearly four-year pause, "Battle Born" achieved moderate success. Tracks like "Runaways" and "Here With Me" boosted it into the charts.
6. Direct Hit s (2013): The Killers decided to release this greatest hits compilation in 2013. It includes hit songs from every album of theirs across their career, and two brand new songs "Just Another Girl" and "Shot At The Night", both of which were successes.

I don't mean to criticize Anti-Flag, but they seem a little too involved in politics. People want to hear politics talked about from a politican, not a band. The Killers have a wide range of lyrical things from love ("Here With Me"), murder ("Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine") and comedy ("Where The White Boys Dance").

Each of The Killers' members work on side projects, proving that they can work outside of their normal band career.
Brandon Flowers (Vocalist) has released two solo albums, "Flamingo" (2010) and "The Desired Effect" (2015).
Ronnie Vannucci, Jr. (Drummer) also works in a band he sings for called Big Talk. The band released their debut album in 2011 and have their second one releasing later this year.
The reamining two members, Mark Stoermer and Dave Keuning, have worked as members and recording assistants for other bands. Stoermer has even released his own solo album.



thanks pro for your comments

My creative jab was just that, a lighthearted jab. The music is very creative and full of insightful lyrics. I

Pro states that Anti-Flag is to political, but this is the charm of anti-flag. It provides their point of view for those who want to hear it, and provide it with a catchy beat.

With that being said, they have some songs that aren't politically charged. Such as "teenage kennedy lobotomy" and "Brandenburg Gate".

Justin Sane also has plans to release a solo album

Anti-Flag also has cheaply priced tickets, with most shows only being $10 per person
Anti-Flag also plays free shows from time to time in public spaces, such as during the Occupy Wall Street rallies. They also hold their own festival to show some young talent, which is a great idea.
Debate Round No. 3


"It provides their point of view for those who want to hear it, and provide it with a catchy beat."

There are numerous ways to show your beliefs beside lyrics. Bands can volunteer to support a politician's campaign, or vocally state their support for whatever cause.

"they have some songs that aren't politically charged. Such as "teenage kennedy lobotomy" and "Brandenburg Gate"."

The title of those two songs seem certainly politically motivated. The Kennedy's were, obviously, a huge political family in the US. John F. was a president, Bobby was a secretary and presidential candidate, and Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr.'s parents hoped for him to become president, up until his death in WW2.

Con seems to be unaware of what the Brandenburg Gate is, and the song he states is clearly based around it. Brandenburg Gate is a historical landmark in Berlin, Germany and one of Germany's main attractions. It has been the site of many historical happenings, such as Napoleon (Bonaparte) stealing a statue, Hitler's selection as German chancellor, and Kennedy's famous "I Am A Berliner" speech.

"Justin Sane also has plans to release a solo album."

Upon research, I have found that he already has. Con doesn't seem to know this.

"Anti-Flag also plays free shows from time to time"

Nearly every band plays free shows.


On to more arguments in favor of The Killers:


Every year, The Killers release a Christmas song. The proceeds from these singles benefit charities, specifically the Coca-Cola (RED) campaign against AIDS.

Con hasn't seemed to refute any of my main arguments from last round, so I extend those past arguments until he does make a response to them.





thanks con for your arguments

I'll be honest, i was not aware that justin had put out his solo album, to Youtube!

Teenage Kennedy Lobotomy is about other bands, and how they've sold out. Brandenburg gate is a little political in the sense of the opening lyrics being "i lost my baby to a foreign war", but actually doesn't talk about wars, but more of world unity.


Anti-Flag donates to homeless shelters and makes a large contribution to Amnesty International.
Anti-Fest is also open freely to the public

Minor band promotions

When Anti-Flag does tours, they try to find a good band to bring with them to promote, usually a less known band, such as Rancid.

And because i didn't before, here is my anti flag picture
Debate Round No. 4


"...usually a less known band, such as Rancid."

I don't know what Con means, as Rancid is a very well known band, at least to people who like punk music. Perhaps they're better known than Anti-Flag themselves.


Ever heard of the band Neon Trees? They're huge; and have hits like "Animal", "Everybody Talks", and "Sleeping With A Friend". They wouldn't be popular if it wasn't for The Killers. For quite awhile, Neon Trees was an unpopular band with no considerably successful music, but after going on tour with and opening for The Killers, more and more people know who they were and helped make them the band they are today.

The Killers have numerous songs to not appear anywhere on an album, like "Where Is She? (Soft Surrender)"

SUPPORT ACTS: (bands that opened concerts before The Killers went on stage)

Hot Fuss Tour (2003-2005): Louis XIV, Surferosa, The Departure, Ambulance LTD, Blood Arm, The Zutons, and Tegan & Sara.

Sam's Town Tour (2006-2007): Immigrant, The Envy Corps, The Red Romance, Howling Bells, The Brakes, The Broken Stars, The Rapture, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Mumm-Ra, Silver Beats, Hot Hot Heat, and Louis XIV.

Day & Age World Tour (2008-2010): Neon Trees, Zane Lowe, M83, many more

Battle Born World Tour (2012-2013): Most above, but inlcuding new ones such as Frank Ocean and The Gaslight Anthem.




Well, this is the final round, so i'll try to keep this brief
I use rancid as my example because they were not as popular until after touring with anti-flag, Billy Talent was probably a better example
With Anti-flag releasing a new album, they will gain some popularity, and will probably be on tour. I assert that both bands are good (this debate actually made me set up a dual playlist with the both of them) but that anti-flag provides a better sound and lyrical content.

Once again, i thank pro for the debate, and am excited to see the results
Debate Round No. 5
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