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Battle for Greater failure concerning conversion

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Started: 11/24/2010 Category: Religion
Updated: 6 years ago Status: Voting Period
Viewed: 2,472 times Debate No: 13624
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The one who creates the most unbelievable religion wins.
Edit: No one has accepted so Ill make it a 3 round debate+ some other changes

Round 1:
Give a speech to the unbelievers.(Your religions history,science,why join and made up quotes from the none existing holy book).
Round 2:
Here we chose few parts of our religion (our believers, the history, heaven and hell, God, etcetera) and explain them also we try to promote our views at the same time (obviously you ought to fail miserably to win). Please try to use circular reasoning once in a while but make sure its not too obvious also outrageous claims with no evidence will be appreciated.
Round 3:
Here we criticize our opponents religion (Obviously in a way which promotes it)
Round 3 second part:
In this round we laugh at our followers and converts (Please don't include hatred, this has to be indirect, in fact the theme shall be "Our Great Believers").

Obviously the main challenge in round 3 would be to convey a lot of information quickly and with ease.
1.The titles should be normal (not silly nor serious but forgettable)
2.Do not include a religion which already exists though it could be based on a existing religions.
3. The extra round is created so that you could forfeit any round for different types of reasons. You can use this and still win because this will be an exception. The point for rule 2 in the voting section is to prevent consistent forfeits but one forfeit won't be even considered. You don't have to use this but we all need a break so this is my solution.

1.Votes shall be counted as normal with the exception of who made the more convincing arguments and who used more reliable sources.
2.The one who forfeits the most rounds loses. Hence a forfeit shall not be used as a tactic to make their religion more unbelievable.
3.Read rule 3 for its an exception to rule 2.
1. Take your time
2. Quality over quantity
3. Use youtube videos regularly
4. A (second) forfeit may cost your life

Thank you for reeding and good luck ! __________________________________________________________________

Introduction to the religion called "Obvious"

The religion called obvious is an obvious choice! It was created in the 21st century by a kid who was bored but that boy is a genius!As you can see in this link where he wins a challenging debate:

This religion has it all ! Its a smooth combination [1] of the past religions hence you wont end up like this guy:

Here we can see famous people praising the religion Obvious:
Tom Cruise:
Jim Carrey :
Justin Beiber:
Sarah Palin:
We can see in those videos famous people praising the religion "Obvious", there can be no mistake [2].

Are you afraid of critics?Do you hate to use your brain? Don't worry this religion has only few followers [3] so you wont get many critics (if any).So what are you waiting for? Join the 100000 billion followers today!

What about evolution(this video is made by our organisation)?We support it 100%:

"Obvious" also supports ignorance(the racist singer has joined our religion):

As you can see this religion has everything for all! Even when
it comes to science and knowledge![4]

Now lets see the wisdom of Obvious religions holy book[5]:
Chapter 1 Verse 1:
"Who knows ?"
Chapter 5 Verse 5:
"So God said caveman, revolt !"
Note:We have proof that this happened:

Chapter 55 Verse 1
"Then man learned to sing and dance but it angered God because it was about big booty bitches"
Note: This is still practiced !

Chapter 9 Verse 10
"Then prophets shouted 'please God we need rest' so God made sure that nothing interesting would happen"
Note:This still happens sometimes!

Chapter 3553 Verse 212
"Then the critics said 'You contradict yourself, how can you be God?!?' then God said "Indeed".
Can you find a God who is as hones as mine.I'm afraid not!
Chapter 1223243545555555 Final verse
"So we after 1223243545555555 chapters we conclude that stabing monkeys will hurt them"
Note:This has been proven

I have given an ample amount of reasons to join!So do it or you'll make the guy writing this very sad and you don't want that because he does strange things when hes sad:

(This is me when I'm sad and not some guy making a joke, I indeed killed the Santa Clause)[5]

Are you calling me a liar? I am not a liar thats my source.

Personal message to unbelievers:
We the religious leaders of the church "Obvious" have received many letters which like to know who is our leader sane, here is our response:

I think its obvious (get it) that many think we're crazy but we're not and this is something Ill try to prove along with my made up religion... I take that back.
As you can see this debate is for fun and I hope my opponent will try to be original because this can turn out very well.


The perfect religion "Fashion"

This religion is amazing and totally about yourself. It has been known to exist since the roman and greek civilizations started, and from there spread along the world.This religion teaches that all that matters in this world is you, yourself. You should always look beautiful; it can be in an exotic, funny, elegant, casual, sporty or even in a scary or creepy way. This religions shows you how important it is to concentrate in yourself and in your appearance.

There are a lot of important, remarkable people who follow this religion:
Heidi Klum

Tyra Banks


Lady Gaga




Do you have low self-esteem? Well, if you follow this religion that will change, you will always feel beautiful. Even if you have high self-esteem you should follow this religion will help you perfect your beauty. You will be successful and beautiful at the same time, you will learn to accomplish all you want in life. They may not accept it or comment it, but 99.9% of the people you see around the world follow "Fashion", they just cover it up with other religions like Buddhism or Christianity because this religion seems idiotic compared to this others.

Be careful before you choose this religion, make sure you are pretty enough to follow, if not... NEXT!

The Fashion bible quotes:

"Fashion is not something that exist in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the streets, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening." Coco Chanel

"Fashion shows the world how successful and beautiful someone can be." Calvin Dior

"Fashion helps you find the true beauty from the outside in." Nina Karan

Fashion will bring out your true beauty. You should follow no matter your height, your size, where you come from, as long as you believe you are beautiful.

If you decide to follow you can look at this religion in any way you want just believe you are and will always be beautiful. Please follow, you will feel more comfortable with yourself and how you look.

Debate Round No. 1


It seems thats its time for me to explain my great and scientifically proven[1] religion.

Ill first focus on heaven and hell according to our religion:
1. We believe that people die, probably.
2. Then people go to heaven or hell or some other place or nothing happens or something I didn't say happens.
3. Our notion hasn't been refuted !!!
Therefore we are correct in our beliefs.

1.We believe that God might exist
2.Therefore God must exist, otherwise the probability of his existence is diminished to null.
3.Ergo our God and not some other God exists.
This is an irrefutable fact!

Now lets look into our traditions:
We the believers of "Obvious" believe that one should see things which oppose our beliefs:
However after this one must play the Siberian roulette. For those who don't know what Siberian roulette is let me explain. Its like Russian roulette except the Russian roulette has only one bullet but the Siberian roulette is full with bullets.

Our ways of Life:
Too many believers played the Siberian roulette therefore we still haven't created the official way of life but this should be sorted out soon. Let me assure you this now, I will be proud of this.

We make up stuff but since we also ignore reason, our historical claims are reasonable!!! Did you ever want to be related to Michael Jackson? Now you can!

We don't see money as important in fact we have declared it moral to killing richer people with the exception of us the priests. You can be sure that greedy people aren't in our church because one must be rich to be greedy.

Love is free though we will brainwash you just like we brainwashed this young girl:

Sure but first you have to follow the rules contained in here:

Lets see what our believers are doing:

Anything else?:
Yes our believers have to worship this guy:

He's a nice guy.

[1] I like turtles and turtles eat sources[3] because I have a turtle according to source [2] my statement is proven.
[2] My turtle ate my source but according to source [1] I have a turtle ergo this is of no problem.
[3] My turtle ate my source concerning this but since its not here that means I do have a turtle which eats sources!!!

It is obvious that my religion Obvious is the obviously right choice so convert or more paint will dry.


Heaven and Hell:

We believe nobody's beauty dies so that means you don't die because if you die your beauty dies and if we don't believe beauty dies that means no one dies unless you were never beautiful. If you somehow die you will go to heaven always because heaven is beautiful.
Do we believe in god?

no we don't we are our own god. Nobody, not even God is able to make such beauty that exists in our world today. Why give the credit to God for what we do or for who we are.


Fashion has always existed, always it has never not been in this world. Even when dinosaurs were alive
fashion existed. For example:

Greek Gods, they have always looked amazing, i mean they may be just robes but they look amazing and they complement the woman's curves. Look at the medieval times, how women dressed. Also queens and Kings they dressed so elegant. For example have you seen how they dress angels, woow they look amazingly hot and sexy!!! Why do you think that in stories fallen angels are so attractive.

We believe the unbelievable:
Dark Angels

We believe the unbelievable because it's believable. The impossible is possible. The unbelievable is believable because then why would we believe if it's unbelievable, also sometimes the believable is unbelievable because we don't believe. So, we believe in the unbelievable and don't believe in the believable.

LOVE is everything to us, because love is beauty it is always beautiful. We believe love is amazing and sometimes depending unreachable.
We need money to achieve beauty. How would you buy clothes and make up and all those things you need for a beautiful life. You are free to follow whatever kind of fashion you want. for example elegant fashion, futuristic fashion, funny fashion, street fashion, modern fashion and old fashion.
Debate Round No. 2


vardas0antras forfeited this round.



Let's talk about a religion called "Obvious":

Just by hearing that name I became a little bit interesting at knowing more about the first time I heard it, although it sounds like a stupid name for a religion. This religion promotes ignorance, I mean really, ignorance, maybe this challenge is about making the most unbelievable religion, but that doesn't mean the religion has to promote things that will be a problem further on.
Imagine a world without intelligence or wisdom, I wouldn't be writing this right now. Maybe if you are lazy and you don't care about anything in this life, or you believe it's not worth the trying, then this is the perfect religion for you, go head and follow this, maybe it will give your laziness a meaning or a purpose.
If you're gonna stay at home wasting your life, at least follow or believe in some kind of thing, and that perfect thing is "obvious".
If you read round 1 and round 2 about the religion "Obvious" and you thing it fits your personality then go ahead and follow, but if it doesn't at all, consider following the religion "Fashion". Just think about it, if you're not feeling lazy enough to think, think about what is best for you and maybe for others too.
Debate Round No. 3


For those who had paid attention, you probably already know that the 4th round was created in case someone would for some reason forfeit a round.This had been set up in round 1, admittedly i thought that it will be my opponent who will use this. Its funny how things turn out, no? Since I haven't given any rules as to what you do if you never forfeit and I feel its too late for me to set up new rules, my opponent may use the 4th round in anyway. Personally I recommend reading what you're supposed to do in round 3 ,again ,and then give it another try. However you don't have to. Anyhow thank you for reading this and lets begin !!!
Fashion...Ha!!! What an ugly religion that is. People in our religion don't have to be fashionable to be good looking, in fact we have our standards so low that even Michael Jackson is considered handsome:

Readers please notice how my opponent fails to be persuasive:
Now who enjoys this life? Our believers are certainly very, very miserable. So whats the point of enjoying life with beauty if you don't enjoy your life at all? None at all.

What their religion can do, we can do better!:
"We believe the unbelievable:
Dark Angels
Thats believable but you know what is not believable, our religion and we believe it so ha! We win again.

Also look how limited his religion is:
"LOVE is everything to us"
What about anger, fear, greed and violence. Our church is overwhelmed with these things but apparently all his church can offer is love, how empty !!!

Now lets turn away from Love, Beauty and Happiness to the other side, you guessed it our religion "Obvious" !!!

Our great believers... They fill this world with their ideas:

They fill this world with their songs:

Ultimately they fill us with hope:

I urge everyone to vote Pro because we have friends on the other side!!!


laleona89 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by stilesscott 9 months ago
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Posted by Cliff.Stamp 6 years ago
Amusing, vardas simply had far more effort and a far more filled out religion and response.
Posted by vardas0antras 6 years ago
C'mon people VOTE this debate is awesome !!!
Posted by vardas0antras 6 years ago
*Waits for m93sammans biased votes*
Posted by vardas0antras 6 years ago
I bet Ill lose this one, just a prediction...
Posted by vardas0antras 6 years ago
Please vote and share this debate!
Posted by vardas0antras 6 years ago
" . . we have the technology . . . (to reinvent Christianity)"
Well what can I say:
Posted by SuperRobotWars 6 years ago
. . . we have the technology . . . (to reinvent Christianity)
Posted by vardas0antras 6 years ago
I meant not but lol that was a fail
Posted by vardas0antras 6 years ago
I do BOT approve your comment
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