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Battlefield 1 - Dreadnought is better than Airship

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Started: 1/24/2017 Category: Games
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Debating Period
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The Dreadnought is a much better behemoth than the airship.

The Dreadnought has 2 powerful AA guns and 2 Powerful cannons as its main weapons. The AA guns can easily destroy planes and boats to defend the dreadnought, and can even kill infantry and light vehicles very accurately and quickly. The two big cannons wreak havoc on structures, vehicles, and infantry

It also has much more survivability than the airship, and a strong team can keep the dreadnought alive much more than the airship.

The only real threat to the Dreadnought is torpedo boats and bombers, who can both be blown apart by the AA guns.

Meanwhile, the airship can be destroyed by:
AA guns
AA artillery trucks
all enemy planes
the fortress guns
tanks on high mountains

every one of these weaknesses takes a different approach to defeat, making the airship , definitely worse than the dreadnought


The dreadnought may be better when it comes to its health and resistance to counter attacks but it does very little damage and really can be ignored throughout the game unless in a plan. Since it is basically ignored most players will not attack it has its just not worth it however the airship is a bigger problem. keep in mind that the airship is acutely over the battle and by over I mean on top. The airship is also not ignored has it is a massive advantage to the other team. The airship deals lots of damage to any tanks and it also deals damage to any players that are in clear site. The dreadnought is not strangely placed if you look at where the dreadnought is it is far from shore making it hard for the players in the boat to deal damage to the enemy. The airship is also a good way for players get behind enemy lines and deal a bit of damaged from the back of the enemy. Finally, the airship when taken down falls to the ground and explodes deal lots of damage to the enemy the dreadnought however just sinks.
Debate Round No. 1


While I will submit to the fact that the Airship has more mobility and can sometimes surprise attack far-off points, I disagree the dreadnought is worse at attacking

First of all, the dreadnought, while being restricted to sea, actually has some points it can capture provided it gets close enough. Building off of this, When it is close, the AA guns can wreak havoc on anything in sight. Even should the Ship be far away from shore, the cannon range is ridiculous and can dislodge tightly fortified positions. If your team is helpful too, you can take out sniper spots and tank campers. If not, you can fire a volley into battleground to predict the enemy positions and provide heavy suppressing fire

The Airship surviving largely depends on the captain, of which there is one, and a bad captain can let the airship die extremely quickly to AA and fortress guns or, as I have seen on multiple occasions, completely take the behemoth out of the map, never to be a threat to anybody. A bad captain of the dreadnought cannot, however, make his behemoth completely useless since the cannons' ranges are huge.

When the Airship is taken down, as well, it might deal lots of damage to the enemy but on a battleground it has a huge chance of dealing its own allies damage. In a situation where the airship dies deep in enemy territory, hardly anything would be lost on the enemy's side since most of their troops would be on friendly points, attempting to take them


The dreadnought might deal lots of damage but again its visibility is very limited. However, i decided to test out the dreadnought and see if your arguments are true. I found out that although deals a lot of damage it still has very little visibility and many damages is still limited to only players in Vehicles or players near te shore. The airship I also test and a lot true it gets destroyed quickly it acts more as a kamikaze meant to do as much damage as possible before it dies were the airship acts more like a sniper type of boat
Debate Round No. 2


Well, i don't know what you mean by the Dreadnought has low visibility, maybe for the AA guns but those have fine ranges of vision if you are on the one on the shore side. And the cannons are indirect so that doesnt really count for visibility. The sirship can survive also for a very long time if the pilot manages to find and bomb the AA guns on the ground, but it's difficult and most likely won't happen
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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Fletch290 1 year ago
yeah but the airship flies better than the dreadnaught, and it is completely impervious to the torpedo boats that continually wreck the dreadnaught. So in those two categories I submit that the airship is indeed the better of the two.
Posted by Hawkecrail 1 year ago
Debate needed to be restarted, sorry about that
Posted by jo154676 1 year ago
Dreadnaught is fuckin awesome
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