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Bbq Sauce is the Best Sauce

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Started: 12/25/2017 Category: Funny
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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it's just so delicious, addictive and succulent. i love it, agree or disagree?

to make things interesting il state my disdain for the universally loved ketchup, it just stinks, urgh!


Hello. I will be arguing that marinara sauce is actually the best sauce. I will post my arguments and will save my rebuttals for Round 2.

1. Best Nutritional Value

A half-cup serving of marinara sauce contains 82 calories. Eating this sauce by itself is possible but not common – you’ll more likely top a plate of pasta with it or serve it as a dip with mozzarella sticks or other fried foods, so account for all the calories when planning a meal. Marinara sauce is quite low in fat, with 2.7 grams per serving. A serving provides 14.2 grams of carbohydrates and 3.1 grams of fiber as well as 3.8 grams of protein. [1]

2. Vitamins and Minerals

Marinara sauce is a rich source of vitamin C. Each serving provides 67 percent of the daily recommended value based on a 2,000-calorie diet, making marinara a good choice for promoting a strong immune system. You also take in 40 percent of the vitamin A you need each day as well as 10 percent of the iron and 7 percent of the calcium when eating the marinara sauce. The vitamin and mineral content of tomatoes in marinara sauce may have benefits for diabetics. Research published in the December 2010 issue of the “International Journal of Food Sciences and Nutrition” reported that eating tomatoes may help lower the risk of hypertension. The researchers theorize that this can help diabetic patients lower their chances of developing cardiovascular disease, a risk factor for diabetes. [1]

3. Contains high levels of lycopene.

Because tomatoes feature heavily in marinara sauce, the sauce contains a high level of lycopene. This nutrient has antioxidant effects, and it may also help prevent a range of cancers. Evidence in the December 2010 edition of the “Journal of Oral Pathology and Medicine” indicates that the lycopene in marinara sauce may stop oral cancer by treating premalignant lesions in the mouth. More research is going to be needed to support these findings, so take this with a grain of salt. [1]

Those are my arguments for Round 1. I put the floor to Pro.


Debate Round No. 1


Ok, although your argument is acceptable, it seems unauthentic, as anyone can copy and paste such information.

Now here is my argument,

1: High in Antioxidants, barbeque sauce reduces the effects of free radicals such as stress and other toxins, In depth, based on experience, I know that after eating barbeque sauce I feel comforted, happy and at peace.

2:Much like marina sauce, bbq sauce also contains a lot of tomatoes, and therefore lycopene, you have already stated the effects of lycopene, which includes a reduced risk of prostate cancer and heart disease. Speaking of heart disease, bbq sauce has a high potassium count, which reduces the risk of said condition. Moreover, potassium reduces the effects of depression and strengthens the immune system.

3:Low fat content in comparison to marina sauce, per 100gs, marina contains 1.5g of fat, whereas bbq sauce only contains 0.6g, meaning you can enjoy more of it without worrying about gaining weight.

4:Typically, Barbeque sauce doesn't contain alcohol, whereas marina does, therefore it is more compatible with non alcoholics, especially people with liver problems, not forgetting religious reasons.

5: Highly versatile: Can be used as a side, and a marinade. Goes on pretty much anything from chicken and beef, to pizza and pasta.

6:Taste: Because of its perfect blend of herbs and spices, this sauce comes with a certain richness.

Obviously I am bias, but its hard to ignore these great points.


I'm actually not gonna go ahead and continue with this. This debate genuinely is pointless and really should only be up for the opinions, not a full-blown debate. Two sides have strong points, and cannot be refuted because they're facts. I can't refute these.

So I'll just concede and stop doing this debate. It's pointless. I'm sorry for wasting everyone's time.
Debate Round No. 2


cool, but i hope you try some bbq now hahaha. Have a good one
This round has not been posted yet.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Minddagger 2 years ago
top 10 anime fight scenes
Posted by B0NE_DUDE 2 years ago
BBQ is definatley the best in the world, but Marinara & Pesto can't be beat either. I am sure some Mustard will find its way into the BBQ.
Posted by MRAAJ 2 years ago
I've just looked at the top 25 best selling sauces, me and my opponent are well off! However, common sense will prevail, no one goes into a food joint and requests marina sauce! Hahaha, bbq sauce all day!
Posted by Leaning 2 years ago
I prefer ketchup.
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