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Be it resolved that, Animals should be used for testing.

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Started: 12/2/2016 Category: Miscellaneous
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Good day,
The resolution before us today is Be it resolved that animals should be used for testing.
As the only speaker on our team I strongly disagree, Here are a few reasons why.
1. Animals can hurt and feel just as we can how would you like to be covered in chemichales and used for horrible expirements.
2. Animals are a valuable part of our environment and wthout them we will surely decline in environmental help.
3. We are doing it for our own luxury
We are tourturing many animals for hand creams,Bath and body products,and many other items for our own convenience. This is unjust and unhumane.
4. We treat animals as if we are less than them.
We are all equal in fact humans share 30% of our DNA with lettuce weare all interconnected without bee's which are considered animals pollinate flowers. Without that we would have no food. Torturing an animal is unhumane and unjust. Believeing that this is ok shows how truely corrupted our society actually is.
And that is why we strongly oppose



I understand you completely, hurting animals in cruel and sick ways is something we do not tolerate in our society yet when it happens in laboratories it's suddenly justified.

However, one must understand why testing on animals is a necessary evil. The strongest point I have to make is the health and safety of human users of new medicine, body products, and other chemicals which could potentially be dangerous when in contact with human metabolism.

If we did not test our products on other live beings some side-effects could not be spotted and that could lead to a death of human users which is something that companies cannot allow to happen both for moral and financial reasons.

Furthermore, human life is worth more than that of an animal, all live is equal but it's personal qualities that have worth in our world and human qualities surpass animal ones.

Animal experiments are only justified if they provide a benefit that is unable to be gained by any other way.
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Posted by AuthoritySystem 1 year ago
Stuntman, there is not enough rapists and murderers in this world to fulfill all testing purposes but that's beside the point. I find it strange that you say testing on animals is never justified and then just a second later suggest testing on humans, what a strange view you hold.

Criminals are still humans, one never loses "human" status. We cannot allow for different categories of "humans", that's exactly what Nazis did and look how that turned out with their superiority complex. The moment we approve of the concept of "sub-humans" is the moment where we lose control of that definition.
Posted by stuntman.k 1 year ago
Testing on an animal is NEVER justified. Animal abuse with a purpose is still animal abuse. The solution? Test products on rapists and murderers!
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