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Beauty is only how you look on the outside

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Started: 12/16/2014 Category: People
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In this debate I will attempt to prove that beauty does not rely on your kindness and achievements, only about how you look on the outside.

Round One: Acceptance (no arguments)
Round Two: Opening Arguments (no rebuttals)
Round Three: Rebuttal from what was said in round one.
Round Four: Closing (no rebuttal)
Debate Round No. 1


I'd like to start off by saying it's nice to be nice.

It's great if you do nice things, say kind words, so on.

But we live in a society today where "beautiful" means attractive, pretty, or good-looking.

The first thing people notice is how you look. If you are attractive to the eye, you are deemed by the viewer "beautiful", even if you have a crappy personality.

There's a difference between beauty and a good personality. Even if you aren't pleasing to the eye, but you have a heart of gold, you are still not "beautiful", you just have a good personality. And if you are very pleasing to the eye, but your a bully, you are still beautiful, just a bad person.

If a do a Google image search for a "beautiful woman" or a "beautiful man", it only shows models and people pleasing to the eye. There is no such thing as "inner beauty", it's just having a good personality.


no TRUE beauty is on the inside the beautiful outside is just a bonus sexual attraction and the more people understand this the better off the world will be
Debate Round No. 2


Frankly, I'd rather be nice than beautiful. But there is no such thing as "inner beauty". "Beauty" is hpw you look on the outside. You can have a good personality, or a nice aspect of the world, but it's not "beauty". Beauty is how you look on the outside. Kindness is how you are on the inside.


ok I love my gf and it's because of the inside she is kind smart she loves the color red she hates the cowboys lol (NO OFFENSE COWBOY FANS) I love her for who she is the outside beauty is just an added bonus>
Debate Round No. 3


That's great that you love your girlfriend because of her personality, not her looks.

But beauty, again, is how you look on the outside; but kindness, however, is the inside. Kindness and personality are what really matters, beauty is just a facade.


itsagodthing forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by Jocie 2 years ago
No just that is "beautiful" only how you look on the outside or is it also personality
Posted by ElCoyote 2 years ago
when you mean by only beauty on the outside do you mean people only truly fall in love with beautiful people, ignoring their personalities and things of the like?
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