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Being Christian is better than being Atheist

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Started: 3/11/2015 Category: Religion
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I believe that being Christian is better than being Atheist for several reasons.

1. If you die and are Atheist and it turns out that Jesus Christ and Yahweh(God) are real, you are going to you-know-where.

2. If you die and are Christian, your family will be able to believe you are in a better place.

3. If you want to see your Christian relatives when you die and are Atheist, expect to be disappointed.

That is all.


To start things off, I would like to state that I am a Christian.

Just because you don't believe something, doesn't mean you can go around dissing it. If someone were to argue that all Christians are just going to end up in hell, I can guarantee you that we would both be angry. On this Earth we aren't meant to say "Hey Atheists, you are a terrible person" I mean yeah some of them can be real jerks, but so can anyone else. God put us on this Earth to "correct" those who are willing to be "corrected", but if someone just doesn't believe, whether it be the language or how they grew up, we can't go around call them names. Jesus didn't come to Earth to call people names, he came to Earth to teach. Nobody on this Earth is better than anyone else. I can guarantee you that there are some people who say that they are Christian, but then go out and bully other people. Do you remember the story of Judah,? He was Christian, but he turned Jesus in for money. Saying that Christians are better than Atheists is like saying the iPhone 5 is better than the iPhone 4. Yes the iPhone 5 has some better features, but that doesn't mean that iPhone 4's should be seen as "terrible" and "worse". As long as they both call and text (and maybe play a few games/apps) they are still doing their job.
Debate Round No. 1


I would like to say some things.

1. I never said Atheists are worse than Christians. For example: Mahatma Gandhi. He was a great man, even if he wasn't Christian. I know he isn't Atheist, but he was still not Christian.

2. I know some Atheists are good people. But this debate is about how we(Christians) have the better afterlife, not how we have a better life(Which some of us have pretty horrible lives).

That is all.


Alex_Stowe forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


Williamson forfeited this round.


I realize your point of view could be true, but you do realize that we aren't controllers of Gods actions so we don't know how God judges the afterlife, we are given some ideas, but never his full process.

Vote Con.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Rezend 3 years ago
There are approximatelly 10,000 gods in human culture. You disbelieve 9,999 and I disbelieve 10,000.
It makes no difference.
Just to make things clear. I am not an atheist in the usual meaning of the word, I ama pantheist.
Posted by Chaosism 3 years ago
"2. If you die and are Christian, your family will be able to believe you are in a better place."

I assume you meant to say that if *they* are Christian. If you are Christian and someone you love dies that isn't a Christian, you are faced with believing that they may be burning in hell for all eternity. That's grisly to behold.
Posted by Deato 3 years ago
You can't state that an atheists afterlife will be burning. You have never experienced it so you have no way of knowing the stature of the "afterlife" for atheists. You don't even know if there is an afterlife. You go off of the bible. Not saying that what most believe is wrong but you have no way of knowing if that is what is guaranteed to be.
Posted by G-g-ghost 3 years ago
plz tell me how an eternity of servitude and burning is a better afterlife than blissfull nothing?
Isaiah-30-26 part of ur not so holy text describes ur heavenly paradise hotter than the metaphorical hell the so called sinners are going to haha? I shall also post a debunk stament.

If there is an afterlife and there is an all loving god/gods, he/she won't care what you belive or if you went to a pedophiles temple and got on ur knees and prayed every week to it. It would look at ur life and if you lived a decent caring life and acted like a decent human.

And if die and meet a god and ur a good person and he dosnt let you into his heaven cuz you didn't contestly kiss his butt in ur life or blow up that abortion clinic or bash someone's rights to express there love. Then is that is a heaven you really don't want to get in anyways am I right?
Posted by Deato 3 years ago
You can not in any way say that the Christian afterlife is better. How do you know what they are both like? Or that there even is an afterlife? You have know why of knowing what each is like so why even start a debate on something you have no way of proving?
Posted by Blazzered 3 years ago
Pascal's wager?
That's your whole argument?
Okay I will debunk this with 2 questions and 1 statement. I'll give a little info on each.

1. What if you believe in the wrong God?
There are tons of Gods. Hindu gods, Buddha, Islam god, etc. any of them could be the right God.
2. Wouldn't God knows who believes out of faith and who believes out of just getting out of hell (meaning they don't truly believe, but act like they do)?
3. Argument appeals to emotion.
This argument is saying "believe or you might go to hell", so it's an argument trying to scare people I to believing.
Posted by shaancl_716 3 years ago
This debate is almost laughable. Pro's first argument is based of what evidence?
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