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Being a realist is better than being an optimist

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Started: 10/31/2016 Category: Philosophy
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Hi! Admittedly, most people think that being an optimist is better than being a pessimist. But what about realists? I am for being a realist, because sometimes it's silly to look at the world through pink glasses.


I'd honestly would be protesting for this, however I'll accept to conflict with your claim. People who are realistic can also be optimistic, people who are realistic normally seem rude to those who don't see the world with individuals in it. Being optimistic about situation, ideal, understanding,etc helps put a point their, people normally who are optimist, most of the time help or, put a point there, however we just need to get their. I'm aware they don't actually provided help, as humans do have emotions, they help those who need the emotionally help, they give motivation to people, they speak words that others will listen to in a emotionally and spiritually (sometimes) way. I will admit they're announce needs to be abolished.
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However, who said that realists cannot motivate people and help them emotionally? Being a realist doesn't mean to think that there is no hope. I even think that people would be more eager to perceive a motivation from a realist rather than from an optimist. Here are the reasons:
1) Realists evaluate a situation soberly, what sometimes cannot be said about about optimists. That is why, it's more reliable to trust a realist than an optimist. If a realist says, "I can do this project before the deadline", you believe him, because you know that he takes into consideration all his strengths and weaknesses as well as factors which can influence his work both positively and negatively. However, when an optimist makes decision, he is more likely to look only on the bright sides and forget about his drawbacks, which can lead to wrong evaluation of himself, and, consequently, to the wrong decision.
2) Realists are more determined than optimists. While an optimist can be in the same position from day to day thinking that everything "will get better someday" and doing nothing for improving their life, realists clearly understand that no "happy end" is going to come by miracle and that their future are only in the hands and depends utterly on themselves. Because of that, they tend to make actions quicker and more frequently than optimists do.
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Posted by FanboyMctroll 1 year ago
I think being a realist prepares you better for future surprises where an optimist would later say "I didn't think that this would end up like that.

It's good to have a sense of optimism but you also have to be realistic. Like casino gamblers who go because they think they will win but in reality the casino always wins, I personally have funded many tables and machines from my loses there. So I stopped going
Posted by canis 1 year ago
a) 1+1=2... Could be the realist 1+1=3..Could be an optimist. b) Being realist can only exist in the present... Being optimist can only exist in the non present.
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