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Being bad is A lot more easier

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Started: 7/28/2016 Category: Society
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Being bad is obviously, bad. But it's appears that being bad takes less effort than being good. With being good comes the responsibility, patience, tolerance and alot of other things which in case you are bad, isn't necessary.

First round;- acceptance and a bit of opinionative speech.
Second round:- actual argument
Third round;- answer to opponents argument, conclusive words.

Caution:- this debate is meant to be short and only has 2000 characters.


I accept and look forward to reading your argument!
Debate Round No. 1


Well, this is my first time debating with a woman. Hope it turns out well.

To start with my argument,
Being Bad Is Easier.

Reasons To Believe:-

1) When a person is bad, they do things that makes others suffer. Naturally, making others suffer would mean that the person making the other suffer, is not suffering as much as the person being made to suffer. So that's easy.

2) Being bad means to feed your carnal desires that makes you want to be bad. And in this case, feeding these desires takes no actual struggle it just means making other struggle. And resisting ones desires is a struggle which bad people don't do.

3) Being bad and carrying out your sadistic desires gives you pleasure. And attaining pleasure gives a feeling of ease.

4) You need no patience. Now patience in the sense that you control yourself and be patient for something you're not going to get. Which in this case, You are.

5) You can loose control while being bad because that's just a part of being bad really.

6) You don't have to keep appearances. You are the natural you. You don't have to pretend to be something you're not.

7) Another facility that comes with being bad is, you can lie. You don't have to speak the truth and can make anyone belive what you want. Basically you are a natural liar. And you don't feel compelled to speak the truth. And if you talk to someone for the first time, They don't kniw whether you are a liar or not.

8) You don't care about others. And caring also takes effort and love. Which you can't give.

These are just a list of the privileges that bad people have.



To begin with I"d like to note that all of Pro"s arguments presume that a bad person has no conscience to answer to. I presume a bad person does have a conscience. With this in mind, I will address her arguments one by one.

1) When a person does things that make others suffer, they have to live with themselves. If they cant deal with the prompting of their own conscience, they may try to silence it using drugs or alcohol which could lead to a dependency on substances and have adverse health effects. It would be easier for someone to apologize and make amends.

2) Feeding one"s carnal desires only gives temporary satisfaction. Struggling with one"s own conscience, is something that has lasting effects. Resisting one"s bad desires, is easy if one distracts themselves with something good they enjoy, like music, art, building or fixing something. The results of channeling energy into something creative brings joy and a product of the creative effort.

3)Not everyone has sadistic desires, for those who do, they could derive genuine joy from helping someone instead of harming.

4) Even bad people need patience. Do you think that killers who shot up schools, churches, or most recently a night club, didn"t execute patience for the best time to act out their plan?

5)When someone looses control there are usually bad consequences to face. Are the consequences EASY? Most likely not.

6)Not every person who is good is being phoney. Some people are kind and considerate within their nature.

7) If one lies too much, eventually people catch on and they can"t be trusted. Not having anyone trust you must really suck. All we really own is our bodies and our words. If our words are false, they mean nothing and a person can"t build any meaningful relationships. If one needs to continue to meet people to continue to lie, they would end up being lonely from not having anyone who is close.

8) It must be very lonely to not have any love to give. This is the main reason that I don"t think it"s EASY to be bad!
Debate Round No. 2
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This round has not been posted yet.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Rightreform 2 years ago
To most senseless people being bad can seem like it is easier, and it probably is easy for the moment. These ones fail to discern the long-term effects. This psalmist almost fell to the wicked deception that it is fun and easy it is to be bad.
Posted by Muslimdebater 2 years ago
vi_spex... hate to break it to you, but throwing a tantrum about your hatred towards islam won't help you... it still stands :)

tantrum=word vomit
vomit should be done in the toilet
vi spex = toilet
Posted by Muslimdebater 2 years ago
some people don't know that they have to sh*t from their assh*le, so they sh*t from their mouth. like vi-spex
Posted by vi_spex 2 years ago
if you kill yourself you wont have to breathe to, join islam..
Posted by vi_spex 2 years ago
islam is bad
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