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Bengal tiger vs Asiatic lion

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Started: 3/2/2016 Category: Science
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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This debate was issued several times on this site, and most of the time the opposing side didn't have any arguments so they let the time expire before any verdict was made, so if you are not willing to answer thoroughly, then do not except the challenge.

I stand by what previous others have stated regarding the lion. The lions advantages out weighs the tigers and the lions advantages are:


- Stronger at striking
- Has a protective mane
- Is more experienced at fighting
- Is more skilled, has better stamina and endurance
- Stronger bite, bigger skull,
- A foot taller, twice bigger in appearance
- Is heavier on average
- Hunts bigger animals on average an at max
- faces more heavier an tougher competition


-The tiger is thinner, weaker, more lithe an not as solid an compact
-The tigers competition wild dogs, oust an often kills him
- Hardly ever fights other the mating rights an small territorial disputes
- Does not have a protecting factor like the lion which protects the throat an belly
- Has longer fangs that can snap in a fight easier
- Has weak paw clouting strikes that is merely superficial
- Is killed by bears more often than vice versa


Why did you use pros and cons? Because you gave me ideas to help me in the next rounds.
Debate Round No. 1


Why did you bother to accept the challenge if you arent going post anything of value? You pretty much wasted your first round 1 with nothing'ness, the facts are stated as so and can be backed up.

But, I am open to any of your suggestions. opines, retorts or evidence you can provide.

Good luck


That was valuable. I have a life.
Debate Round No. 2

Pro have nothing then, just like the rest?


I have a life and I'm have good stuff. But you'll just take it... maybe... somehow...
Debate Round No. 3


Is that why you decided to accept a challenge debate on lions and tigers because you wanted to tell people you have a life, and not post a single shred of anything on the actual debate? Do you even know how a debate works?

Okay, good for you.

Anyways, the lion wins:

wikipedia, an the new version of the smithsonian has been exposed to be non-factual.

The End.


Fine lions win, and so do you, but I don't really care. You put it for both and that's not how debates work.
Debate Round No. 4


No the pro was just the lions advantages, and the con was the tigers disadvantages, I wasn't talking about pro (me) con (you), but there advantages against the other.

Thence you forfeit an the lion remains the King of beast.

Thank you an have a good day.


So, no matter what, the lions win. You said that i had to do something in the last round, so I will. Tigers are apex predators, which means that they have no natural predators as adults. Apex predators are very important to the habitats in which they live, as they keep prey species from growing into huge populations. Tigers primarily consume large herbivores, such as deer and pigs. When tigers are not around to keep the deer and pig populations in check, the herbivores will reach very high densities. When this happens, many of them starve or turn to human sources of food.
Tigers are disappearing in the wild because their habitat is being destroyed at an alarming rate. Tigers require primary forest habitat to survive, but humans have cut down much of their historic habitat to build towns and villages. Additionally, poachers, who seek to sell their parts for folk medicines, kill many tigers. A disadvantage for white tigers are that at night, the white tiger can freeze to death. Tigers help keep ecosystems balanced, which is an advantage; however, they occasionally eat humans or livestock, which is a disadvantage. While these disadvantages are serious, such occurrences are rare. When tigers are provided with enough habitat and natural prey, they do not cause many problems for humans. On the balance, tigers are important and beneficial components of the natural world that deserve the protection they are afforded.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by DebaterDracon 2 years ago
Well, there's truly no point in arguing this if it's already been argued before. If no one can supply the evidence, it's obvious that our lion friend has won.
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