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Bernie Sanders Should be The Democrats Nominee for the Presidency of the United States.

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Started: 11/4/2015 Category: Politics
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Feel the Burn! I can't think of a better way to start a discussion about Senator Bernie Sanders, candidate for the democratic nomination for President of the United States.
I shall start my argument by addressing a few basics. I will define the resolution and set a value criteria. Ideally will make arguments that support the value criteria. Then I will make a series of arguments in favor of the resolution that support the value criteria.

The resolution is Bernie Sanders Should be The Democrats Nominee for the presidency of the United States. As the Affirmation I shall define the resolution to avoid confusion. If my opponent has an issue with my definition I welcome them to raise it as a contention.
Bernie Sanders, being the senator from Vermont.
Should be The Democrats Nominee for President of the United States, meaning that he should be chosen by the Democratic nomination process to run for the presidency, representing the Democratic Party.

The value criteria for this debate shall be the benefit to the Democratic Party. I do not wish to argue the benefit to the nation. IF we do that than this debate becomes about policy. Arguing policy is very fascinating, however such a debate is well beyond what can be discussed in 10,000 characters. In addition it is more relevant to current events to debate about a candidates benefit to a party not the nation; the general election has not started yet.

My arguments shall present the case that Bernie Sanders is the best candidate for the Democratic Nomination and therefore he should be the nominee.

My first argument is that Bernie Sanders is a good candidate because he is consistent on the issues. Bernie Sanders unlike some of his opponents has supported human rights for his whole political career. Unlike some of his opponents, who have only recently updated their stances, Bernie Sanders has supported gay marriage since the 70s. (1) A politician should be trustworthy. Often in the modern day we see politicians "flip flop" on important issues. The democratic nominee should be trusted to stick to his positions even when they are unpopular politically. The democratic nominee should be trusted. Bernie Sanders has earned trust.
Bernie Sanders shows his trustworthiness on other issues as well. Bernie Sanders did not support the North American Free Trade Agreement which took millions of good paying jobs from hard working Americans. He now denounces the TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) which threatens to take many more American jobs. In comparison, Bernie Sanders" opponent for the Democratic Nomination for the Presidency, Hillary Clinton called the TPP a gold standard while she was Secretary of State. However now that the TPP is unpopular Hillary Clinton has denounced the Trade Deal. (2) Bernie Sanders is consistent on the issues. He is trustworthy. He is the best candidate for the Democratic Nomination

My second contention is that Bernie Sanders is more likely to win the Presidency for the Democrats than his opponent Hillary Clinton, therefore he is a better candidate. In a poll by NBC News/Wall Street Journal/Marist (in October) Bernie Sanders out preforms Hilary Clinton in General election match ups in Iowa and New Hampshire. (3) In a NBC News/ Wall Street Journal poll Bernie Continues to Outperform Hillary Clinton in General Election match ups. (4) For the Democratic Party it is crucial that the Nominee is able to win the general elections. The party"s best candidate is the candies that can most assuredly wins in the general election. Because Bernie Sanders outperforms Hillary Clinton in General Election match ups he is the best nominee because he has a better chance of winning.

MY final contention is that Bernie Sanders is the best candidate for the Democratic Party because he is best able to help retake the senate and house. I must first supply a little background info. The democratic base is largely made up of young and minority voters. Unfortunately these voters do not always vote. Democrats have a hard time getting large voter turnout. Low voter turnout is one of the reasons the democrats lost the senate last year and lost the house in 2010. Bernie Sanders is best able to help get out the vote. He is able to bring out large crowds of young minority voters. Simply look at one of his rallies. Look at the tens of thousands of young faces. If Bernie Sanders can bring such large crowds he can most certainly bring out the vote and insure that the Democratic Party retakes the senate and house. His candidacy best serves the Democratic Party.

For all of the reasons above I urge a strong vote in favor of the resolution. Thank you all for your time!

Voters please note that this debate was started on 11-3-15. By the time voting is finished things may well have changed. Please judge by the information and standards available to the debaters.



Bernie would be an excellent nominee for the democrats as he speaks for the poor, which is what not a lot of other people do. Wealth gaps are the poison of america as it divides the american people so that some have an easier life and others have a hard life. My dad works 15 hours a day and we are lower-medium class. Some of my friends' parents work 6 hours a day and get hundreds of thousands of dollars a year because they got lucky in business. Bernie believes that things like this should not stand, as they are unfair to Americans. Even Bernie himself is the poorest of the presidential candidates. Republicans and some other democrats believe that poor people have done something wrong in life. That is just a false stereotype. Plenty of rich people have done way worse than many poor people, and the only reason they are poor is because they can't find a perfect job. While capitalism is a good system, it isn't very rational. I'm not saying america needs to be socialist, and I"m not even a socialist, but I am saying that socialism can be better than capitalism. They also believe that 15 dollars an hour is too much, when whats happening right now is rich business owners that oppose Bernie's minimum wage are stuffing their pockets with extra money they earned from the more poor, hardworking people. Most of Bernie's opponents are VERY hypocritical. They are also sometimes stupid, saying that reducing the tax for poorer people will put America in even more debt, when the rich are being taxed higher. The rich will do anything to not be taxed higher, and deep down they know that what Bernie thinks about taxes is right.
Debate Round No. 1


It seems that my opponent is fully agreeing with all of my contentions. Seeing that I do not need to refute any arguments, unless the Opposition fields new arguments, the Affirmation rests it's case.


Whoops, I thought it said that Bernie should not be president. Sorry. :p
Debate Round No. 2


Would my opponent like to start a new round?


No thanks, my fault for ruining your debate :(
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Golfer15 2 years ago
Iowa and New Hampshire votes aren't what their worried about... Its The huge states they're worried about votes...
Posted by kasmic 2 years ago
Whomever the DNC Nominates as a party should be the nominee.
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