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Best Fantine, Best Eponine.

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Started: 12/18/2014 Category: Music
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Ruthie Henshall, Lea Salonga.

Let's Start

Con: Disagree, make a stand.


I love Les Miserables, so I totally accept.

There are so many Fantine's and Eponine's around the world. There might even be two or three production going on right now in other countries. Thus, it is impossible to decide which Fantine and Eponine actresses did the best at their roles.

Just because Ruthie Henshall and Lea Salonga are well known doesn't mean they did the best at their roles.

I've seen it three times, four if you count the movie. Okay, Samantha Barks and Anne Hathaway weren't the best Fantines and Eponines (though Anne Hathaway was pretty good), but I've seen three different, quite unknown actresses for each role, that I can't even recall their names.

But their performances were just as powerful as Ruthie Henshall's and Lea Salogna's. And I'm judging three out of the thousands that have played this role.

Sure, the Eponine I saw the first time was better than the one I saw the third time, but that doesn't make her the best Eponine. Same goes for Fantine. Just because Ruthie Henshall and Lea Salonga are the best Fantines and Eponines you've seen, doesn't make them the "best".
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Mattyyy forfeited this round.
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Mattyyy forfeited this round.


Throughout all the Fantine's ever, the best cannot virtually be decided. But I can tell you for sure, it's not Ruthie Henshall or Lea Salonga.
Debate Round No. 3
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