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Best Live Action Batmam

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Started: 7/8/2016 Category: Entertainment
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For this debate, the pro and con may choose any live action batman including Adam West from the tv show. Voice actors like Kevin Conroy from cartoons or video games cannot be chosen

As Pro, I choose Ben Affleck

1st round- Only type I accept and the actor you chose
2nd round- Debate
3rd round- Rebuttal and conclusion


I will be defending Michael Keaton. That's right, I'm saying he was better than Christian Bale or Ben Affleck.

Can't wait for round 2, when the real action starts!
Debate Round No. 1


Honestly, Keaton was my second choice so I know this'll be good. While Keaton was pretty good as Batman, what would really
set the mood off was how he would occasionally throw in cheesy one-liners that would really tip the scary persona of Batman off the edge. Now I know this is on the costume designers but Keaton moving his whole body just to take a look behind him looked absolutely ridiculous.Maybe if Keaton were to do it slowly and throw some intensity in his movements, the silly turns would look slightly less ridiculous. Ben Affleck kept all his movements smooth and intimidating. When Keaton was Batman, he was a bit naive and kind even while Ben Affleck maintained a stern, aggresive and serious look just like in the comics, The looks Batman gave to his empty suit and Robin's suit spoke a thousand words. Even the way Affleck's Batman fought seemed so aggresive and deadly, drawing inspiration from the fight sequences from the wildly popular Arkham video games. The fact that Zack Snyder gave Affleck the same Power Suit from the Dark Knight Returns graphic novel was not just awesome but the suit itself looked fantastic and on-point. Even without the suit Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne is just like how he looks in the comics. We should also keep in mind that Ben Affleck put more dedication into his character then Michael Keaton did. Batfleck definitely had the best body shape when it comes to every Batman actor. Michael Keaton as I said had great Batman but his Bruce Wayne felt a little too be stale while Affleck easily pulled of an excellent Bruce Wayne and Batman. While Keaton did show some detective skills, Affleck made Sherlock Holmes blush when he went undercover at Lex Luthor's party and following dangerous leads. No doubt Affleck showed best, the dark, broody and tortured pyschology that Batman fans know him best by while Michael Keaton kept it a bit to family frienly. The extended version of BvS even further prove all my points by adding scenes where Ben Affleck was pretty much absorbed into his character. The grief, guilt and rage Batfleck showed was absolutely legendary. One of the best Batman fans out there, Kevin Smith even credits Ben Affleck as the best Batman.

Link to Smith's words on Batfleck:-


I agree with you that Affleck's Batman was a lot more darker, aggressive, brooding, and overall more violent. But unlike you, I don't necessarily view those as good aspects.
Generally, Batman is supposed to be a dark, almost antiheroish kind of character. But Batman v Superman took it too far. I didn't like how Batfleck killed. Of course, I didn't mind the killing in the dream sequence, but in the other parts of the movie, I didn't like the fact that he killed. Maybe this isn't Affleck's fault, I'm sure Synder and the execs at Warner Bros. have most if not all of the blame, but still, I wish this Batman wasn't a murderer. To me, that's just not Batman. And yes, I know Keaton's Batman killed too, but for him, it just seemed different. I'm at a loss for words as to how, but it just was.

However, I admit a lot of what you said was true, especially the part about him starring at Robin's old suit. That scene was just gold. But still, to me, it was never truly Batman; just too violent. I felt like Keaton's Batman really encapsulated the classic Batman, the vigilante who tries to avoid killing if he can help it, like the Batman from the DC Animated Universe.

And by the way, I read what Kevin Smith had to say on Batfleck, and he said that the script he was writing for his solo Batman movie might get an Oscar (or at least a nomination), not his performance. And I greatly doubt this; not because I don't have faith in Ben Affleck's writing or directing, but because the Academy rarely recognizes superhero movies, or action movies in general. Heck, even the Dark Knight didn't get best picture or best writing.
Debate Round No. 2


Well, to me it seemed like Affleck's kills were justified as his sideckick just died and things were really tough for him to handle. Keaton, however seemed to be a bit of a cynic. Remember that scene when he put dynamite in a fat thug's pant, causing him to blow up, well after Keaton did that, he actully smiled. Seems a bit psychotic and unjustified. Believe it or not Batman has killed some people in the comics, sometimes even with a gun but at those times, just like Affleck, he was going through some stuff. In the Dark Knight Returns novel and animated film, Batman almost choked the Joker to death for killing Robin. That was the same reason, Affleck killed the goons in BvS.

As for Smith, yes he said the script was Oscar-worthy but what also counts is how the script is delivered, Affleck delivered amazingly. Keaton before BvS was who i thought of when someone said Batman but know I hear Affleck. Great debate though


As I said, I know Keaton killed too, but by no means was he the cold hearted murderer that Affleck was. At least Keaton only killed when necessary, Affleck was throwing cars onto people and lighting them up with flame throwers left and right. And I don't believe that Batman going through Robin's death entirely justifies it. Besides, if Batman were to go on a bad phase every time someone in his life died, he'd always be on one of his phases. Batman does tend to lose the people close to him.

And I feel that Kevin Smith's points are irrelevant. This is a debate on who was the best Batman, not the best Batman writer/director. I applaud Affleck for going triple duty, but I only judge him by his acting, which he was great at, but not like Keaton.

Thanks for this debate. This was fun.
Debate Round No. 3
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